"You have been bitten by the deadly black serpent of the ego
and you therefore consider yourself as the doer.
Drink the nectar of the faith that you are not the doer
and be happy"
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brian kennedy said…
I read one time in, maybe it was the Srimad Bhagavatam, an interesting bit about the jiva and the Atman. It said the jiva, convinced that it is a seperate soul, is attempting to swim back to the Source Condition. Meanwhile, it's "progress" is being aided and subsumed into the fact that the entire sea is circling and being drawn into the Source Condition like a giant vortex.
susana said…
Hi Brian,
It appears to me to be true that any attempt by the "me" to progress at a spiritual level is simply an egoic action to keep one shrouded in illusion.

Have you read the Ashtavakra Gita - it is the most beautiful writing I have happened upon.
nobody said…
That little couplet there was just brimming with meaning. Marvellous.
Anonymous said…
We search for"it" yet we don't know what "it" is. Others tell us what "it" is and how far away from "it" we are--"It" is always in the future, just around the bend--over the hill--tomorrow--another rung
We should call "it" "NOW"--isn't that all there ever is, NOW--
You can't be more than you are NOW because it is always now--so relax
it's all temporary--

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