The magician came to me today, between the thorn tree and the tree thorns. He spun a somersault and landed upright in the air. Greetings to you he said with an enormous grin, our journey together can finally begin.

He held a stone as soft as silk that flowed like mercury in all directions and yet remained contained in his hand. Do you see how this stone looks so solid? Do you not look at this stone, kick it in the dirt and not even begin to see its true essence.
You have separated it from yourself by arbitrary labels that you assign to it, so you can never really experience what it is beyond the flatness of words.
Do you see the cloud that paints portraits for your eyes to feast upon? The clouds whose shapes lull you into the eternal lullaby.
Do you hear the wind, the spirit and voice of truth that speaks to your soul at all times?
Do you see the sun throbbing with power and strength and see that your existence is his existence? Do you see the moon and feel her love shining in the silver luminous mist
And the stars, do you see how they exist because you exist.

And his grin faded and was replaced with a loving frown, a frown that understood the reservations and behavior patterns. Do you not see that what arises are not who you are. And yet you cannot stop the arising. Do you see that it is suffice for you to simply see, simply be and within that realise the truth. That you have done nothing wrong. That you are not playing games. That you are nothing but innocence as is everyone else. And the lessons you create keep you into guilt. Because if you are not good enough then you must get it wrong. And to get it wrong means you must make mistakes. And that means that you are judged and therefore need to seek forgiveness. And above all it means you are separate.

His smile appeared again and still the stone flowed in all directions around his hand, forming, melting, forming. Yes you are beginning to see and that is why I am here stretched into the branches of this tree. And as this tree is shedding more and more clothing every day. So are you. And soon your foliage will be stripped and you will be standing entirely naked, vulnerable and yet trusting that ……………you are not sure what, but somewhere in the depths of your being and in rising consciousness you are aware that it is all as it should be.

And what will sustain you he hears you asking in the silence of the noise. He answers: The sun, the moon, the stars, and the earth. And for those who can look at you naked, unadorned and see the fruit in the barrenness – this is what will sustain you. For you shall hear music in every footstep, you will see Life in every face; you will see truth in every situation. So let me beckon you to awaken to the presence that is all pervasive. Let me encourage you to leave the dream you have been so intent on. Because you will always have something to defend, something to fear, something to love. Put is all down, all eons of defensiveness you have worn like armour ………….When it arises, don’t respond. Don’t defend. Smile, breathe deeply. Ask who am I? And ask and ask and ask until it becomes apparent what you are not.

And when I looked again, the magician had disappeared. On the ground lay a solid looking brown stone. Picking it up, the wind blowing my hair, the sun bleaching my hair, the moon pale in the daylight, the tree stretched to eternity. I put the rock to my lips and kissed its cold warmth and gave thanks for the opportunity to walk away from and disengage from the belief that anything needs to be different from what is right now.
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Anonymous said…
So much stripping away of what we once thought before we can free ourselves enough to grow-even a little-
I don't know that I have grown very much, and I can only gauge growth not by the truth so much, as by knowing the lies--that one stone at a time, we can manage--it has value, and is unique--a field of stones and they lose meaning and individual value--I suppose it all has to come slowly in order for us to even be able to comprehend--for it to make a lasting impression--if it came all at once we would lose the value-- and lose it all in an instant--

Anonymous said…
My one comment here looked so lonely, I thought I would drop off another one----DROP!!

susana said…
Thanks Jj.
I was uncomfortable with its loneliness and forced myself to come to terms with it.
Thanks for the drop.
Much appreciated.
nobody said…
Hello Susana, I meant to say how much I liked this when you first posted it. But I was dizzy or somesuch. I just read it again. A marvellous vision. The words flowed like that pebble.
susana said…
Ah the pebbles.
The utter clarity and simplicity of a pebble.
nina said…
As soon as I finish a truck one I've been working on, so often interrupted with other's people's wants, I'm doing the Miro pebble you found... saved it. From before Gaza.
Beautiful post Su. The way you write, it makes everything softer, deeper, easier to live.
Thank you.
susana said…
Thanking your appreciation Nina.
Your art makes my world softer too.
Being extremely artistically challenged I stand in awe of those that can get their hands to relay what their eyes and soul see.
I failed a biology test because my flower looked like a dead locust, or perhaps it was a locust that looked like a dead flower.
You had a two piece painting of a woman reaching out for stars in one section and I can't really recall the image on the other side, but what I do recall has remained with me and it is no longer there. I would really like to see it again, it spoke volumes in its silence.
Anonymous said…
The wonderful thing about you and Nina is that you never seem to push it--just enough and never too much in your "art"--
More would be less in it's impact
Thanks to both of you--

nina said…
Its there, scroll down the page some, Ventanas.

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