Monday, November 2, 2015


I am in the well at Temenos.   We meet here weekly to chant.  
Today I sit there and this throat won't open.
The heart is heavy.
So many homeless, refugees, displaced, beings.
The immeasurable grief of brothers and sisters.

I send out a plea to the Totality Of Being to allow Transcendence.
To allow illumination.
To allow Freedom.
To allow Love.

And If there must first be a cracking - then let there be one NOW.
No more.....................Let us Remember Who We Are ...................
So be it -  Amen.  Amen.  Amen and Amen.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Balancing Powers of the Elementals.

Get comfortable.
Let us feel our ways into the newness that is Here.
Let us acknowledge the shifted lights,  the synchronicities, the miracles.

Yesterday a long boomslang was spotted in the ash tree by the courtyard.
What incredible portence.  What a magical sign.
On the night of the full moon.   Serpent magic appears.

Moving back towards the ancestral path -
listening to the wind, the birds, the stars, the silence,
Watching the grass blow and the dust glow.
Being with the sky as lightness gives way to dark.
Being with the sky as darkness dissolves into light.

The Spring came through with such a power, such a force.
The village is a buzz with this energy.
Farners in the pub on a Friday night touching their hearts as they speak of this
unknown surge of life and growth.
A million roses  right around me with the power of their vibraton zinging through the air.
And in this my youngest entered her moon time.

The earth, so powerful in her  directive and knowing.
So wholly eocompassing in her energetic fields.
The air so skilful at balancing and regulating.
The sun so powerful in radiating and transmitting.
The elementals righting what has been abused for so long via weather control and manipulation.
A higher intelligence manifests.

In this reality where at a glance I can see hurricanes, strongest ever seen simply dissipate.
Every day the msm is warning of some catacylsm and it all passes.
The swarms, the floods, the fires etc.....
The earthquakes, the missile launches  there is an amazement at how few lives are lost.
Everything that is screamed catacylsm at us turns into a manageable event.
And in dribs and drabs the truth is coming out.
Slowly, slowly, bit by bit.
We have been sold a melt down that need not occur.
That will not occur. 

Perceived so clearly how each one of us has been instrumental in the changes unfolding
as we shift into our interdimensional selves and move away from the prison that has been 3 d reality.
We keep trying to fix it but its nature is entropy.  So we move beyond space and time and that changes everythjing.  We will not drift off into or onto another earth - we will be here, as what we truly are interdimensional beings.

We, who are united by love, with love and as love  are alive at this moment to be part of the dawning of the New Earth.

I know for so many it looks beyond bleak and beyond hope -  but by reaching into one''s  own Being with the awareness that nothing outside of yourself has any ability to help or heal you.  All magic begins  within.

Let us imagine the most beautiful world we could live in without any of the current life limitations.
Imagine your ideal.  Picture it in such detail.  Add the smells and sounds.  If it can exist in imagination than it  can manifest.

I am imagining a life of simplicity.   With clear water and rock pools.   With medicine ceremonies .  With sharing of food,  of space.    With understanding , integrity, joy, ease of well being.  Creativity, movement, song,    jBecoming students of nature in a way we have never imagined.   

And to come back to the 3rd dimension I am so looking forward to the crackdown and arrest of the UK elite pedophile group,   The arrest of Blair, Bush, Clinton, Cameron, Soros,    And I look forward to seeing if we could come up with a creative solution apart from imprisonment.   How are we as a new species going to deal with these vile beings who have all but killed humanity at some level.  How are we going to forgive and be bright enough, light enough for them to undergo pertubation.  Becasue as bodhisatvas, which we all are (nothing extraordinary)  we have agreed to remain until everyone Self Realises.  Everyone.

So let us continue to spread the light, the laughter, the joy, the gratitude, the song and the prayer.
And thank you to the Unknowable  for this body experience at this moment in time.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bashed into an embrace of Simplicity

On a misty pre spring day, alive with the newness of the season.
Verdant green fields punctuated with yellow petals adorn the landscape.
There is such a softness , even the ground is springy with moisture.
 Indeed there has been a puddle in one street which has lasted for three weeks.
 I cannot stop a deep throated chuckle as I encourage it to last longer. 
Puddles are an unknown here.
The spring birds are out, the raw milk is so rich and creamy, the hens,  well the hens  ,  they are just laying so prolifically.  Nature is being so abundant.    In every glance, every breath, every sound there is the Divine expressing itself.
In the midst of this I suddenly felt stirrings in my heart.
 And my friends that I have not hugged in person came to the sacred space deep in my chest..  Nina, Zoner, Bholonath, John, Tim, Scrap JJ.   What a presence.   How much love do I hold for you.  What space did we truly meet up in that finds us all these years later still wondering, still caring, still wanting to hug the brother/sister hood.
The journey that we started on, found me taking suicidal chances in raising my children.
And for me a vital, vital part of being human is in raising consciousness.
I was open to the plants and their teachings.

Tao is a grower of food and herbs.
Cian is the rock of the earth and an artist and farmer.
Sage, well he is an alchemist and probably my great teacher.   He had a particularly challenging journey in that at one point he was into crystal m----.   He spent hours listening to Terrance McKenna and Alan Watts.   Healed completely.  Hermes is his inspiration.  San Pedro his teacher and friend.   Multi dimensional being.
Iona is alsmot grown  is now a published poet, in two anthologies.   Pushing to go to another school next year so I might step into Cape Town.
All those years my friends kids were excelling at really good schools.  And all i was doing was growing herbs, baking bread and keeping the fires burning.
And did I mention that they are the most unspoilt human beings you will meet.

There were all those years when I really felt I had failed so abjectly.
Born into a world that had no culture, made no sense whatsoever.
Never learnt what i was meant to learn at school –like how to be successful in this world.
Always just looking and shaking my head.  All I wanted was to have greater understanding to that it would make sense.
It seemed like I was not manifesting abundance because I was not in the vortex, or bad karma.  The extreme financial hardship made me feel less than good enough or deserving.
Until it did not any more.
I have come to see how every single step, detour, fall down, elevation has been to lead me to the space where what I value most in my outer world is less stuff  and greater simplicity.
 Not in a cutesy, homely, cottagey way – just in the acceptance of what is present and the de=light in that presence.

Today I smelt the first jasmine of spring.  Discovered a white lavender bush.  Walked whilst singing sacred names,  holding a whole lot of love in my heart for all who read these words.  
Should you wish to hug just ring the bell.
 My youngest.  Called for at Arunachala 2000.  One of my many Blessings

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Will be climbing the mountain for the 7 day quest.
May I be open to receive the wisdom needed.
May I be open to know the Truth in full.
May the small self stay out of the way.

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Sacred Dart

I am in the softly cooing dove the sunlight shining from far above
the gusting of the rustling wind
the composting of fallen leaves
surrendered by the towering trees
i am in the traffic on the road
and in the ragdoll newly sewed
 in the freshly fallen quince
and in the birdbath newly rinsed
i am  in the range of the teachers dart
with the possibility of seeing the Most Perfect Heart
i am in the whistle of the itinerant worker
and equally present in the stride of the eternal shirker
i am in a sacred moment aware
of the I given to all
by God’s most precious Care.
I am in love and in devotion
in soft words largely unspoken
in that eternal space within
where by Grace, despite some sin
I am held in the most tender embrace
with the fiercest of love
All in the Presence of the cooing dove.

        With hearfelt love and nuture to Bholonath. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

As I gently crack open


surrounded by other cracking psyches,  I petition intelligence to change the scene, to give some space and ease to all of us who :

who have fought the fight
who have shone with courage
who quivered with strength
who has just managed to play along with this existence and it's insanity.

no one is being spared.
we have gone from incredulous to silent, worn, in watch mode,
seemingly fallen from grace.

to all who feel unworthy due to their lack of successs, lack of riches,  lack of parenting awards, lack of anything - maywe know  the  fullness of being and its attendant peace.

to all those who just keep falling off the wheel  - those who are just lain out, hollowed and disbelieving - may we re-discover the magnificence of your being.

and may the eternal mother father God recognise our journey and how much it has taken in effort and courage, and may that loving God grant us respite.
may the loving God grant humanity  ease,  sense of well being.
 a time of anxiouslessness o of peace, of joy, of recovery, of celebration, of jubilation.

may we all experience a miracle this Christ season.
may we all just have a chance to breathe and smile again in the certainty that I am.

with much, much love to all who read this ,  you know who you are.
and if any of you know the art of prayer - please pray on my self and family.

not so very long ago when we had moved from one challenge to the next - we landed up towing a vehicle from the mountains and this is what surrounded us.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Celestial Soups from a Celestial Gathering.

Again my intention is to write more often and again I find myself spending free time in the garden watching the light infuse the leaves, the blossoms, the bees.  And in that space I am captivated and unable to tear away from.   So forgive me my absence, it is in physicality and words only and not in heart.

It is my intention to fil you in on where I am stainding in life right now.
What happened with the unschooling,  the new tribes,  the imminent changes and such.
Butuntil I manage that with its attendant sorrows,  I am posting soup recipes.
Nothing hidden in that title.

The last weekened saw Pieter, Iona and self heading off towards Stanford - to a retreat held by an old friend Georgina and capable helpers    And although in truth we know we are never born and never die,  for celebration purposes we were celebrating her 60th earth day. 
Starting on a Friday night with a mushroom ceremony as the moon entered Scorpio,  allowing some deeply buried stuff to move out with overwhelming intensity for many.
And then the weekend simply unflowed, with much san pedro.deep connecting,  gardening, resting,  laughingsilencing, voicing, and all the time celebrating.  Needless to say the eating was high up on the list.  And thus the point of this very overdue blog.  Because I undertook to capture and share the recipes and chose the format to do so , so that my beloved blog tribe can also participate.

 The most beautiful Gioni and her grandbabes, Coco and Ava.

So the first one is :

Sweet potato, spinach and coconut soup

1 tspn paprika
1 tbsn ginger  (grated)

1 tbsn garlic (crushed)
1 large onion (chopped)
1 tspn curry paste (thai green)
600ml veg stock
Juice of 1 lime
1/4 tsp crushed chilli (skins only)
2 cups fresh spinach (chopped coarsely)
1 tin coconut milk
1 large sweet potato (cubed)
2 tbsns oil.

- fry chopped onion with curry paste, ginger and garlic until soft, add sweet potato and fry for a minute.
  add stock and boil till tender but not soft, add lime juice and coconut oil, paprika, chilli and boil for a further 5 minutes.
-let cool slightly and puree half of the soup.
-bring back to boil and once it starts to boil add spinach and serve.

Sitting around the fire on Saturday night, some frequent ceremony goers voted this without doubt the best soup ever.  A very high recommendation.

Zuchhini Soup

1 chopped onion
1 pack zucchini cut into rings
1 tbsn thyme
600ml veg stock
1 tub cream cheese.

-fry onion with thyme until soft
-add zuchini and stock and boil for 30 minutes
-remove from heat and add cream cheese
-let it cool and liquidize soup.
-bring back to the boil and remove from heat
as soon as the first buttles appear.
-Serve with sprinkle of cayenne pepper.

And on that note I love and leave you to do a spring walk, with the aromatic scents bursting forth.

How many surrealists does it take to change a light bulb?

A fish.

Ha ha.

The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Buddha