Friday, July 22, 2016

Be in the company of Saints

For those who have read this blog in the past -  the past few threads have been somewhat different.
Having scribed  the words of Sri Sadguru Sidderameshwar Maharaj -  it is those words that want to be shared.

Becaueup to date,  what has been shared are appearances appearing on the screen and what the Guru speaks of and points to is the screen itself.

In times like these where I literally  have come to doubt everythng, it is beautiful and a relief to have tasted moments where doubt does not exist.
Still deeply  in the world of duality with dips into Self -  I offer these words  to anyone drawn to reading them and should it be you - then Know you have been Seen by the Seer,  the Sadguru Himself.

This dimension is collapsing on itself -  we have been sold idols of no depth .
Any major spiritual teacher within the last 50 years is to be discounted.
We have been taught that the ancient Guru - Disciple path is foolish and we all know the answers lie within.

What we have not been told is that inTruth one is guided to Realization through the Saints.    Such profound offerings can be discovered in this realm - on the very same medium through which we get our temporal fix of Illusion.

So Thus he spake:

The Doubting Thomas

"The Saddhu" has become the Reality.
Who should we call a Sadhu (a Saint)?
Only He, who has become " Reality" that "We are Brahman" that "All is Brahman"etc.   

To say or conceive that one has become somebody and that someone is transforming into something else, is nothing but the game of ego.
Our being "good" or being "bad" is a kind of bonday that compels us to remain in a body.
Actually there is nothing but Brahman. 
As it is not possible for a rabbit to have horns, it is not possible for anything other than Brahman to exist.  Therefore it can rightly be said that doubt has been banished beyond the universe.  The doubt is itself the nature of the individual, the jiva.  The jiva is gone, and with it, doubt is gone.
The main doubt pertains to "Who am I?" or "Who should I be?".  When I am convinced of who I am, and how I am, then the doubt disappears.  It goes beyond the universe.
In Reality, doubt is non existent.

A Saint is like sugar.  It does not matter whether it is stored vertically or horizontally, it remains sugar.  Similarly, a Saint might be in any situation, but he is still a Saint.
He is neither fresh nor stale, neither pure nor impure.  That which is pure, can never become impure.  The Saint is that "Pure Reality"

The quality of the tongue or stomach is not affected by the taste of food.  Similarly, when the entirety of existence is looked upon by a Saint, he does not discriminate as to whether anything is auspicious or not.  People think that it is auspicious for a bride to put her right foot first while entering the home.  Such concpets are superstitious and only breed doubt.  The doubt of the Saint is vanished from the universe.  

The Guruputras who have attained Knowledge are accustomed to getting experience according to their determination or faith.  To reach the convicton about anything is possible in two ways. 
One is total devotion to the Guru, and the other is through intense austerities or ascetic practices.  These austere practices must be firmly fixed in purpose.  This is clearly stated in the Vedanta.  If even once the understanding is imparted by the Guru, one's Consciousness is transfomed,  it is Brahman.
The Saint is one with the Absolute.   One whose doubt is gone is the Saint.  There must be faith in the teaching of the Guru.  When one has no Self - Knowledge, and does not know who one is, one must try to concentrate the mind with all of one's determination.  When we think that the teaching of the Guru is not true,  it is by that doubt we remain as an individual.  

The path of rituals and actions (path of karma) is full of all kinds of doubts.  Suppose a brahmin (someone of the priest caste) bathes in a river and then proceeds towards him home.  If someone says that an untouchable has touched the water,  immediately the bath is useless.  They way that if a mantra is not chanted in sanskrit, it is not true and proper.  All of this is because of the tendency to doubt.
Houseflies sit on dirty things and then fly towards good food and sit on that.   Doubt makes the food useless.  It is only doubt, but the overly careful ritualist throws away the food.  It is very difficult to perform any ritual wherein there is no fault, because there are so many who will create misgivings in your mind.  it is almost impossible to escape doubt.

There has to be renunciation of karma.  One must realize that he is  not the doer, the actor.  This is very necessary.  The sense that is created in our mind,  that actions create results, and that we have to suffer those results, is a very powerful poison.  
Actually, we are not the doers.

In the wake of action, the concept of doership ariss, and in the wake of that doubt arises.  Without devotion to the Sadguru, renunciaiton of action will not be understood.  Without that understanding you will not be able to drop (karma).
The path of action and ritual is full of the pitfalls of doubt.  Knowledge, however is without doubt.

There is nothing sacred except Knowledge.  Knowledge is pure and sacred.   Others want to compel you  to give to charity or to do sacrifices in the fire for the fruit that you may receive some comfort.  All of this is only for purification of the mind.  Through the false, gradually the True is discovered.

The ocean is vast but it is also full of internal disturbances that are continuous day and night.  The Saint has no doubt.  Desirelessness or ascetisim with a doubtful mind is of a very poor quality"

Everyone should have trust in a Saint who has realized Brahman and get their own emancipation.  The indiviudual, who is a non entity, is always imagining things that are not existing.  The man/woman who has slain the demon of doubt has gained the entire wisdom of the Vedas.  "To Know" is the Vedic Path.

Master of Self Realization - An Ultimate Understanding
Sri Sadguru SiddharameshwarMaharaj.

ISBN 978 - 0 578-02789-0

Remember to breathe,  to laugh and to love.
And keep the company of Saints.

I have watched this movie several times and each time am moved to tears at this being.  Warning it is low graphics and slow - and for me nothing could have been more beautiful.
In this ice landscape at the foot of the Himalayas he reveals Himself - 

Even the way in which he receives gifts - with neither attraction , nor repulsion.    At 15 minutes the God Realization begins.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Grace of the Sadguru

    God is an ancient devotee who is unified with God.
    God should be worshipped by becoming God.
   When you become a human, you worship man.
   The saint has no anxiety.
   If you become Shiva you will be like Shiva.
   Only the one who is actually the King, is really King.

  Call yourself Brahman.
  If you paint yourself like a tiger you have to act like a tiger.
  Similarly, you have to attain  the state of Shiva by force of your effort.
  When the spotless and pure Sadguru is met,  everything is finished.

 Only by becoming Shiva, can you attain the state of Shiva.  Then that State
 itself will come and put a garland around your neck.

From the book : 'Master Of Self Realization' by Shri Sadguru Siddearameshwar Maharaj.

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Boon of Devotion


          Sitting by the wildedagga plant which was providing nectar for the sunbirds,
          a friend asked what I wish I had learnt at school.
           I semi flippantly said carpentary.  I would so love to work with wood.
          I find myself being asked by  the Totality of Being what I wish for:
          One boon:  
          The request was for the boon of devotion.
          Above liberation,  above the mundane phyiscalities.

           The seer in the eyes
           the listener in the ears
           the taster in the taste

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Tao becomes a father

Looking out onto the screen of illusion this morning I was taken with this image of the
 ultimate welfare family meeting the ultimate destroyer of freedoms.
 What the fuck is a child doing in a dressing gown whilst these players are playing their game.
 What is the message?  So we have the queens 90th birthday, Obama visits and the young
 british prince is there and then funny that the same day Prince apparently dies.
 With his death marketing tools all  already available.
Please note how all these 'leaders'  'pricks'  are kneeling down to this young boy.
Some message going out there.   This farce that we call reality is just getting more and more insane.

Many moons ago,  seems like lifetimes in a way, a beautiful being came to this village.
The very first time I met her my heart beat that special resonance.
Tao's heart also exploded into love.
She lived with us whilst doing her years work.
Their love is so beautiful to watch as she is truly his beloved as is he hers.
A very simple engagement happened.

Tao and Naomi with Iona.

She returned to Germany last August and Tao was to follow in September.
Except that the German government would not let him in.
Visa application after application was denied.
They asked him what on earth would make him return to South Africa after living in Germany.
(Uh duh )  the weather.  Maybe because it is not in Europe.  
But of course he did not respond.
Also he had not matriculated as per his decision at the age of 18.
So that was also against a visa.  Plus add the Syrian refugee crisis.
Naomi returned to Germany and was lovestruck and experienced nausea as a result......

Okay so you get it.  The nausea is always the give away.   Well now chemtrails the
primary cause of nausea but ......

A Being cruising the Astral saw this Love, so deep and wide and decided to incarnate.
And it was this action that got them together again.
His visa finally came through 3 weeks ago and last night their son, was born.

My most heartfelt welcome to Emil Leo who was born at midnight.
May he come in with True Knowledge and may he never move away from That.

And whilst this was all happening,  some weird wind blew in here and caused some damage.
Most damaging was my tent which finally gave in being a tent and became a holey bunch
 of sail cloth
and mangled lining.  Granted it was patched with duct tape and tarps.
 Being forced to sleep indoors left me with a headache and a tenderness.
Not to lie on the mother.
Not to hear her heartbeat
Not to be serenaded by the rooster, owls and daytime choir.
Not to feel the ever moving air blowing in and around me.
Crazy how something so small creates such a feeling of loss.

Life got pretty crazy here at times.
Was growing the Queen of herbs and some thugs entered the property and ripped them out
when they were still just leaves.  They also murdered our guinea pigs brutally.  I mean brutally.
I was sleeping in my tent nearby and i can only imagine some presence kept my awareness
from the sound because i would surely have been injured it i knew what was happening.

My life call right now is fighting for the Master Healing plant to lose its stigma.
No longer hide the fact that I smoke daily and whereas I might have tried to hide it once
I now speak openly.  When I am invited somewhere offered alcohol and desist I just say
 no thanks I am a smoker.    Some mouths hang open.  Some carry the news in delight along the
chain of gossip and condemnation.  But I have long since given up giving a fuck about personal
This healer - not just for cancer and epilepsy, pain and anorexia but as a substance that keeps the
sensitives hearts open in the face of such insanity befalling our beloved planet right now.
Even Islam had a saint of Cannabis.  Khizr - Islam's patron saint of Cannabis
Our little hamlet is over run with meth users. But only because the cops catch the growers
and dealers but leave the chemical dealers alone.
Starting guerilla planting everywhere.
Everytime I hitch into town I speak to the people about how this plant is so profound in all lives.
There is normally response it is a drug - no it is a plant.
It destoys lives - no alcohol does.
Slowly people come to recognise that this is something that needs to be addressed.
Set my people free - let them take of the Sacred Medicine.
Some names given for it :
"the Joy-Giver,
the Sky-Flier,
the Heavenly-Guide,
the Poor Man's Heaven,
the Soother of Grief."
In the Santo Daime church where both Ayahuasca and Cannabis (Santa Maria) are consecrated - have shown me to the depths of my being that we are not going to realize without the aid of plants. Not at the stage of denial and stupefaction we have been blown down to.

 Peace by upon us as we move into Truth.
Shattered and bruised we move into Presence/Awareness beyond the veils of illusion.

Travel far.  Travel safely.
May we all reach Home.

The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Buddha