Sunday, November 27, 2011

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thank you so much for visiting.
and bho thanks for the link.  there does seem to be an octopus meme at the moment.
something to do with their ability to squeeze themselves into nothingness.
and you know it would not surprise me if they could cope with radiation better than other sea creatures.
 gladly they can't get stuck in fishing nets as they would be able to squeeze out what will kill their neighbours. 

but moving from ocean to land .......
oona and nina during break

a few months ago a friend of mine was considering leaving the village.
she had built a cob house in the village almost solo but needed to earn an income.
happens to be one of those teachers that just manages to bring out the creativity in all her students.
an undogmatic waldorf teacher is my friend oona.

i don't want her to leave and as she is telling me this iona is battling down the passage  with the sewing machine.  her brother has offered to pay her in freshly picked apricots if she fixes a shirt.
oona gets up to go and help her and an idea was born.
she now has a center of creative expression which consists of 6 kids.
 a birthday - the group makes a cake

she loves going off to 'school'  absolutely no pressure,  just a celebration of all of life in a very cool group of people.  

the group has been going since august and yet there has been a fullness in her experiencing that i wish each child on the planet could have.   i love that this child will for days go to school with unbrushed hair and there is no issue.  i love the way that she can go barefoot even through winter without some school laws engaging her wildness.  i love the fact that she has made so many beautiful objects on her own.  i love the fact that  each child in the group is so unspoilt and so in touch with their environment.
i love how iona's love of animals has become an integral part of the school day and school life.
painting their cushion covers

exploring their kingdom.............

look at the focus on nelaya's face

mary clays

a lot of magic happens here......

Saturday, November 26, 2011


falls in love with the octopus .....

and as a result i do as well......