If this is the dying of the day
may we all shine with radiance
in gratitude for the miracle of life
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nina said…
Oooo its so lovely, how incredibly fortunate we are to have presence falling from the ceiling, every day is fascinating. We are witness inside the grand prism.

PS: the black background works so well with your images Su! I know you are really a blue person, but the change just pushed its depth. "Appropriate" is the right word here.
john said…
Cheers Susana

What poetry you have here. I see you address the assault on Gaza earlier which goes on and on and seems to get worse every day, these things affect everybody everywhere. Where will it all end? it looks to be a terrible year.

The other day when I put my little Gaza haiku on nobodys site I was having a really bad day, sometimes the scale of the awfulness does come crashing in, then I read it again another day and thought of Ice cream and started laughing, so many different emotions.

Am I imagining things or did you have a photo of some lovely hills on an earlier posting? I can't seem to find it now or am I just being an idiot and am in the wrong place? Humble apologies if that is the case.

Africa looks so beautiful, I wish that I had travelled more than I have.

cheers for now

nobody said…
Between sunrise and sunset,
I can barely tell the difference.
In an endless cycle,
where is the start?
where is the end?
susana said…
Nina thanks for the colour feedback.
Being a luddite has its drawbacks but yesterday my 13 year old came and said this looks flat - let us re-create.
Who knows I might even one day learn to put the images where I want them to be.
I might even work out how to put all your blogs on the page (how do you do that?).
I venture between blue and orange.
Actually in this village we are called the orange family because one of us is always wearing orange.
Not sure how that happened.

John - I did not realise they were both from the same being.
The one hit me in the solar plexus the one had a big fat guffaw arising from the same region.
Where do these thoughts come from?

Nobody - why did you not land up as a monk in a monastery?
Perhaps because you were meant to be a monk in a city with a senile father, and gekos as teachers.
Was holding a rabbit yesterday and asked a similar question. Where did he end and where did i begin or vise versa.
The feeling I came up with is that we were not separate at all.
I could feel him within me.
Which begged the question, am i in the world or is the world in me.
susana said…
When the bombing started in Gaza, I pulled everything on the blog till that moment in time.
It seemed superfluous and I truly needed to feel that there was some action i could perform as a statement.
Anonymous said…
We were all just separated at birth and gradually have our reunions--for a time--within a time--but only when we are open to doing so--most times, words need not be spoken (those are the best!!)-they only get in the way--trying to define something just takes away unless the other speaks your language--
Write on!!
nina said…
Where does it begin, where does it end? India
Arie, Brown Skin

Neat how such a sexy tune is actually a philosophical question.

And we should do a real time emailing on widget additions next time you are ready to add something. Its very easy. On eblogger, its all in the "add a gadget" feature under the Layout tab.
the Silverfish said…
Thank You, if for no other reason than just being. again I say Thank You.
susana said…
If I had to set out on a journey, where would I find you?
Oh yes of course - within.
Nestled in my heart.
And thank you silverfish - thank you.
Nina - she taking a deep breath - heads for the controls with a big smile willing to meet widgets.

Again you appeared on the windscreen the other day. We had to head to town to fetch a traveller.
On the way there is a pet shop.
This pet shop keeps guineas in hamster cages and then are sold to people who keep them in tiny hamster cages.
So about three times a year the kids make a plan to get some money together - we stop at the pet shop - they always choose 4 new creatures to add to the blood line.
To take away from the small cages.
The newest additions are particularly unusual.
All so totally diverse and magnificent.
When they were placed in the garden in the long grass they sort of froze for a while.
But the old timers in the garden, being tame, came out to greet them and showed them to the burrows and warrens and soon all one could hear is the chattering of introduction and acquaintance.
God I love freedom and its simplicity.
nina said…
Revolution begins at home between a man and a woman.
Anonymous said…
Cool kids....cool mom....
Adventurous and sweet
Taking the time
To have no time
While there is still time
For a life
Within the moment
That always is
the moment

Many blessings to you and yours

susana said…
Nina - Bring on the revolution.
Jj - They are amazing beings - every day I am filled with wonder.
Your words are gifts.
Anonymous said…
I have started introducing the boys just by their first names-without using the word "mine" or "my"-they are not my children in effect they are their own beings--

I know it's a small thing to do but I am trying to avoid saying "my son nicholas" or "my son cole"--it also helps me to see them as individuals and helps keep me from playing the "role" of parent and to stop seeing them in the "role" of child/son/fill in the blank--
Really opens things up, and so simply-
nina said…
That's a great program Jj. Its always awkward when someone makes a compliment to the parent about their children as if a child is just a manipulated product. I always decline responsibility because it is false and the complimenter is in the process of patronizing whether they know it or not.
Take for example a line such as, "Your son turned out so well, what a good job you've done." As if there is a manual with instructions which by some miracle you alone followed every bold, highlighted rule and ended up with a pleasing pot of English Breakast Tea.
Anonymous said…
i try to avoid asking folks the standard package deal questions--I want to know about them now--not what they do for a living, who they married, are they divorced--that tells me "stuff"--and people hide behind the stuff--I'm not into playing hide and seek--it bores me--share a thought or a moment with me--then I will begin to know you-and you me-
and perhaps we will grow wise together--

susana said…
Some time ago I started cutting my and mine out of speech.
Well it happened often, usually without my being aware of it.
The relief of my house to this house, my car to this car, my body to this body was liberating.
Without ownership of anything in the form of me or mine - fear and anxiety dissolve.
They can only exist if there is a me at risk.

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