Tuesday, December 20, 2011

something astonishing presents itself

With everything happening on this planet that is evil, horrendous and without redemption there is one thing is astounding and delighting  me .
It is not a metaphysical construct or understanding, not a mystery to be unraveled; it is a physical object.
Comet Love joy was discovered by an amateur astrologer, Australian i think.  The name is vital here whose name could not be cooler, yes Lovejoy.     Now a short while ago we were told that this comet would burn out upon presenting itself into the sun's atmosphere. Except that it wasn't destroyed, it emerged in tact and whole.  Not only did it come out but it came out with a beautifully strong tail.
It will be visible early morning in our skies here in the southern hemisphere at this auspicious time – the summer solstice.  Or Winter.  Depending on where one finds oneself.
So at this time when in the name of the religious gods, evil continues to wreak its suffering - there is a sign in the space around us which carries such potent symbolism.  Love and joy enter the fires of hell and emerge unscathed.
love will prevail
joy will expand.
both will shine

It is time.  It is time.  It is time.

Wishing all of you brilliance, understanding, love, joy and peace