a vanishing



nina said…
I used to keep hamsters, very interesting and cute and there is always something new to learn about them and their system. After giving birth, I noticed the mothers carried the new brood in their cheek pouches, the same pouches they stuff food inside for safekeeping. It appears worrisome, an accidental swallow could kill, but it actually is a far safer place than out in the open. Nature knows best.
I've been waiting for my migrators to return for over a month, I'm thinking the air quality change has ruined their plans. You have spoken about this air quality in your farmlands as well. Its enough to drive away the regulars. Every little beauty is being systematically eliminated.
Anonymous said…
old farmer green
dreamed in sacred beam
seven colored streams
swirling rainbow seeds
seams of living bring
autumn summer spring
blow across the wind
in and up on wing
lifting scent of heaven blow
charging light inner flow
grow and love and peace a rose
signs and symbols spin and wove
patterns chase and wander waves
lows and highs in amaze
raising truths winding change
across the meadows of turning ways.

Anon said…
Very good.

- Aangirfan
su said…
maybe every beauty is re-grouping.
just maybe i will walk just now into the nature reserve and the sky will be a showcase for some serious flying.


seven coloured streams
swirling rainbow seeds.

raising truths winding change
across the meadows of turning ways.

inspired and inspiring.
thank you for this.
su said…
some young people were sitting in the garden talking about death and dying. they were all talking of how they would like to die.
all learnt of course from parents conversations - i want to die in my sleep kind of thing.

they asked me how i wanted to die and i said i would like to be awake until the moment it happened - and i don't really care how it happens but if i had one wish for dying it would be that whilst the process unfolded, what i would hear would be the song of birds.
any bird song at all.
su said…
la di da
tum te tum

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