checking in.....

the worship of light continues.....

less and less to convey

dreams within dreams
dead owls in both the waking and the sleeping states

iona finds this cat outside the police station
in their garden
it is trying to catch a fish
she brings her home
we call her bones
put her on a table with some water
she rests her head on the bowl -
drinks lightly
manage to feed her a tiny bit
when the sun goes down or should i say when the earth tuns and hides from the sun -
she is handed to me

wrapped in a towel, i hold her on my lap
she puts her paws in a prayer position
looks at me
and then vacates that body........
that life that animated that body disappeared in a second
there could be no doubt that death had occurred
- the light had dissipated

this blessed preparation for the inevitability of death.

seedlings planted
mulch cunningly procured
river stones harvested from dry riverbed
and rain clouds holding a promise

kids stretching vigorously
me limbering up, seeking greater flexibility
watching them grab onto to life as teens
immortal, fearless, and more alive than they will ever be again....
and 'me as mother' meeting fear again and again
only to land up laughing.....
at the absurdity of anything not being absolutely perfect
as it is.....
without the stories
without the bringing forward
without the resistance

just this arising - just this that i am....
the witnessing

witnessing the raising of the first chilean miners ascent.

playing at being creative....

a musical muse appears

and on a final note using this space to find a friend work.
meet jaqs - mcgregor volleyball team or sacred order of the round orb.
he has done 1 year apprentice blacksmithing.
it is his dream to continue this craft and yet there is no one for him to apprentice to here in this country that we could find.
he has sponsorship and would be able to fund himself for a flight and basic accommodation for a year in order to learn more.

he is a joy, inspired and i 'fear' if he remains here dormant, he is going to lose his vitality. can you think of anyone?

A mirage contains no water, just as a 'seeker' contains no substance.

Can you hear silence? Can you touch nothing-ness?
Can you grasp consciousness? Can you see yourself?
Can you stop thinking? Can you stop seeing? Can you stop hearing?
Can you be something that you are not? Can you become something other than
what you are? Can you do anything at all? Can you, as a believed in separate 'thing' ever find wholeness?

Awareness is the activity of knowing.

such clarity


su said…
saluting the french - let us all watch and learn.
Anonymous said…
dear su
yes indeed, lets watch the french....

Thank you for the link to that audio book read by Terence Stamp. When i purchase my next 'gift card' i'll be sure to stop on by there again, seeing as this audio book download is a bit cheaper than the dead-tree-version on Amazon or Alibris and i am curious....
Recently, someone gave me "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. i started reading
How many more times?

The young man, jaqs mcgregor, blacksmith apprentice...what a glorious face. Personally, i do not know a blacksmith but i will ask around and pass this on.Have you looked on line?

Thank you for this wonderful blog, lady of light! and thank you for Being...
my heart soars...
with love and respect
su said…
:-) Ravi,

pension law passed.
can you imagine the pressure the dwarf was under.
the entire new world order must have been on the phone offerining blackwater, money, children, whatever he needed just don't drop the proposed law.
because if you do then angry people all over the world will think that by bringing the government to their knees that they have won.
no we will go ahead and pass the law. show the peasants that we are in charge again.

my heart sinks - if that kind of display of power and energy does not evoke a change in attitude away from the fuck off and die contempt the politicians hoist on us - well then i don't know - well that asteroid must surely me near.

and then i come in from the rain soaked garden.
seedlings drinking it in.
our first rain for months.
so needed.
so gentle.
no major run offs.

and i come in and find this beautiful note from you and i also read that the french unions vow to keep fighting.

lighting a candle for the spirit of france - may she shine through.
and may the boil of avarice and greed be lanced to complete dissolution. may something new emerge.
it is time....

with love and respect
su said…
an absolute must see
Anonymous said…
yes, and...? Nothing new there, su...

Lets get back to rain... seedlings and children growing and a full moon that was here yesterday...

i come back to your space because the beauty that the pictures capture, together with your words create for me such a wonderful, intense and -dare i say- calming holy environ... so glad to know that you are...

since the gulf oil drama i have stopped reading about all this stuff that never ever really changes and i mean never ever... how many more decades to go, before i finally get a clue to just breathe and observe. Coming here helps me to do that.
you mentioned the asteroid which has also been on my mind for a few decades now... oceans between us, yet members of the same astra gazing club? pretty cool lady!

Time for bed now. Good night and enjoy your spring day.
with love and respect
su said…
how beautifully life responds.....

this blog really presents itself.
su will have ideas about it but when it comes down to what precedes the publish button - it is always a complete surprise.

and a delightful surprise at what presents - what words emerge and what images are remembered or sighted.

mind then comes along like a chainsaw heading for a blue gum tree and says bloodie self indulgent prose , for god's sake, get real. so much suffering and you with the fucking rats and cats.
get real.

and of course the contraction that arises when mind gets involved takes a while to sense sometimes.

thank you for bringing me back to the rain - and this beauty that this is.
thank you.
Anonymous said…
*...mind then comes along like a chainsaw heading for a blue gum tree and says bloodie self indulgent ...

ah yes, mind...what a great description you made there! As for writing/composing whilst not indulging... words and concepts do need to be used in order to communicate. I have sat many a night staring at the screen, working on words that would convey... Most of the time i take a deep breath, turn off the puter, pet the cats and get ready for sleep - by then it's usually some middle of the night hour- but what does have me posting every now and then is the fact that you have made a difference to my life's journey, here on the other side of the planet and i do need to convey my appreciation and thanks... which means words and explanations... you know...

and rats and cats are very very real... as you well know (probably more so than many many others!) and the planet needs you to off-set all that suffering. Hey! somebody has to do it... might as well be you, cause you are good at it.

As i have been writing to you, this comment page just kinda happened to be placed next to the picture of the rats -That is such a great shot and they look so pet-able <-is that even a word?

Oh how i would love to come over for a cuppa... but i'll close up and find my bed instead.
Happy Spring days to you and yours.

with love and respect
Anonymous said…
something worth smiling at...

every little bit helps.

su said…

am so enjoying this conversation.
it is almost like we are talking whilst on a walk.

the link to the re-turn of ancient japanese 'living/growing wisdom" was received with a delighted smile.
beside my bed you would find a book entitled "One Straw Revolution" by Masanobu Fukoka
how co incidental. or not.....:)

"The initiative draws lessons from before Japan became studded with megacities and crisscrossed by bullet train lines, when most people lived in villages near rice paddies, bamboo groves and forests.

"I want to pass on the landscape that I saw as a child," said Inaba. "I hope our efforts here will spread to the rest of the country."

how beautiful is that story.
there is healing happening, river thames has moved from toxic sludge to a sustaining habitat.

the bluest african sky holds the sun in an embrace, unshared with any clouds. it makes the northern hemispheres pressure system dreamlike. the seedlings which were soaked are now infused with that life light energy.

earlier on cycling off to deliver a parcel. the recipient was on lunch so i cycled around a bit enjoying the warmth and the heavenly scent of refreshed landscape dominated by honey suckle's potion.
unexpectedly stopped at an empty field. the sun in front of me, well almost above me.
some pigeons were feasting in the long grass. beautfiul feathers. drinking this sight in when chainsaw mind comes in and says oh common birds, get over it - come look somewhere else, i want magical entertainment.
of course the seeing continues unaffected by the power tool and its tyrannical hold.
the birds, their markings, the grass, the sun, a mower in the distance, a car slowly going by some blocks away. a ha de da crying as it flies overhead.
this - this as it is. no-thing to be added - no-thing to be taken away.
perfect as it is.
i look down at my feet and see a muchroom growing. ah like the japanese village you pointed me to.

something glides in from behind me.
a blue crane lands in the empty field - behind the pigeons, towering over them - magnificence itself. how like the japanese white stork.
su said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anon said…
Many thanks for the quiz entry.

- Aangirfan
Anonymous said…
su sorry didnt know you had written another,and its so poetic and flowing I feel I need to write you a poem now but its so late I will have to write it tomorrow after quality thank you su ....neil
Anonymous said…
dear su,
yes, we are con-versing whilst dancing our life or walking down the lane or doing that wonderful midnight walk of yours where you laid down on your back and rested your head on the still warm sand...
you su, have taken us, blog readers, on some wonderful trips and adventures.
What comes to mind is the music festival
That was sooo cool! I had not been to one in a hundred years-or with kids...
So very generous of you to share all that.

Glad to read that the Thames is doing well. i once lived in Maidenhead, where the back garden ended at the river's was all so very english...
As for the storks, i had no idea that they lived in Japan until i read that article. For me they are a childhood memory of elementary school years spent in Holland, where we had the seasonal arrival of storks to their waiting nests (a big tall post topped with a wagon wheel, which was covered with straw).who knows now...
Well, the arrival of a cat, now draped across the desk and my right hand used as pillow... sort of puts an end to this activity.and time wise as well.
with love and respect
nobody said…
Hullo Su,

Very nice. I do like this flowing prose style.

In thinking about your keen-to-blacksmith friend, that sounds like a fine thing to learn. I'd like to do it myself if I was younger and full of energy.

That being said, I don't know anybody who does it in Oz. I'm sure they exist, I just don't know any. Instead, may I make an obvious suggestion? It's tiresome I know but have you thought of just trawling through the net looking for blacksmiths and then sending them a resume? I'd be surprised if they got lots of resumes (or any at all, who knows?) so I suspect that whatever you sent them would get a proper look-at, rather than the peremptory flick onto the pile. Also, he's a good looking boy so including a photo would be a plus I reckon.

Otherwise, that's pretty much how I got a gig in computer animation way back when. I found out who was out there and sent them a thing. Mind you, I didn't include a photo of me - no point scaring them off too early, ha ha.

Oh wait! I just had a thought. Remember over at the haiku blog I had a photo of a gate? That was hand made by a chap in America. His name escapes me now. He only hung there for a month or two and then gave up. I seem to recall he was a mate of Nina's. I suspect if you go to Nina's you'll find a link to him. Wait - I found it. You can follow the trails in the comments. Mind you, he's just one guy, but really you only need one, don't you?

ciao ciao

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