Alert - Fire warning - evacuation

Okay my friends I need some good intentions.
The fire broke out again and the winds have picked up.
They reckon they will start evacuating within the next hour or two.
Hopefully they will contain it but it appears unlikely.
Fucking hell got to load 12 hens, 1 rabbit, 7 guinea pigs, 24 rats,
2 dogs, 2 cats, 4 snakes, 4 kids -
and all the villagers that don't have transport...
Hold thumbs, light candles, we are in for a bumpy ride.


nina said…
Go now! As I promised last year, I'll do a drive to replace your needs. SAVE YOUR FAMILY Susu, may Jah be with you all the way.
If you can manage to squeeze in your laptop, do that too because everybody will be on edge until we hear your "okay signal".
I realized this was happening with your comment yesterday on the crimson sky, I'm a Californian remember? Disastrous, try to stay calm (you will)and calm the others. This is your role. (sometimes cursedly)
You carry love from near and far with you. Go now.
john said…
Hope your're all getting out of there ok Su. We'll be thinking of you.
Destiny said…
My thoughts ( prayers ) are with you Su
Anonymous said…
Listening out for your OK.

su said…
We are safe.
More later
Publius said…
thank you for letting us know!
Be well...
Anonymous said…
Thank you for being safe, Su!
with love,
psychegram said…
Holy shit, what were you doing taking time to tell us this? Movemovemove!

Though you've moved by now....

I hope everything went as smoothly as possible. I'm so glad you made it out safely.

And my deepest sympathies for anything you've lost. Yeah, yeah, 'it's just stuff'. It's also home. May you find some way to turn this disaster to advantage.
chickory said…
dear God, su. please be well and safe. i so wish i were there to help you. im sending you the love -and all the frightened creatures in your amazing magical world. xo
su said…
We are safe
The only thing we lost were our bicycles
And yet whilst gratitude arises for still having a home and what I love being safe it reinforces such a sorrow for the people of Gaza and those in the quake.
Amidst the chaos there are stories of glory and stories of pain.
Trying to tidy up and make right and still the fire burns.
Mercury and Mars both still retrograde.

turey - funny how a fire brings out my survival instinct and yet lurking underneath is still the devastating direct hit of an asteroid to render the story null and void.

Nina, Chicory, Publicus, Pshycegram, John, Destiny,Ravi and turey --------- you have no idea what your messages bring to me.
nina said…
You have no idea how your "safe" message was welcomed.

Could even be equally, which is very good. Its somewhat of a breakthrough past the limits of technology. No laws of physics, statistics and probabilities, just thought and awe.

Welcome back!
Zoner said…
Wonderful to hear you are safe.

nobody said…
Hullo Su,

Sorry mate, with one thing and another I've been a bit dizzy and missed all the action. All's well that ends well, eh? I'm glad you didn't lose everything. A lot of that goes on. Funnily enough my buddy Ledge was within a heartbeat of evacuation a fortnight or so ago. The whole town was up for obliteration and then an unexpected change came through and everyone breathed a big sigh of relief. It was a big story here and another friend in Sydney called me to ask about Ledge and whether I was worried about all my stuff.
"All my stuff?"
"Yeah, isn't all your stuff in his shed?"
It was weird but I'd forgotten. I'd have been bummed if Ledge had lost anything but my stuff I didn't really care about. Anyway, off I go.
Anonymous said…
Take good care of yourself.


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