The Boon of Devotion


          Sitting by the wildedagga plant which was providing nectar for the sunbirds,
          a friend asked what I wish I had learnt at school.
           I semi flippantly said carpentary.  I would so love to work with wood.
          I find myself being asked by  the Totality of Being what I wish for:
          One boon:  
          The request was for the boon of devotion.
          Above liberation,  above the mundane phyiscalities.

           The seer in the eyes
           the listener in the ears
           the taster in the taste


su said…
Bholonath, you have so much to teach.
bholanath said…
Lovely post, as always, much appreciated. Bhakti is such a deep practice, with so many many layers and ever-expanding scope. Now I cry, because every moment, every word, every sound and thought, every gesture, is an expression of devotion to that beauty that moves us at the core of our being. I retreat, and run, from the showy displays of the superficial outward practices now presented as "bhakti" in it's trendy, commercial, ego-driven forms popularized in western 'spiritual' scenes. From the wizened elders who sang in the hoary temples of Benares 45 years ago, to my Beloved who sang, and whose poems burst forth in praise of beauty and Life while enduring Her pain and exhaustion, I grieve for the general inability to recognize authentic expressions of true devotion, remaining unseen while being and teaching in our very presence. It is our passion, sometimes roaring, sometimes whispered or even silent, for the Beauty of the miraculous creation we inhabit and its infinite unfolding with unspeakable Grace, this and its Source that we honor so highly and strive to nurture, is the object of our devotion. And we honor and practice this path in gratitude for the gifts of human birth, witnessing, and knowing the love supreme within and shared.

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