From the Dragon to the Snake.

It is the 21/12/2012.  Bear with me now.  Delusion is the new humanity.  I am at a Santo Daime ceremony.  But an informal one this time.  Under some ancient oaks at Jo’s homestead.   We drink the medicine, we sing the songs, we drink some more medicine, we sing some more songs, and on and on it goes.  We have a rest and I move beyond the trees to the open field, lugging my sleeping bag with me I lie down and look up.   In that instant all was known.
8 shooting stars shot through the skies and from the deepest level of my being it was a yes.  A big fat yes.
The shift has happened.

Now a  month and some days on from that date what have we on the screens of our world:
Not in date order we have the suicide or Aaron Schwartz.  Threatened with greater punishment for extracting academic papers then any homegrown cia generated terrorist.
We have the new war in Africa.  The recolonization of the ancient continent.
  I recall a few years ago having a dream one night in which a very powerful, beautiful Malinese woman came to me and asked me to attend a rain ceremony for the north of the country which had been drought stricken for ever.  And in the dream I did and we sang, drummed and danced.  The next day on the news there was mention that the drought had ended.  So my connection to Mali is deep.   A few nights after this dream I read how France were building a highway in the north of the country and my first thought was why shit  would they do that.  How will it benefit them?  It is not for the good people of Mali, of that we can be sure.  Now of course one sees it was all preplanned.   Angela Merckel wants Germany’s gold reserves returned to them by France and now France has to go and get it from somewhere else. And Mali is rich in gold and other minerals. We have the invasion of Mali and the destruction of all the ancient texts housed in libraries in Timbuktu.   The day before this happened something made me type in the link between Ayahuasca and the Dogons.   The secrets of Syrius must be kept at all costs.
  Much reading.  Now much sorrow.  How many ancient treasures have been destroyed by this plaque of locusts we call the western world.  France,  United Kingdom, United States, they all sort of blend into each other in their colours of death and dying, grabbing and destroying.
The bombing continues in  Damascus as it does in all the hot spots the war mongers  have passed through on their way to financial victory.    

I was so looking forward to an end to this madness where killing of people is what actually enriches one faster than anything else.   Weapons manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, food developments.  It just goes on and on the insanity smacked in your face.   Whack, whack would you like another dose of that.  No thank you but I am hoping that this asteroid due on a close fly by on the 15th Feb will surprise us all and end our reign of tyranny on this beautiful planet.

And whilst all inner  work has been supposedly to  lead me to a place where I can see beyond this game plan and focus on the beauty in front of me – it does not work that way.   I am an activist at heart and I cannot go and dig my head in the sand and pretend that none of this is going on.    I can imagine during the crusades all the ‘adepts’ going oh well it is just a creation of your mind -  it is just an aspect of yourself that we have burnt at the stake.  Roll over try and get some more sleep.  Jed McKenna says he sees the chidlrens burn wards and the opening rose with the same eyes.  I do too but I process them through my heart and my heart does not accept the unacceptable.

Sandy Hook.  (Words actually fail me on the magnitudinal flop of this one) .  And then we have the spear head of democracy.  A lot of the American nation who think that because they put a tick in a box they are free.  Will someone please get them off aspartame now.    An image of the inauguration  flashed onto my screen and I saw thousands upon thousands of people – celebrating their victory.  And I think why is Bill Gates not killing them with his polio vaccine.  Why is he killing the good people of Africa instead?   50 children paralyzed in a village.   Britain is no better.  They did not even vote their Eton fraternity in.
Watching the world shake right now and in between the shaking there are the freak weather systems causing untold  challenges.  But this time it is not only the  ‘remote unimportant’ areas such as Bangladesh and the Sudan.  Now we have Australia either on fire or flooding.  A good part of the Northern Hemisphere under snow.  Volcanoes rumbling every which way.   Mother nature coming to right the wrongs.  Bless her.  Bless us.

So  you find me  when I am not at peace with the everything, swearing a lot,  throwing stones at the cliff face when it gets too much.  In between I water the beautiful, productive vegetable garden that Tao and Iona planted.  You find me walking the dogs and tending the hens and loving the rats.  In between the onslaught of reality you will find me singing the Daime songs.    Reaching that space within that is sacred and holy and untouched by the filth foisted upon us by those who consider themselves to be the leaders.   I continue to salute to the sun daily as an act of supreme worship for this creator sphere that gives life.  I continue to come on this machine and check up on my fellow bloggers who all seem to be in a deep winter recess.  Come back guys; tell me what is happening in your world.
But most of all I continue to hope that one day each soul on this planet will have a worth and value.
I think it is possible, but not before we lose our comfort.    And our daily anesthesia of stimulants and distractions.
Not until we heal our brains from the disease they have become and the earth’s frequency can re balance.

Until then we  dance, we sing, we cry, we pray, we love.

Beloved Nina doing her morning repose.

 The kitten that I found and her kittens.  The most amazing mothering I have ever seen .  Pure attention, pure presence, pure love.   I had her spayed when the kittens were 8 weeks.  Two had already gone to their homes and two remained.  I am keeping one and the other one we kept here so when she came home, she would at least have her babes.  It was such a big thing for her.  I really feel for all those animals whose babes are whipped from them straight away. 

 And the garden grows, and grows.   Pretty cool living in a climate where you have an all year growing season.   Very grateful for that.


neil said…
Hello su,good to see you back,,,,neil
nina said…
Nina found bliss at the dandelion greens! You can see what an amazing critter she is and how she loves her freedom.

Her freedom should be available to all. That is the bottom line.

Been thinking about many of the same things you write about Susu and I can only conclude it is our intelligence level that separates us from those who also live but are dead inside. I have yet to meet a critter who has for some reason been deadened inside that cannot be brought back to a joie de vivre through love.
Terrance said…
Hello your far as I can figure, the elites are pulling out all the stops with their control and death agendas.....there is a wild card event horizon, which they have no power over!......something major seems to be coming our way.....I give thanks in knowing we are all related and are forever beings!.......onelove
su said…
Nina is just the most chilled, together creature on the planet.
Ever present, ever aware, ever still.

Good to see you my friend.
Hmmmm- where is your poetry of late - not that I demand or expect it but they always carry such a gift.

Terrence, I love you for loving my spirit. I too feel the wild card on the horizon looming - well not looming that sounds ominous. A wild card developing in perfection of timing and magnitude.
Bring it on.
Anonymous said…
Ravi said:

the mention of Aaron Schwartz pulled the rug out from underneath my feet! (good thing that i was sitting down) and by the end of this posting i was in tears...
i so understand the frustration of non-action, but is it really 'non'? ... that is what i tell myself - as a way to keep a modicum of sanity in my life...

as far as a winters recess...
we stay/are connected, su even when there is no written word we all are still connected... once that heart connection has been made... (but it is nice to receive mail).

love your garden and the tent. thank you for those great visuals. like a breath of fresh air. i am honoured to be sharing with you.
with love and respect,

su said…
Ah Blessed Ravi,

Thanking you so much for once again winging your way here with your all seeing presence.
Always feel so honoured that you visit these pages.
Today I am feeling really down.
My one dog is losing her fur.
Tried everything she looks like an armadillo and is suffering.
My mother in law who lives with us has just got gangrene in her feet. She refuses surgery so the option was morphine.
So off I hitch into town, two pharmacies are out of this particular morphia- have to get from another town.
So here I now have a liter container of morphine and a medicine measure spoon.
I feel unsure.

Sure could do with a break.
I think all the planets are retrograde.
Going to water the garden.
Care to join me?
brian said…
Hi Su,
good to read your post again.

Agree that whoever talks about enlightenment needs to talk about feeling to make an impression on my heart.
It's the riddle of the "person." Does it matter or doesn't it?
Anonymous said…

watering the garden is one of my all time favorite activities. Having a year long growing season is sheer luxury and such a blessing. Good for you!

Sorry to hear about the gangrene. My mother fell,broke her leg and was not discovered until 24 hrs later... at hospital she was told her leg would be amputated due to gangrene.. she said NO... they took her leg off anyway... after time, she ended up in rehab and within 3 weeks she was dead... i was not there and never did get the finer details (this was in Durban in 2003). What was surprising, was the speed with which it set in.
I looked up gangrene and was amazed at the variety. Nasty stuff.

Better to put attention on the kittens and your beautiful green glade. That picture has me crawling into the tent, just to lie there and smell things growing.

So glad that you are there in the sunshine and the cool shade singing dancing laughing and loving... and gardening.

thank you su
with love and respect and a hug

su said…
Brian -
My new understanding.
The only word in Life's vocabulary is YES.

My tent.
I am so pleased that you understand it.
Each night when I climb in I am filled with this most awesome gratitude and excitement.
I can hear the trees growing.
I can hear the pecan nuts forming.
The kittens come by in the morning to wake me up as does the rooster. He does not crow but when I open my eyes he is lying outside looking at me with his rooster eyes.

What a sad departure for your mother. Why do they insist on removing limbs when death is going to follow.

I have a liter bottle of morphine in the cupboard and four times a day she takes her dose.
I put some wilde dagga outside her bedroom window so that the sunbirds come to sup. So when she does open her eyes from time to time there is always sunlight and sunbirds.
And in between , because there are no more words to say I sing to her.

Much love beloved.
Much love indeed.
Anonymous said…

dear su

i came by to embrace your green glade and be embraced by it.

am on my way to bed - i did not want to lurk...

Love and Respect
your MIL is a fortunate being in that she has your assistance for her journey out

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