Iona chooses to stay .....


Again you will find me , walking along with the four legged gods on the clay outer village roads.   The mostly unused ones.  The sky is indigo and the moon, almost full is rising.  The air is crisp and clean and the scents of syringe flowers and honeysuckle offer themselves as the constant nasal blessing.  These two scents together can throw me into ecstasy so easily.  A subtle blast.   There is a huge spring in my step and I think it is partially propelled by the enormous smile on my face.  Leaping into the air, almost onto the surface of the moon. 
The owl swoops in front of me.   We have met up a few times of late.   He sits on a lamp pole and I walk towards him with such a feeling of awe spreading over me.  I hold my hands out open to the side.  We stand like this for a while.  Then he flies to the next pole.  And again I approach him.  To me he is the sacred teacher,  and I am on the ground under the moon.   This happens for eight poles.  He then flies off.  And a song comes on my ipod that has me dancing along this moonlit road.   It really can’t get more perfect than this.   A contributing factor being that the creator of the song is also the owl.
I return home and bring in the dogs beds and refresh their water.  Cover the rats.  Close the gate.  Switch of the geyser.  None of the kids are in the kitchen .  I fuff around closing a window, picking up a book, stroking a cat.  I am washing my face when Iona comes into the bathroom.  She is pale.  Very pale.  But she is calm.  In that instant I know something momentous has happened.  She goes on to tell me that  she had been swinging around on the boxing bag.   And when it was really spinning she climbed to sit on the top.
The only thing was that her dolphin pendant on a thread which was around her neck got caught in the boxing bags thread and she was being strangled.  It was getting tighter and tighter and she felt feint.  And then she decided she was not going to die on a boxing bag strangled by a dolphin and with all her strength she tore if off her neck.  There is a big welt where it dug in.
And of course I know this beautiful being will one day no longer be in her beautiful body.  And I won’t be able to mourn because to have spent 11 years with her and the joy and the laughter that she is is such a gift in itself.
And yet the most, most supreme gratitude arises, that this beautiful being is ALIVE today.
And I know in the light of the potential devastation that is looming for many this is not relevant –
I just wanted to say thank you to Life for this being who is JOY herself still walks amongst us.


Zoner said…
Gratitude arises here as well for the little one and all who are blessed by her presence.

The owl visits here almost nightly, and the calming effect is profound. Rising in the wee hours as is the norm, it now includes a trip to the deck to be serenaded by the wise one, yet unseen, but heard and deeply felt as well.

Much Love to you and yours.

Timster said…
You are an old soul. I talk to my owls on a regular basis in the early evenings. They are happy as beans. Plenty of chippies around and of course good conversation...
su said…
These owls are gaining momentum by the day are they not.
And the falcons and the eagles - all coming in so much closer.
I don't know of any music that touches and haunts me as much as the cry of a fish eagle and the lure of an owl.
Anonymous said…
The crying of a fish eagle
The lure of the owl
Dancing heavens courses
Tidal songs of ever now
Touching through the footsteps
Gliding on the moon
Riding through the honeysuckle
Bursting into bloom
In chimes of essence gathering
On beads of lovings wake
Resolutions shining everywhere
Dreams of oceans contemplate
In palms of mothers loving
Where lightning strikes a heart
In lotions waving consciousness
Walking hiawathas path

su said…

Just when I think you could not possibly capture so much again - you do.
Thank you my friend for the cohesion.
Anonymous said…
I would say its you su,,your posts always stir a lot of feeling,,,the archetypal Energetic thingys come alive,,,,
Plus I have given up smoking weed again,,think that always helps,,,
Will maybe smoke weed on the odd occasion now,,,

su said…
Ha Neil,
Maybe it does help.
I stopped for 6 months.
Did not get any more productive or ambitious.
So I started again : )
Anonymous said…
Su,,,was that you who somehow managed to help me with that comment over at viveks,,,,

Neil : )

nina said…

Love you all.
su said…
Love love love.

In love
with love
as love.

su said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
neil said…
Some interesting information about an island called Iona in Scotland on a site called sacred connections I stumbled upon su,,actually this whole site has loads of interesting stuff in it,,, well worth looking at,,,

su said…
I have 'promised' (such an impossibility) to take her to Iona.
It looks astounding.
There is also a winery named Iona and two cottages in McGregor.
It also means beautiful jewel.
But mostly I like it because of the amount of vowels.
neil said…
Scotland is a beautiful place that I have never traveled,,,full of legends myths ,,and brave good people,,,one of the myths or legends is that Iosa visited Iona,,with his sweetheart Mary magdalene,,,,
Lots of Celtic crosses and other shamanistic shaman things,,,
It looks totally beautiful up their,,,,

I be reckonings Iona should go to Iona at least once,,
Their maybe some fun their,,you never know,,,

Respects neil
su said…
I must up my manifestation skills in order to get there, but what the hell why not.
It does look hauntingly profound.

neil said…
Su the more I'm reading about scotland the more I'm wanting to go myself,,,it's always had a romanticism about it,,,Ireland the same,,,,
I'm the same as you though,,,skint
Need to hone my yurt making skills,,wood bending skills are coming along fine,,,but it would be better if me and Nigel (me good friend) got a great big sewing machine and learnt to sew things,,,,
Otherwise it's get a proper 8-5 job working for the ruthless system,,,,,,yuk

When your over,hire a van, their will be a yurt waiting for you to use,,and a wood burner,,,,summer is the time to come,,,,winter is absolutely freezing,,,,,
Hotels cost way to much,,plus you can't have a fire in the hotel room,,,,

su said…
Wood bending skills.
Sounds promising.

I tried to cook last night but got stuck on the chopping stages as every knife in the house has been absconded for various projects. Bow and arrow making and god knows what else.

How to chop an onion without a knife - hmmmmm.

Could not do the UK in winter that is for sure. Mid summer.
Keep me posted on the progression of the yurt.
And then again if I manifest the air ticket before your yurt there is always this
Anonymous said…
We nearly have one yurt made,,that is oak and very big,,,,,need about a week and it will be finished,,,
But for travelling,,bamboo yurts are lighter to carry,,
So their will be a bamboo one for you about 5-6 mtrs although I haven't made one they look far simpler to make,,,you know,,don't have to saw or plane the wood,which takes ages,,

What else would kitchen cutlery be used for other than making bows and arrows,,,
Glad to see the children have got their prioritys right,,
Round our house their isnt any cutlery because no one does the washing up,,,only messing,,,,


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