Unless you know everything, you don't know anything

In the one paradigm you would find me still searching online for something to satisfy the itch.
Earthquake watch,  nwo antics,  the extent of the masonic plaque in every area of governance,  the vatican and its increasing communion of shame and abuse.  Libya is another torn asunder country by bankers, pharma and merchants of war.  Fukishima is without doubt  a world extinction event,  the US is considering making it so that Israelis don't need visas to visit the foetid shores.  

Here on my coast line the price of fuel has shot up in such a way that the very act of feeding ourselves becomes  seemingly untenable.  Somehow the household has grown in size, with two woman and a child needing shelter.  So now there are 10.  And yet day by day food is eaten, water drunk, fires made, songs are sung and despite the pot being brought to the boil analogy, there is a feeling of optimism.

Still hoping for a direct asteroid hit.   No new economic paradigm is ever going to redress the mess we find ourselves in.   There is a toad man who made his money through formula one racing.  Ecclestone is his name.  His daughter aged 22 recently got married  and the cost of the wedding was twelve million pounds.  Translated into Rands that would be (just let me get the calculator ) R144 million.   With that you could have 100 towns the size of this one living comfortably for 20 years.  Simply but comfortably.   It is spent in one day.  Like that.  Found it so difficult to swallow and yet when her sister, who is even younger announces her wedding will cost more I just want to leg it over to London pick them up and drop them in the Kalahari desert.
I want them to fee the vultures and the ants and the flies.  I want them to stop breeding.  Unfortunately that is not going to happen so I still await the impact of redemption.

A few years ago I might have had some plans on survival strategy,  storing foods and water and such.  Now such notions are laughed at.   What I am awaiting is a break from the prison cell that life has become.  Where governments demand the money I make to prop up their own consumerism and corruption.  For the huge financial vacuum cleaner to be switched off once and for all.  I don't want a more comfortable, fair or just prison cell, I just want to be out of the prison completely and for that to happen is going to take something unimaginable.

Still sleeping in the tent despite it being winter.  Every night after cooking i leave the crackling fire and head out to the womb.  Out there I hear the owls.  feel the clouds,  am humbled by the wind and the power it evokes.  It is out there away from books, music and entertainment that some possibilities have presented themselves to me.   There is no more fear of doom and crisis.  There is a faith, a faith that what cometh is a god send.  A blessing that makes our time here at this moment significant beyond measure.

I don't know what god is but I know what she is not.  We are walking into a new way of  seeing afresh and anew the truth of what we are.  Not limited in any way, pure divine being expressing itself ever new and ever fresh.

So many areas of my life have ended.   It is not what happens to you but how you respond to the happening that makes a difference.     The simple daily events that transpire that one could so easily overlook,  are seen and gratified.  The simple provision is enjoyed and noted and not even expected ever again.  I have never had so little materially and yet i have never been happier, more peaceful, more content.

The beliefs I held about what I needed to be happy all got burnt up and what was left was the simple faith that everything,  absolutely everything is perfect as it is.  Even my inability to accept the perfection of everything in the unfolding.

This blog feels a bit like a monologue right now so if you happen to have visited this page, please be so kind as to leave a reflection.  It would be much appreciated.


Anonymous said…

I feel what you feel... I wake each day hoping that this is the one that will bring freedom. Be it through death, or another path that the divine would choose, all I know is that I do not belong here anymore!

Peace and Love,

Terrance said…
Hello Su.....Nothing feels right!....as this materialistic world continues to unravel ......hopefully our metamorphic transformation of humanity will heal all the relationships between people and planet and bring us back into balance....but who knows how things will all play out?
It's a mad world as it stands!.....onelove..........
su said…

I think so many of us feel the same. This is not life, this is slavery.
You know I think we are the mystics.
And I think our time has come to come to awareness on that.

Thank you so much for talking to me.
su said…

It seems at the one level that things are spiraling deeper and deeper into an unfixable despair.

Amd yet , simultaneously - the magic is being re-cognised. Our absolute immediate needs are met in the most remarkable ways. De programming is under way and fresh perspectives unveil.

Thank you as well for talking to me.
Terrance said…
su....there is a tendency to be unaware of the magic.....however it is quite remarkable how our needs are fulfilled on a regular basis......

The unveiling will give us the prospective to change things in a positive way......
Ragnarok said…
Hi Su

Don't think i've commented here before but i pick up your posts through Timsters place and have been lurking for a couple of years now, so well met. There are days i too wish for some catastrophic occurrence to return us to some pre-civilisational state from which the remnants can attempt to fulfill Humanities true destiny, as i see it. It is all too far gone for anything else.
The present state of Human relationships, in all senses of the word, is engendering in me an increasing sense of total unreality, side by side with a growing recognition of the actual reality of what life could be here, what we are MEANT to be. If i could turn the clock back 50,000 years or more i would do it in a flash, no questions.

But, like you and your other commenter's here, i am full of an odd certainty that things will work out better than we could imagine, even if we don't live to see the day. It cannot happen any other way. I can no longer believe in the dead, soulless universe promoted by the academic lapdogs, nor the pathos of the theocratic's.
We are on the cusp of discovering something boundless, our true nature.

Cheers for caring enough about the rest of us to put your soul to such good use here on these pages, it's appreciated.

su said…

We are taught not to see the magic.
Luckily some kids came my way and re-programmed me.

Now I see the magic in everything.
Constantly in awe.
su said…
Thank you so very much for stepping physically onto the page Rgnarok - gave me such a delight and thrill.

And about going to a different time. We were talking the other day about what time we would most like to live in.

Well my first point of choice would be pre-existence, to return to that point of singularity but failing that and having to step into the realm of matter I would be clearly drawn to the simplicity of a love of foraging . Not putting on the zillion caps that modern life requires and thus the increased insanity and collapse.

Last night I discovered via a dream what we actually are. The commentators on these pages. Nina, Bholonath, Zoner you , me and others. Found this article read it and had the clearest aha yes of course that is it moment.

Trying to think of a way to share it.

Again thank you for letting me hear your voice.
nina said…
Please do share it Su-san. Desperate times call for desperate measures. We have phones you know ...
It is not illegal to read, ummm, yet.

The way you write, your style, is incredibly comforting. You come and go, like a season, like the breeze on a summer night and still, consistent, blazing a trail and we just follow along into the warmth.
su said…
Ah my beloved sister Nina,

I cannot tell you how often I am out doors feeling the sun, hearing the birds, being touched by the light and you appear in your softness.

My blog mother, my earth sister. Such respect for you.
bholanath said…
Geez, I've read this again for the third time and hardly know how to thank you enough, nor even how to add anything to this profound window into your, and all our, souls.
"...our time here at this moment significant beyond measure."
I am also walking "into a new way", maybe slower than some and a late starter, but I'm gonna try and catch up fast. Never imagined 65 would be like this, but blessings are undeniable.
neil said…
Plumes of yellow
Raging blue
Purple streaks
Mothers loom
Heavenly stars
Bands of sense
Expressing golden
Harmonized intent
Of union rising
Humanity streams
Weaving rushing
Earthly green
Hearts that open
Reach the sky
Across the dreams
And multiply


Poem su,,,,,,
Terrance said…
Being in awe is a wonderful thing as we are more the conduit than the creator of what we express!.........
neil said…
Same as you terrance,,,,,,
Anon said…
"We are taught not to see the magic.
Luckily some kids came my way and re-programmed me."

I agree with this entirely.

- Aangirfan
Cap'n Spadgett said…
Hi Su,

I have not long discovered your wonderful musings here and I must say it is a pleasure.

"I have never had so little materially and yet i have never been happier, more peaceful, more content."

That's a mighty fine point to reach and will have you in good stead for the time when the game rolls over.

A few years ago I had a very vivid dream, that what is coming, NO one is expecting. It was something so left field and fast that I am sure only those with sufficient grace will stand a chance, as they will be able to observe freely. I don't know if it will come true? But I hear quite a lot that when it arrives there will be no guessing, is this it? We will know, this is IT.

May blessing be with you.

Love Steve
su said…
You have shown me many ancient symbols and images that have been part of this breaking out of the paradigm of limitation.

Do you recall that link you posted with the elephant and the boy and old man in a makore in Africa.
With the most haunting music and the invitation to sink into the beauty of extreme simplicity.
That came at a time in my life when I really needed a bridge - and it was that indeed.

Walking the dogs last night. listening to Xavier Rudd a cloud followed me around the village.
When I reached the top of the hill I thought hey I am turning left here thanks for accompanying me = and the cloud swung left.
Each change of direction I thanked it for its magical companionship and each time it remained with me.
I got that is whey I sleep out in a tent at night - because the pure spirits are able to play with one more easily.
su said…
Welcome to this page and thank you for speaking.
The dialogue in this realm is as rich and rewarding as any other.
I really get that now.

A few years ago we lost our home and business in a fire. After the devastation had passed I became aware of what a relief it was to loose everything one thought one could not - and still be absolutely okay.

Hanging up the washing today, three of the towels had patches of perish on them. In other words holes. A few years ago they would have been replaced. Now I watch the way the sun peaks through the spaces, how the holes take on their shape. And one day they might get replaced - but hey it really does not matter. No matter at all.
Cap'n Spadgett said…
"patches of perish"

I like that.

Must be something in the air. I lost all I had spent 15 years working for about a year and a half ago and then just lost a whole bunch of my "survival" gear to a fire a couple of months ago, but it's all good.

We now live in one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived with an arrangement called "WWOOFing". It stands for Willing Workers on Organic Farms. So we work for our board basically. There is now plenty of time to reflect, walk, garden, horse ride, pray, play and observe.

Holes are ok. That could be a bumper sticker of the future. If only people could afford the fuel.
Terrance said…
Hello Cap'n and su.....yes it's graduation time and love trumps all....this dream is one of many lately!

Yes ,as we say in America, It's going to come out of left field.....and then we will have the gathering and share our tales of life on Terra!

su said…
Aye aye captain,
My one son has been looking into woofing. It sounds ideal.
Like going back in time and basically foraging for one's needs and then resting.
Foraging , resting, foraging, resting.
Oh I do like the rhythm.

Love does trump all.
It was a challenge to move away from the concept luv as we had been sold it and to move onto Love as the only power worth knowing.

Let the sharing begin...
Anonymous said…
dear su
thank you for posting this.
it gladdens my heart to know/sense that you are well.
no matter what, we are/will be well.
keep on breathing.
with Love & Respect,
su said…
Ah beloved Ravi,
I can't express my delight that you are still present, still breathing.
Still with us.
Much love.
P2P said…
stumbled in and read this, well done, beautiful mindscapes. I wish I'd live in a place where one can sleep in a tent during winter.
Dublinmick said…
I don't know, I don't say much any more but I have run into a handful of people on the web where you really don't have to say much to them. They already know what you are going to say before you say it anyway and they already know it like SU. You are not going to be able to tell them anything they don't know anyway.

I know it makes sense to SU, Avops, Vivek,Terrance, Nina and many more here. Does that make sense? Of course it does.

This fucking web is a funny thing, for some of us we have run into spirits that we know better than the people we have known all our lives and are close to us but do not grasp some of the concepts we discuss with each other. Of course we love them anyway.
Dublinmick said…
SU I am planning a big party on the other side. Are you coming? I am calling it the truth tellers party and I am not inviting everybody.

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