A testimonial of healing.....

Pieter sent me this letter that he was sending out.
I found it so extremely beautiful and truthful that I wanted to give it greater readership.


Artwork by Burnie     :http://fingeryou.blogspot.com/

If you have seen me in the past three months, you will have noticed that I
have been swept up in a wave of renewed strength and joy.

There’s an upbeat energy pulsing in my veins and it is evident in every
aspect of my life.

I feel more patient, loving, optimistic and aware of the presence of Love.

The turning point came on 22nd July of this year when I met a very powerful
healer from Brazil. She is respected by all who meet her. Some fear her, but
most revere her. She can assess in a matter of minutes what it is that you
need and then provide it in the right form and quantity.

Whether at the physical, mental-emotional or spiritual “level”, she meets
you where you are and then brings you back to balance.

She can be merciless in the way that she dives into your depths and brings
up your “stuff”, instinctively knowing and choosing what is appropriate.

To meet her is to step out of the hallway of life and into a room of
alacrious reality.

I’ve never seen healing like this in all my 24 years of being involved in
the healing arts/sciences.

I spent three evenings in a row with her and then later a fourth, watching
her at work with me, my family, friends and several clients that I had
referred to her.

I came to respect her and the people with whom she works - enormously!

She “read” me easily and correctly and went through the various aspects of
my life, telling me exactly what was needed to bring each to balance.

She was accurate on *every* count and I believe that just her presence
helped heal me in fundamental ways. There are still places in me that await
further attention and I’ll be going back to let her dig deep and cleanse out
my furthest, darkest “recesses”.

It will be my privilege to open up and allow further healing.

I had tears of joy and gratitude rolling down my cheeks after our first

I cannot speak too highly of her.

Her name is Ayahuasca and she takes the form of a plant - a vine that grows
in the Amazon, to be exact. When you drink of her nectar she reveals herself
to you and then you are left in no doubt as to her wisdom, love and healing

If you would like to read more about this profoundly effective plant
medicine then take a look at: 

There comes a time, in the journey from illness to health when powerful and
extraordinary measures are called for. See one man’s account of healing from
liver cancer with this plant:


and another who experienced healing from deep depression, as the Ayahuasca
took her on a harrowing journey to recover the aspects of herself that
splintered off in childhood:


Ayahuasca was introduced to me by two solid, honorable and talented men who
won my respect for their skill in conducting ceremonies and dealing with
human complexities and they have my gratitude for bringing her halfway
across the earth to meet me.

They are Yawa Bane, of the Huni Kuin and his South African counterpart and
assistant Nixiwaka.

Three weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to get to know this teacher
plant more deeply, this time on her home turf - the deepest Amazon jungle.

I feel delighted and privileged to have received an invitation to join a
small group of South Africans, led by Nixiwaka, who have been granted
special permission to travel deep into the Brazilian Amazon,  right up close
to the frontier with Peru and to live awhile with this tribe, the Huni Kuin
Kaxinawa, from 12th December 2011 till 4th January, 2012.

To find out more about the tribe named “People of Truth” who live so close
to nature, take a look at:

Or http://sunmoon.ens-mail2.net/qyaraueweataeqmavayhbq/click.php

In order to avail myself of this opportunity I need to take some time off
from family, friends and clients. No problem - they understand that it is
the opportunity of a *lifetime.*

To avail myself of this amazing offer, it will be necessary to fly to Sao
Paolo, then by small plane to Rio Branco (five day stay over) and then a
boat ride up the river to the home of the Huni Kuin, along with my
contribution to food, accommodation and medicine. This will take
considerable funding.

My recent past and current circumstances have made it impossible for me to
have put savings aside for such an opportunity yet I feel that my vitality
and aliveness are calling out for just such a journey - one of those forks
in the road that says, "Go big, or go home".

Would *you* be at all interested in meeting with and partaking of this
unusual and powerful healing plant, with the help of those who are
experienced in her ways - thus bringing the spirit of the Amazon into your
life, whether through sacred ceremony or individual work?

Would you be willing to help me make this dream come true, whether through
advance payment for encounters to come, with the available guide/s of your
choice, or simply as a donation that will put a smile on my heart for the
rest of my life?

Please let me know if you are moved to help me, whether in some small or big
way, to melt away my comfort zone to* *more fully rediscover the ancient
ways, and then bring this inspiring, teaching medicine back for you to
experience in turn.

Kind regards,

Pieter van der Westhuyzen.


Genie said…
I looked into Ayahuasca and found myself on this website http://www.ayahuasca.com/spirit/ayahuasca-beyond-the-amazon-%e2%80%93-risks-and-challenges-of-a-spreading-tradition/

It is a hallucinogenic brewed in a tea. It says it's not for everyone (neither is LSD!) The website says: "In a time of postmodern and New Age hodgepodge spirituality in which Westerners often reject their Judeo-Christian past, and end up picking and choosing from different religious and mystical traditions to create an idiosyncratic spirituality, it is of great importance that the implications of introducing such a powerful shamanic tool into the West are examined." Elsewhere I found that "Shamanism" encompasses the belief that shamans are intermediaries or messengers between the human world and the spirit worlds." What they call "shamans" I call "jinn" who can be very very evil. These "shamans" or "Jinns" are exactly who are in touch with our evil doers in the synagague of satan. There are good ones and bad ones but when they are sought out it's the bad ones who come into attendence. They come with dark powers they are happy to share with the seekers. People with good intentions are decieved. Furthermore any mind altering drug makes us vulnerable to allow evil to enter. Actually, there are so many things I find wrong with this whole thing I can't even out here so I will stop. Sorry su, I hope you will forgive my 2 cents on something I know you will disagree with me. It's just "2 cents"!
Zoner said…
Thank you for this sharing. It is a real treat to hear of the changes that have been experienced by pieter, and to imagine his voyage into the Amazon to meet with the people who maintain this ancient healing tradition.

Were I currently in a better financial state, I would give generously to this cause. As it is, I will offer my thoughts and wishes for this to be an effortless voyage and I look forward to hearing tales upon the return of the newly-minted adventurer.

Warm embraces for all in your midst, su.
Genie said…
I also wish him well.
nina said…
An Anthropoligist's dream trip! Everyone will welcome him. He will make forever friends and open your world more than it already is. I remember he draws very well, he needs a sketchbook and pens to chronicle what is possible.

Traveling to unusual far away places where people live and think differently from ourselves is the best thing we can do in this lifetime.

I'm sure you will miss him and want to go too, but your turn will come in time, again, remember what an incredible journey the ashram turned out to be, with Ganesha the elephant bowing?

Life is a safe place when you are safe with yourself.

And when he returns, he could not wish for a more wonderful family with whom to share his experiences.
su said…

Thanks for your input.
It is always welcome.
My yoga teacher was trying to dissuade further exploration by saying all intoxicants are bad.
It is not a drug - it is a plant.
It is not made in a lab - it has grown and being used for thousands of years.

And yes it may not be for everybody, but having met her, she is definitely my teacher of choice. No ego, no agenda other than healing.

In this tiny village where I live, people are approaching me since hearing of the experience and expressing interest. There is a mexican shaman living in a town some distance away who would be willing to come and be present for journeys.

Terrance McKenna spoke of visiting India and the rishis and the sages and saying they were profound and insightful. He then went on to say that when he went to the Amazon and met these shamans who had used the plants extensively that the latter was the route to the next stage of evolution.

There are demons in all of us. Any addiction is attributed to an entity attaching itself to one.
Ayahuasca eliminates these - she is a goddess, who deserves respect and caution but not fear.
su said…

And you my friend, introduced me to this journey.
With the movie Renegade and then the gift and then and then and then.......
So thank you for being the catalyst, the muse and everything else.
su said…
Ah beloved Nina,

When he first told me about the invitation the petulant little me immediately went hey - but i swear in a nano second she was silenced by the sheer realisation of the gift of this.

Blessed beyond belief . Am so grateful for this.
su said…

Something just sprung to mind. Boing.
A gathering I was at two weeks ago everyone was talking about the different shamans and sort of idolizing and putting them on mantles - guru worshiping. You know he blew tobacco on me and immediately etc etc etc.

To me, it is about the plant, she is the wisdom.
Pangolin said…
We must all remember that breathing is a mind altering experience, as is, music, dance, painting, spices, sugar (so huge, try quitting), gardening, pets, wildlife and observing small insects. Plus a few thousand others.

Ayahuasca can strip you of all pretense, attachment and emotion and leave you as pure spirit. She can crush you utterly and cradle you like a newborn. Ultimately she is a gentle and wise teacher. Her patience is such that she can instruct weeks or months after the initial journey without returning to the deep dreaming.

Shamans are good, teachers are good, but the shaman walks the path with you and the teacher tells you of the path. You must walk the path yourself however and with what companions you find along the way.

The gate ayahuasca opens is always there, within you. There are other ways, paths, teachers, shamans, meditations that can get you there. Still aya is a true gate and a gift to the world from GAIA, creator, FSM or the deity of your choice.

Best wishes.
su said…
Thank you so much for these words.
Their insight deeply valued.
Their truth recognized.
nobody said…
Well, blow me down. I came to tell you about Blueberry (aka Renegade) and found myself well beaten to the punch. Nothing new under the sun I guess.

Otherwise, as I said over at the Haiku, all the pix at the latest church piece were pulled from Blueberry. I'd declare it my favourite Western ever, except for the fact that it's not really a Western per se.

Um... if anyone is interested I wrote a thing about it at the cinema.

Otherwise hats off to Pieter. That was perhaps the neatest summary I've read of Ayahuasca yet. As for it not being for everyone, isn't that true of everything? And synagogue of satan? What? How long a bow would you need to draw to shoot an arrow from Babylon to the Amazon? Ha, Sequoias ain't in it. So much for that.

Anyway, thanks su, very nice

ciao ciao

Anonymous said…
old mrs harmony
heavenly smiles
lavender dreams
on beautiful isles
founded in centers
of livening flow
blows through the clouds
through the minds of who knows
glowing and reaching
rythmical unions
binding the natural
innocent fusions
lifting unfolding
the all reaching truths
old mrs harmonys
medicine flute


have a poem su.....neil
su said…
ah neil,

again a gift.
i read this one aloud a few times.
it rolled, it flowed.
it is a gift that keeps on giving -
i really do value these poems.
i really, really do.

'blows through the clouds
through the minds of who knows"

i go back to read it again and find myself unable to leave any of it behind.

so -

old mrs harmony
heavenly smiles
lavender dreams
on beautiful isles
founded in centers
of livening flow
blows through the clouds
through the minds of who knows
glowing and reaching
rythmical unions
binding the natural
innocent fusions
lifting unfolding
the all reaching truths
old mrs harmonys
medicine flute

i just had such a clear image of you as a court jester.
i see you at all different castles, leaving your understanding and wisdom.
such receptivity and openness.
a wise man ramesh balsekar used to say that you can't choose to have it but that the greatest blessing is to have these two qualities.
su said…

Renegade - what a movie.
I so rarely watch films. maybe 5 a year. And so often sometime into it I hope it will end soon. I don't know movies just don't do it for me.
This one, I had to watch in two parts I found it so intense.
The first part I watched up to the cave/aya scene and then paused it for a year.
Watched the second half not so long ago.
Zoner said you introduced it to him, so you were also causal in this journey that we find ourselves on.
so thank you for that. it makes up for being off the dinner party list.
: ).
Anonymous said…
:) thanks su...neil
john said…
Hi su.

Alas no money here to help either but all the best on your journey Pieter, it should be a wonderful journey.

Maybe we can thank the artist Moebius too, for his part in bringing us Blueberry.

cheers for now
Anonymous said…
Life itself is a mind altering experience as well as a spirit altering experience especially for those who are keeping an eye out.

Movies are a cesspool we can probably all agree on that and I don't watch too many movies but a few stand out. Some great few provide insight into our present predicament.

For instance Tombstone unknown to the average watcher provides much insight. The red sash gang watching the display of Faust in the saloon. It is a tale of selling your soul to satan for earthly gain.
The Clantons indicate they would shoot that ole devil in the ass. Johnny Ringo says I already made my deal with the devil

In effect the red sash (Rothschild Shield) was the introduction to the masonic order in the old west. Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday were the first American resistant to such ideals. That is why they are so popular. They ring a distant cord among Americans.

It was a handful of brothers and a hard drinking dentist from Georgia simply had enough of Satanism, stealing and robbery among the local network and decided to let some lead fly. It is just that simple really.

It is still pretty simply are you willing to try and tell someone the truth or not. When you open you mouth is it for a purpose, is it honest or for something else.

It will all change soon though and we all reap what we sow.

You know you theories on the redeeming meteorite or asteroid still make me smile. I knew you were real when I saw those.

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