Slouching towards Ahimsa

Well forgive me for not clicking into the calender creation of new possibility.  For not popping the bubbly, for not buying an outfit,  for not giving a rats arse about how many chimes ring out of the church clocks worldwide.
A lot of money spent in major cities on fireworks - with the message relayed being ' rest well sheeple, you see life is good, we can still do the wow factor.  We can still blind you with our fireworks made in China - our technological brilliance' - ah but for the simplicity of some candles.

I went to bed at 9.30 on this evening that means absolutely nothing to me.
No astronomical significance, just a date from a man made calender does not convince me that any change is likely to come about from this.
Chinese new year - well that is based on new moons and such and well maybe that can portend some possibility for change - hey i am attempting optimism here.
With very little internal conviction.  So from the year of the tiger we move to the year of the hare/rabbit.  Personally that bodes well, my totem animals.  Not big and noisy and fear inducing like the big striped feline energy we will soon be saying farewell to.  But a more savvy, more humble, and less threatened creature's energy will be moving in.

Last night instead of trying to still the mind and focus on the breath, I allowed the mind total freedom.  Let it go wherever it wanted to go -  and I must say it was a lot of fun.
The first thing that came to me was to get obama onto oprah's show.  And yes ladies and gentleman this show would be completely different.  There would be no gifts or gimmicks, and no masturbatory adoration between guests.   So this is the setting :  the studio, and the entire American continent watching live.   There are no comfortable arm chairs - there is a dining room table and two chairs.  The two o's are seated there, each with a glass of wine in front of them.  Waiters them come to the table with platters of seafood from the gulf.  And because this is my mind, I of course ensure that the food on the plate is from the gulf.  The recently and continually sprayed gulf.   They have been told however that it is going to be pretended that it is from the area but it actually is from far away and safe.  Don't ask me how I got them to believe that - this mind is rather devious I discovered.  I mean I had to get it past a security detail of about 1000.   They take a mouthful.  Ah the chef is a genius,  he can disguise faeces as food if he needs to.  So they are animatedly discussing life, michelle, how wonderful 2011 is going to be and slowly mouthfuls are being digested.

Switching to the audience who are of course enthralled at being in the presence of such 'celeberitypukeness' watch with big smiles on their faces.  Slowly a fine mist of spray is entering the studio.  A cameraman i placed there just zooms in on it every now and then.
Rather beautiful the way the light catches the molecules.  The studio audience how consist of every celebrity who believe that they actually have any value or merit based on their fame and wealth.  So elton john is there, sans babe, i  do have some compassion.  posh beckham is there, oh hey i got rumsfield,  cheney and the bush family there. oh and of course the whole oil fraternity is there.  Ah i forgot to mention polanski is there as is dutroux and let us please not forget the pope and his cardinals.  And the tip of the illumaniti are there too.  Is there absolutely no limit to this brilliance.  You are welcome to add your choice guests to this lot.

The cameras both turn back to the stage.  The sound is amplified.   The two o's both lose their colour and become deadly white, both start retching and gagging and puking violently.  Of course i have also set up that they can't leave.  That no one can come in and save them.  I have also set up that the cameras keep rolling and the stations are powerless to block the transmission.
The cameras then zoom in on the skin of the audience.  These huge staph lesions start to appear.   Those watching can see the health of the audience being smitten immediately.  And nothing can be done to stop the poisoning.
The americans are forced to watch their idol and her followers die a rather rapid death.
The seafood they ate had been marinated in corexit for over a week.
The studio audience dies rapidly as well.  They unfortunately die much faster than the millions living in the gulf region will die.  Theirs will be a lengthy, protracted, and painful exit.

And what the hell happens after that -  what happens when the audience manage to get their chins back off the floor -  well a revolution follows.  A revolution unlike any that has even been seen before.  And because this scenario and dream sequence is mine it is not a random, vicious killing where once again the innocents die and the darstards are enriched and enshrined.  No this a revolution that hinges on to the next of evolution.
An intelligence comes into play that has never been seen before.  Immediately man's potential brilliance is discovered and alternative life styles come into play.  Banks are shut down,  the government is disbanded, but not before the leaders that have led wars against so many nations are punished (and I am afraid I went for the violent option here).  Schools are transformed into places of creative learning and reaching of higher potential , there is an instant move back into supportive communities.
People discover that they do not need to be led.  They do not need a zillion and one rules.
They need one - and one rule only - Ahimsa - First do no harm.  And with that one fundamental principal miraculously stamped on each heart, in a god given moment of pure love - man moves to the next level of life.  For if each of us could follow that one basic, underlying value - all would be well in the world.  And for those observant readers i know you will call me on my own hypocrisy.  Here i am talking of non violence in between planning a death fest for those i consider irredeemable.  Still many steps to take, but moving in the direction of forgiveness and non harm.

The sad thing is that I see this did not happen to the world out there,  it was merely my own movie playing.  Sadly I see that the drones have killed another 48 in Pakistan,  that they are continuing to spray in the gulf.   That there is a looming food crisis.  That we are unvalued as people in this world.  You just need closely enough to see this, and if you believe that the government, any one of them cares for you - well can i have some of your medication please.  I really could  do with some.

So looking at this landscape from so many angles, my prayer is that the inevitable comes sooner than later.  And that the final act is an act of god and not man.  Whether it be a blast from the sun, or a direct asteroid hit.  Let it be fast, let  it be swift, let it be redeeming. 

And in the interim, may people learn to savour each and every moment of stillness that we are lucky enough to be touched by.
May we all embrace in the fullest, uncensored loving that can arise in our hearts.
May we all cry an apology for the way our fellow man has been allowed to starve and be killed for no other reason than greed for wealth and power.
And may we stand open to  the presence of a miracle.

The rain has still not appeared.  The positive ions build up to the point of madness.  I am taking the kids and guineas to the forest for a few days.  Sit by a waterfall,  play in the ocean, get the mind away from the machine.

And because what I have written is from the mind and thus has very little substaintiality and i really do owe you the reader more here is truth, clear, uncompromisable and indisputable.

No Experience Is Outside of Wholeness

What we are really seeking is the escape of limitation, escape from not being good enough, from something missing, from something not being right, from being inadequate.  We are seeking freedom.  Freedom from this sense of being limited.  But our core belief IS that we are limited by our very nature.  We believe that we were born or came INTO existence - a separate existence - and then that existence will end. As long as we hold onto that belief, our searches are always futile.  Even spirituality is a search which is a fantasy.  Isn't it?  Isn't it a fantasy?  We hope and pray that we may discover somehow that our existence isn't limited, that it will not end.  As long as we take what we are to be limited, then how in the world can we ever FIND limitless?  Our very existence denies that possibility.  Our very existence is in the way.  Our very existence denies ever reaching limitless. From that perspective, the search is futile.  The search is unresolvable. There is no reaching limitless - so we can either completely give up, or settle on the only other alternative.  That alternative is that reality is already whole, that what-you-are is already limitless.  If that is so, then this present experience must already be IT.  If that is so, then right here and now, you are that.  And that is what the mystics through the ages have said - Tat Tvam Asi - You Are That. If that is so, then right now there must only be a false interpretation of THIS, of what IS, of this moment.  It has nothing to do with any future experience - THIS is IT, only there is a conceptualization of THIS, a misinterpretation of THIS, a taking of whole reality as separate.  Is that not so? In Vedanta it is called ignorance - ignorance of what you are.  You believe yourself to be limited, but you are not.  So the only solution is to remove that ignorance, to remove that belief. Can we arrive at another belief?  Does one belief need to take the place of another?  No.  Only evaluate the present belief - not AS that individual, but AS the whole itself, AS the limitless reality itself.  Because AS the individual, it is futile.  It is always a self-reference, something for "ME" to get, to gain.  A "ME" is the definition of limited existence.  THAT is the belief that needs investigated. How did this "ME" come about?  How is present reality being conceptualized into a "ME" vs. "WORLD"? Evaluate both sides of that equation - what is a "ME"?  What is a "WORLD"?  Not what appears - appearance is not the essence - appearance is not what it IS.  Appearance is a manifestation of something.  Appearance is always changing - in fact what appears cannot BE what IS, AS appearance.  Yet it IS what IS - appearance IS reality, but taking appearance or form AS reality is to overlook the reality itself, to apply concepts, names and forms, to reality.  It is to be lost in conceptualization. It is to be lost in a dream. Therefore seeking doesn't progress.  It takes a step back.  It isn't an individual seeking.  It is somehow the whole itself, trying to figure out how it is fooling itself into the belief of separation - how it is taking itself as limited. Otherwise all reference is a self-reference.  That self is the thorn which remains stuck throughout the search.  Whether we are walking or rocks or satin, that thorn remains, causing the pain.  We must remove the thorn, not ease the path. We can use modern "Internet Advaita" pointers, or study scriptures from a thousand years ago.  It really doesn't matter.  The important point is to seek, not as that individual, but as the whole itself. And what experience would the whole need, to validate itself?  Can there be a certain experience OF wholeness?  What specific experience is wholeness?  What does wholeness feel like?  Sound like?  Smell like?  Taste like? The answer is always available.  No experience is outside of wholeness.


su said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
waves of integrity
brush fire warmth
forming in unity
of sacred high cause
force of a union
internaly reflect
rush on the sequencies
align and project
gathered in honor
of mountains and sea's
the shine of the sun
showering tree's
the birds flying high
and the pound of the heart
intensify the moment
on the light of a spark.

su said…
ah neil,
thank you again for gracing this space.

'on the light of a spark'.

neil said…
and thankyou su for your wonderful words
they always refresh....

..respects to you and everyone
Anonymous said…
Very nice SU. You know there is so many interesting things to read on the blogs these days. Unfortunately most of us never have the time to read most of them.
I think many of us just pick a few blogs, stick with them and try to keep up.

You definitely made me laugh and I needed that. Things to me look so hopelessly screwed up it is hard to describe it any more.
Erik said…
Hi Su,

Thanks for posting this aswell as your "Dream Spell"

'No experience is outside of Wholeness'

Yet another beautiful step on my/our journey ...


Erik (from Nina's ;)
Erik said…
Eeh, 'step' and 'journey' are not exactly Advaita terms Erik, now are they ... ;D
neil said…
how are you doing su,hope you are well....
su said…
hey guys,

had a dose of intense karmic retribution.

here i believed it was alright to wish ill on anyone.....
it is not.
that is not what ahimsa is about.

i took the kids to the forest and on the first day, tao aged 17 bombed into shallow water and injured his leg rather badly.
it became infected and then staph developed.
which is what i wished on the oprah audience.

fuck it is a bit scary having the universe paying such close attention to one's intentions.

anyway he has been in bed for a week in a lot of pain but seems to have turned the corner.

i am trying to keep away from this machine as much as i can - and yet the searing heat 40 degrees celsius, makes it almost impossible to be outside.
Zoner said…
Fondest of wishes for your dear one, and I do hope the mercury eases for you soon.

Darn teenagers....

Much Love,

su said…
yes well you keep reminding me how we are there to love them despite it all.

calling you.....
Anonymous said…
healing thoughts to Tao and you all. hoping that all is well or at least on its way to well!
Be kind to yourself! and breathe...
with love & respect
su said…

can you send more healing thoughts towards tao.
it is well over two weeks since the accident and he still cannot put the leg down. earlier the body opened the wound up and a cupful of blood escaped. which is a good thing.
earlier on a clot wanted to come out - he cried and groaned and i held him trying to get him breathe slowly and deliberately by doing the same myself.
feel a total despair.
and as i am holding him in my arms with my heart breaking - i am instantly aware of the human pain on this plane and it threatens to anihilate me.

i feel powerless, totally powerless and ineffectual.
Anonymous said…
dear su,
a question arose... "Are you in the Experience?" and so i arrived here to ask and find tao and you...
You may feel powerless and ineffectual but you are not... know better!
It the wound infected? does it need stitches? are there broken bones?
Have you seen or needed medicos?
Is there pain management?...just asking.

are you both 'in the experience' grab it and breathe...
what can i do to help.

with love & respect
su said…
'am i in the experience" is the question you ask.
yes would be the answer. when i am and no when i am not.

last night i went for a longish walk. the almost full moon playing with some clouds and so much magic in the air. seeing the telephone wire conjunct with a pole took my breath away. how had i never seen that before. profound beauty everywhere. i raised my arms up to the moon and said yes - yes to it all. the removal of all that i 'love' brings tears to the me but with the diminishing of that me comes something new. if su does not exist as su - then what is cognizing this all? does that make sense?

tao has had stitches, he has also been on antibiotics for the first time in his life. 2 sets. am trying to keep him away from medicos because they can diagnose but they sure as hell can't heal.
am beginning to wonder if there was not some bone damage.
but the swelling was too great to even attempt x rays before.
if it is not significantly better tomorrow we will head back into the 'zone'.

what can you do - continue to visit this page and extend your wisdom.
thanking you my friend.
Pangolin said…
Su_please, please, investigate the use of honey for wound treatments. Honey kills bacteria on contact using a mechanical mechanisms so bacteria can't evolve past it.

The treatment is literally to pour a thick glob of dark honey onto wound and apply a clean bandage.

I personally use a mixture of honey and powdered Mimosa tenuiflora bark on wounds with excellent results. The high tannins in the bark stop bleeding and promote new tissue growth with minimal scarring. Your local analogue is probably Acacia Karoo.

Drug resistant staph is epidemic and the best way to battle it is to treat all skin breaks immediately with honey. This is standard practice in Diabetic wound care clinics but unknown outside of the specialty.

Please Google:"honey wound care" and read for yourself. You may save somebody's life with this knowledge.
Burnie said…
All the best to you Su.
In my egoccentric non self, it is slowly dawning that the rising Sun doesn't set on my sorry ass.

In my imagination of what it looks like, when moving everything moves. Looking at the sky last summer on a beautiful night I got transfixed by the web I saw in the sky. The story that unfolded was inclusive of everything. It is all of us but what one does has consequence for all.

I look at things with anger and darkness a lot with good reason and bad, I would like grave harm to befall those fuckers, not realizing that the thought poisons me. That never occurred to me before in such a powerful way.

You are no hypocrite but a human being assaulted by an insanity that is truly malevolent, your anger and rage quite understandable. (The following statement is not advice, It is what I have to do to survive the madness). It helps if I take in the kindness and love, and try to detach from the darkness. It is there for the taking, Been working on not getting strung out on the drug. It is so alluring, addictive, cloaked and deceptive. My young years were enough horror. I was held in thrall for many years after. Not healed by any means but the perspective is better. Basically I identify with you and others and We all have our take.

The experience of good Karma has entered my life, the love I gave, give, is returned to me. Sounds corny but to me it is a miracle considering how close to death I was with lifestyle choice, dead man walking would describe it and I am not unique. Hang in there it gets better, hang in there it gets worse..ha, cant' have the yin of it without the yang or it, and I keep asking why not..more wisdom please.

When I have time I am going to doctor that picture you liked as a present.

Also, my wish would be as I write these words that Tao is getting better. That kind of worry is awful, it is real and visceral, practising detachment irrelevant.
Critters too, they become so much a part of us.
You have given me kind words, I hope in some way these are kind to you
Burnie said…
My whole comment got deleted for being too long so maybe I talk too much. I'll just say that as I write these words that they find Tao better. I am sorry about Bugsy, our animals are a part of us, the better part. I still carry their memory all the way back to childhood. They ask for nothing much, and given love or not they love us back.

You have given me kind words and hope these are kind to you.
Anonymous said…
hey burnie, thanks.
tao has just had surgery.
pray for him.
nobody said…
Hey Su,

What with being out of the picture until recently and then having a big backlog of stuff to plough though (like aangirfan etc. - honestly you should have seen my desktop) I only just got round to your blog a little while ago. My first thought was to rush over here and tell you about honey but pangolin was ahead of me. BTW 'Manuka' honey is best apparently, it's made by bees that live solely on Tea Tree. But all honey is good. Whenever I get an infection I use it. No idea if I've ever had staph or not but so far so good.

Anyway I was too late to be of any use for that and now I'm just curious how Tao is. How is he?
su said…
hey nobody.

long time.....

tao has just arrived home.
mercifully recovered after coming extremely close to ......... don't want to even go there.
Anon said…
I enjoy coming back to this and reading it again.

Happy February.

- Aangirfan
dublinmick said…
“So looking at this landscape from so many angles, my prayer is that the inevitable comes sooner than later. And that the final act is an act of god and not man. Whether it be a blast from the sun, or a direct asteroid hit. Let it be fast, let it be swift, let it be redeeming. ”

You outed me Su! I had a dear friend once who was a native American indian. He died on me. We were watching his kids once feign karate kicks at each other. He laughed and said let them enjoy their lives as they will be short ones!

I always told him if he checked out and left me here with all this shit going on I would hunt his ass down on the other side. I still laugh about that and I wasn't kidding either, that is exactly what I plan to do.
su said…

that would be fun.
yeah the other side away from this bullshit.
every day it just gets worse.
let it end quickly in brilliance, but let those that were agents in all the horror remain and slowly perish - and suffer equally to the suffering they created.

i personally go for sun action being our end. that lazy all sun ain't got nothing to do but shoot out major prominences when it chooses. ha ha.
dublinmick said…
It has been a little dull around here lately SU, but it looks like things are picking up. Nothing like a corexit radiation super storm headed at ya.


400 lightning strikes in 20 minutes, widespread flooding, power outages near Brooksville and points east. This is from the first hours of this storm, although it was turbulent overnight.

Majority of storm still out in Gulf, aimed at coast just north of Clearwater. Storm moving 45 mph. They keep extending the tornado watches. Wind 100 mph in places.

Lots of reported tornado sightings. Everything canceled, people running for cover. Weather guy on channel 8 is explaining it as just another cold front. Lots of high rises on the beach near St. Pete are in big trouble in about 15 minutes.

Dutchsinse called this two days ago on YouTube.

Report from St. Pete: "My dogs have been freaking out since Sunday night."

National Weather Service: "Main threat straight line winds." Hmm, that would put the multiple tornadoes second. Lightning and hail #3.

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