Spaciousness as the screen

For supper Russian Carrot Pie with brocolli and marrow cooked in coconut cream with freshly ground nutmeg and course sea salt.
And this is the Boa eating his dinner.

The dogs and I are walking in the village by waning moonlight.
9 o clock there are no cars on the road.
Total silence, windows and lives illuminated by warm glowing, non energy saving bulbs.
The dogs, exhausted by the recent full moon barkathons are blissfully silent.

Always a bit surprised by the turns that I am taking.
At the top of the block I think I am going to turn right,
and yet when I get to that point I find myself going straight.
Walking further and further, the body is starting to feel the distance.
Ah in the distance, I see a pile of sand. Find myself walking towards it.

Drop the weight from my legs and fall into the sand in a seated position.
Landing. The sand forming a perfect mould.
It is cold but the body still holds heat from the day.

Leaning back the only thing remaining supported is the head.
Looking forward I see the retreat gardens, some cottages and then the mountains.
But it is the stars that are calling my attention.
This head wants to sink down and also be embraced by the sand but stories and
memories of scalps harbouring sand came to mind.
Eventually gravity had her way and head relaxed completely as well.
Dogs lie down, doing their own inner voyaging.

The owls swoop down silently again, always surprising me.
Profound delight arises each and every time.

In the presence of divine intelligence.
We spend time together in the silence, in the open sky.
Autumn touches me gently on my arms, the most subtle of touches.
The Southern Cross drawing these eyes, I sort of melt into it.

I wanted to thank Life for this expression.
For this landscape, for these amazing children that I share living space with, for their friends, for the village and its inhabitants, for the mountains, for the food, for the sunshine, for the warmth, for the life, for the unfolding of the journey.
As it is.
And for the uncertainties and the fears, the doubts, the seemingly unfulfilled longings, for the dirt and the stubbornness of the illusion.
For it all in all its gradients of experiencing.

The miracle of existence as it unfolds

As someone often says "what is wrong with right now if you don't think about it".


nina said…
The artist mother.
Petals unfolding. Each a prism.

Thank you.
Destiny said…
Beautiful blog - love all your updated photos - they speak of such closeness with nature - and boa is a pet ?
chickory said…
just beautiful. you find the sacred in everyday, and your attitude about what may come to be is inspiring. in yoga class the teacher sometimes said "i am all right right now" which is a great meditation. with this in mind, the goodness of now isnt spoiled by apprehension of what might happen. i love all the side bar creatures and children, but "pie" has my heart.
Anonymous said…
Dear su,
thank you.
love and admiration.
Pangolin said…
I sometimes wonder if you could ever make a bed as nice as a blanket thrown over a warm sand dune.
Ash said…
"I wanted to thank Life for this expression."

yes su..yes...beautiful!

su said…
Thanks for pulling in - have responded in a new post.

The wonder just keeps growing.

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