Beyond Words

Instead of looking at phenomena as a threat........never knowing what will
happen next...........
See it as the resolving aspect of energy.........

Like seeing the tail of a rat as it scurries away........

Suffering is not a problem without the belief in ME.

It is resistance to WHAT IS that is so conflicting.

What is wrong with right now.........if you don't think about it?


The personalizing of 'events' creates the drama.

See everything WITHOUT putting labels.

Everything is emptiness..................form is empty.

With the me it is all shit.

Without the me it just IS.

What is.

The ME is resistance to WHAT IS.

Told you before.......

Hear it now.

Gilbert Schultz


Thanks so much for sharing the pics and the poetic hand ..very well done.
Anonymous said…
as always, it is a pleasure to visit here. Thank you su

i think of you on the African continent...south of the equator, where christmas is in summer, on the beach with surfing waves and sharks...yeah...
so visiting here is like sticking my toes into the Indian ocean symbolically that is.

vw:photidd my photo id says blanke
su said…
Thanks for happening here Jackie.

And Ravi - always a pleasure.
Hope you enjoy the metaphorical dip in the Indian ocean.
I am inland but if I head straight to the ocean I would be at the spot where the Indian and Atlantic meet.

I dare you to dip your feet in this water - you have to have penguin in your genes to venture forth.
brian said…
cobra rescue...awesome!!!!!!
Greta said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
su said…
Yes totally awesome.
This 12 year old has such a passion for snakes.
We have had fires raging for the past eternity and as a result the snakes have ventured into the village - into homes.
And normally they would be killed but word spread that this kid would remove them.
One of them had had a garden fork dug into her body.
I found her in a tank in his cupboard - he was nurturing her until she was well enough to return to the wild.
6 so far now and each time my heart stops
Pangolin said…
I like the way the pictures bang on my Northern California sensibilities. It's all so familiar, smoke, dream catcher, river stones, pecans, poppy and then.....monkeys. Hey what?


wv: brallyi
su said…

Well in truth there are monkeys here but not those in that shot.
I found that one morning and spent an awfully long time just staring at it.
I thought for all my aspirations in the world none matches up to the sheer joy of that monkey in the middle, leaping to catch its tail.
So simple, so pure and such playfullness.
As a child I imagined one could go grow up to be anything, a table, a chair or any such thing.
My dream was to leave my human child body and transform into a young monkey.
This photo was a partial transformation.
chickory said…
i love the sidebar! pie. what a sweet valentine - recorded dove songs? you are so thoughtful. sage and sylvia, the rescued cobras (!) the daughter of the trees...the chicks - your entire place crackles with life and goodness. i love what you hold dear.

i was in a yoga class where the instructor would say about every 5 minutes..."im all right right now"..its a good mantra. i have come to understand that what you said about controlling (or trying to control) whatever is as the source of anxiety.

i always enjoy coming here, but the page is exceptionally lovely today.
su said…
Why thank you Chicory for the seeing.
Anonymous said…
珍惜當下..活在當下..祝大家都平平安安健健康康! ..................................................
Ash said…
absolutely beautiful! simplicity beyond words truly...

thank you for sharing such wonderful expressions of love... :)
queenofthenile said…
Hi Su,

Wow! Quite a sight. Great photos. Love the setting(?) sun. Your sweet sage with his passion for animals. (A chip off the old block, I reckon.)

Does your garden supply you with some of your food?

Thanks for a lovely visit.
su said…

Thanks for visiting.
It provides all the food needed for the guineas, chickens and rabbits.
It provides us with some fruit, vegetables and it blesses us with an abundance of pecan nuts.
Enough for the year.

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