Sunday, May 10, 2009

The natural state.

The mind resting in the Self is its natural condition but instead of that our minds are resting in outward objects.


nina said...

And how they glisten! And demand our attentions, so we run from each to the next, judging, quantifying, categorizing, imitating, incessant in the vain attempt to conquest by possession.
I think the mind at rest in the self, being in no great rush, just acknowledges the presence of distractions as it acknowledges and accepts all.

Anonymous said...

The mind, and body are just the wires on which the spirit sends what it sees, and feels, without the clutter of when we do it on our own--or something like that---Happy SU-nday-


nobody said...

Without wishing to detract from the sentiment, which is spot on and pretty much where my head is at, those flowers are extraordinary! Since the jpeg was named I looked it up. Lithops. Only in Africa. Wow. They're really something. Nature never ceases to amaze does it?

su said...

Hi there beautiful.
Yes it acknowledges and accepts and the cherry on top is that it is unaffected by all that appears in it and as it.

Iona was very ill last week, high fever, extreme neck pain. Suspected meningitis. One night she spent hours begging me to help her. All I could do was give her Golden Seal and rub essential oils on her.
It was a journey to hell and yet I had the ointments and the herbs and was in a candle lit bedroom.
When she finally settled my feelings were with the children injured in Gaza or Iraq or anywhere with phosphorous bombs and the like and the lack of medical attention and their parents total hopelessness.
It was such a descent into total despair that it seemed there would be no way out.
And then awareness via the wires Jj speaks of sent a reminder to spent some time in the silence of what I am - and by Grace it happened.
Su nday - hee hee hee.

Nobody - This is the first time this lithop has flowered and she is several years old already.
The stone like part of the plant has the most amazing solidity and yet there is a softness. I can spent hours stroking these amazing creatures.

nina said...

Thanking Jah for the "wires", thanking Jah for Iona being in your care and thanking you for your independent judgment and clarity in actions.
Well done, all around!

Anonymous said...

Su-the flower that keeps blooming--sometimes dormant, but spectacular always--just a part of the natural growth--

:) Jj

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tiger said...


The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Buddha