Monday, August 22, 2011

My apologies to Libya

I am angry.
I am so angry that I do think spontaneous combustion could occur - if anger had any cause to play in its happening.
I can't move away from it.
I have snapped at my kids, just yelled at my dogs, swore at my neighbour.
It feels like gravity has grabbed me and sucked me into a downward spiral and no amount of awareness of conscious breathing seems able to stop it.

I know over the past years we have all ranted about many things.
The oil spill, god i don't want to even bring to mind the fucking insanities that we have witnessed.
Fukishima did not do this to me.
There was a natural element in it - something that once opened could not be stopped.
Could kill us all but could not be stopped.

This war in Libya has been on going for 6 months.
For 6 months any nation in the world could have done something to stop it.
No - one.
Not one country efforted to stop this travesty from unfolding.
Not Russia, not China - no - one.
Pontifications would get small notice in the press and yet no ultimatum.
No hey guys unless you are out by such and such we are going to attack......
Does Nato not have enemies for gods sake that could benefit from helping Libya at this moment in time and thus halting the imperialists from the  killing of Islam in their wars.

Nope, it appears not.
They are all players in the same game.
All fucking killers and looters.

  Whilst hospital wards in an ancient city are filled with trauma so unimaginable to us.  So far removed from our lives.   - thousands of families are today in the deepest shock, physically , mentally and spiritually.  Their faith must be tested so fully right now that my heart pounds for them.
Cameron returns home from a little holiday to be on hand for the fall of Tripoli -
wearing his genteel summer clothes.
and I gentle being that I have been want to take him and cut him into little pieces.
And his nemesis on the other side of the ocean.  The one who sold his soul to his keepers.
And equally their puppeteers , their manipulators.
And I can't rise above it.
And I can't rise above it and see it as a dream....- all a perception, all just a dream.
I hear voices from this land, and I see images of people from this land and they are real.
They had lives before this and now there is just ruin.
Last night over 1300 dead and the hospitals overflowing.
And they postulate in the liberal corners - but they do nothing to stop it.

And the lying media whores who sanctioned and allowed this to unfold -
I curse each and everyone of you, I find no forgiveness in my hearts for you.

I can't understand how this can happen.
Again and again and again ......
My heart has broken open - to the people of Libya I offer my smashed up heart and my complete loss of faith in my fellow man and the most sincere prayer for total transformation for all of you.

To Libya -

I am sorry
Please forgive me
I love you.