Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sage's serpents this summer

We live in an area where snakes are reviled and feared and killed on sight.
And in my presence is a 12 year old child whose love for snakes is so contagious that the village calls him upon sighting a serpent (sas) instead of killing it.

So on Saturday, some kids were in an abandoned house (don't even let your mind wander there) and they found a puff adder and they all thought of Sage.
So a contingent arrived to fetch him.
And he gathered this puff adder into his care.
It was night time and he wanted to release him in the mountains and so agreed to keeping him for the night.

A friend of mine , the absolutely beautifully insane Siberian, who is known to sleep in the snow, tells me that I am insane. She asks how I can allow such venom into the living area of our home.
And of course it is totally fucking insane and it is also just the way it is.
Such is this programming that it was never ever questioned.

The next morning Sage comes to call me to watch the snake.
He opens the lid and puts in a white rat - a young one.
I don't see the majesty of the meeting I merely see the open tank door and the puff adder inside.

A huge apprehension lurched and clutched at my solar plexus but awareness went back to simply the watching of the snake and the rat.
This solid serpent lying very still , with a shaft of sunlight falling on him. Looking as content as God herself.

And the rat had not been to school and learnt about snakes and how dangerous they were. He was simply in a different space and in a usual rat fashion was intent on discovering every mm of space there was.
Which included walking and scurrying all over Oscar.
And for a seeming eternity Oscar just remained unaffected.
And then before you could see anything he struck the rat, so fast his fangs were not seen, and the next thing rat was flat on his back, with his mouth opening and closing a few times and then stillness.

Now both were still.
And they lay there for another eternity, and we were all in awe of the speed of strike. At the effectiveness of venom.
There was no pity - there was just a witnessing.
Oscar then ate his meal.

He was released in a river bed.
Sluggish from his feast he had to be edged into the bushes.

The next morning via the bush telegraph I hear that there is a boomslang on Sage's bed.
And sure enough I go there and she is.
Stretched out the length of his mattress.
Not a care in the world.

We take her to a dried out dam.
She is far more feisty, she dances away.

The very next day I hear someone calling urgently from the garden.
I head outside and discover that there is a nearly two meter cobra in the guinea hok.
He has bitten one, which died instantly and the others are running around squeeling.
Bugsy, the much loved rabbit is very close to the snake, but he remains absolutely still. Does not move a muscle. And then again Sage comes along and scoops the serpent up with his homemade stick.
We take her higher up in the mountains , to another dried out river bed. But the fires had not reached here. There was still life.

She slid off through the leaves into the cave.

We got home and a friend arrived. He had just found a pregnant cobra and wanted Sage to help him release it.
They wanted to take photos so they took her up to the empty lei water dam.
She was heavily pregnant and there were no bushes for her to hide, so first she sped over to Tao, then changed direction and went for Clint and then moved towards Sage.
And then she found her way away from the vulnerability of open space.

What a profound happening it has been to come so close to such potential.

It brought all my maternal fears out.
And they are without my strongest trigger in identification.
And yet upon examination, there fears were discovered to be worthless.

Is there any other liberation worth having....

Friday, March 5, 2010

Spaciousness as the screen

For supper Russian Carrot Pie with brocolli and marrow cooked in coconut cream with freshly ground nutmeg and course sea salt.
And this is the Boa eating his dinner.

The dogs and I are walking in the village by waning moonlight.
9 o clock there are no cars on the road.
Total silence, windows and lives illuminated by warm glowing, non energy saving bulbs.
The dogs, exhausted by the recent full moon barkathons are blissfully silent.

Always a bit surprised by the turns that I am taking.
At the top of the block I think I am going to turn right,
and yet when I get to that point I find myself going straight.
Walking further and further, the body is starting to feel the distance.
Ah in the distance, I see a pile of sand. Find myself walking towards it.

Drop the weight from my legs and fall into the sand in a seated position.
Landing. The sand forming a perfect mould.
It is cold but the body still holds heat from the day.

Leaning back the only thing remaining supported is the head.
Looking forward I see the retreat gardens, some cottages and then the mountains.
But it is the stars that are calling my attention.
This head wants to sink down and also be embraced by the sand but stories and
memories of scalps harbouring sand came to mind.
Eventually gravity had her way and head relaxed completely as well.
Dogs lie down, doing their own inner voyaging.

The owls swoop down silently again, always surprising me.
Profound delight arises each and every time.

In the presence of divine intelligence.
We spend time together in the silence, in the open sky.
Autumn touches me gently on my arms, the most subtle of touches.
The Southern Cross drawing these eyes, I sort of melt into it.

I wanted to thank Life for this expression.
For this landscape, for these amazing children that I share living space with, for their friends, for the village and its inhabitants, for the mountains, for the food, for the sunshine, for the warmth, for the life, for the unfolding of the journey.
As it is.
And for the uncertainties and the fears, the doubts, the seemingly unfulfilled longings, for the dirt and the stubbornness of the illusion.
For it all in all its gradients of experiencing.

The miracle of existence as it unfolds

As someone often says "what is wrong with right now if you don't think about it".