Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Grace of the Sadguru

    God is an ancient devotee who is unified with God.
    God should be worshipped by becoming God.
   When you become a human, you worship man.
   The saint has no anxiety.
   If you become Shiva you will be like Shiva.
   Only the one who is actually the King, is really King.

  Call yourself Brahman.
  If you paint yourself like a tiger you have to act like a tiger.
  Similarly, you have to attain  the state of Shiva by force of your effort.
  When the spotless and pure Sadguru is met,  everything is finished.

 Only by becoming Shiva, can you attain the state of Shiva.  Then that State
 itself will come and put a garland around your neck.

From the book : 'Master Of Self Realization' by Shri Sadguru Siddearameshwar Maharaj.

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Boon of Devotion


          Sitting by the wildedagga plant which was providing nectar for the sunbirds,
          a friend asked what I wish I had learnt at school.
           I semi flippantly said carpentary.  I would so love to work with wood.
          I find myself being asked by  the Totality of Being what I wish for:
          One boon:  
          The request was for the boon of devotion.
          Above liberation,  above the mundane phyiscalities.

           The seer in the eyes
           the listener in the ears
           the taster in the taste