Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trust in God and blow out the candle

it has been ages since i came to these pages.
nothing to say, nothing to show.
and then it happens that i happen upon this piece displayed below.
i have never read anything of higher value or clarity and this
is what finds it way to these pages …...
Breathe deeply and read on.........

What Is, is said to be......"like the sun shining in the blue sky
- clear and bright, unmovable and immutable....illuminating all" - "Tsung, Kao

"One day the sun admitted, i am just a shadow: I wish to show you the infinite incandescence" - Hafiz

There was this light that became brighter and brighter and brighter, the light of a thousand suns...This brilliant light, of which I was the center and also the circumference, expanded through the universe, and.....this light shone so bright, yet it was beautiful, it was bliss, it was ineffable, indescribable." - Robert Adams.

In this case it is understood, seen, known, as all encompassing Presence, experienced as Light, beyond light, clear Brilliance beyond any conceivable light or brilliance, which is every’where’ and fills and suffices all because simply it is All-That-Is, there is nothing that It is not. It is understood and experienced as Presence because it is the ultimate Aliveness of Pure Being, and the ultimate Awareness of pure Consciousness and
it is what is ‘Here’ ,
it is what ‘Here’ is,
it is what is What is Here, What is Present.

And of its nature it is limitless and uncontained.
This ultimate Being and ultimate Consciousness overflows constantly in the Outpouring of its essence, its nature, which is pure absolute love, complete compassion, total truth, ultimate beauty, Outpouring.
This is what is described as ‘bliss’ not some great orgasmic physiological or physical pleasure, but all-encompassing unconditional unrestricted love, compassion, gratitude, Outpouring.

This overwhelming Beauty-Love-Compassion-Bliss is the very nature, the essence, of the Brilliance that is Sat Chit Ananda; and its constant Outpouring is This ; all of this,
what is known as manifestation, the created universe, phenomena.
This ultimate Truth at the end of human wisdom is not something far away, not something ‘beyond’ in the sense of being something other.

“On no account make a distinction between the absolute and the sentient world. Whatever consciousness Is, so also are phenomena” - (Huang Po)

Consciousness, Presence, All That Is, is not static; it is the infinite field of pure potentiality, the possibility of everything; spilling over, pouring itself out in pure Being, the beingness of everything in pure Love, the Love which everything is.

Words fail; one must use words and then extrapolate from them, attempt to use them to transcend themselves. ‘Love’ is a word that stands for an idea, a concept, which in this context is inadequate to the extreme. In the culture by which these mind/bodies are conditioned, love is held up as the highest value. But we seldom examine what we mean by it. Like most of our thoughts and values, it is surrounded, protected by fuzzy thinking to avoid the clarity which leads to self-examination which can lead to awakening, to seeing through the mist of this world which has been pulled over our eyes to blind us to the Truth.

In fact, our ideas of love are much more tainted than we care to admit with concepts and feelings of involvement, special ness, ownership, exclusion, need, caring, guilt. We think of caring as something important, something of the heart. But caring is only involvement, anxiety, attachment to outcome. It is a misperception that we need to care about this illusory existence, this dream, or that things need to matter. This only generates worry, anxiety, confusions and feelings of separation and guilt. It does no good to the person we ‘care’ for, only perpetuates their own involvement in the dream. This is not Love. Our claim to love only limits ourselves and those we try to love.

Love is not a basis for involvement,
Love is neutrality: it is the true absence of judgments, censorships, desires, worry.
It is our True Nature, All That Is, Presence. It is a reminder that nothing matters. When there is awareness of being always the Presence of this Perfect, uninvolved, neutral Love, there is “the peace that passes all understanding”.

Meister Eckhart, the Christian mystic, said that “You may call God love, you may call God goodness; but the best name for God is compassion”.

Even the concept ‘compassion’ can carry meaning of pity, caring.
But the Buddhist tradition has used the word to mean uninvolved, unattached openness to the best for ‘all sentient forms’ without any thought of anything in return.
When there is no experience of separation, love ‘for another’ disappears along with hate ‘for another’. There can be only being-in-love, being inside love, the Beloved.
And when it is understood that All This unfolds as the perfect dream in Consciousness, the Outpouring of Sat Chit Ananda there is no need for anything to be other than it is.
Love then becomes something like the neutral holding of What Is, in Gratitude, in Compassion, in Presence.

The overwhelming sense is that ‘all this’ just is. What we see as the phenomenal manifestation and life as we know it, with all its ups and downs and pleasure and pain and beauty and craziness; the perfect unfolding of the dream of Consciousness, the constant Outpouring of the Brilliance which is Sat Chit Ananda, beauty_Love, Compassion, bliss: it all just is. In love.

You are not that mind/body just as I am not this mind/body. What Is (what You are) is Sat Chit Ananda, Consciousness, in whose dream appear these mind/bodies. When this is seen , there is awakening from identification as one of the mind/body, by the character in the dream. What happens to this mind/body in the dream cannot in any way alter or affect the dreamer, What I Am, Presence, All That Is.

It all just is. All there is, is for life, the dream, to continue to happen while it continues to happen, and for all there to be acceptance of what is, in an attitude of overwhelming, outpouring Gratitude. To be in Compassionate openness in the Sat Chit Ananda, to the Being-Compassion-Outpouring Bliss. To rave with Rumi and Hafiz and Eckart. To be in love, in the Beloved. There is nothing else. What else can there be?

David Carse. Perfect Brilliant Stillness.

This is what vodka looks like under super duper microsopic sightings. The tequilla is beautiful as is the margarita. Such variety in each blend. Everything looks beautiful at this level. Alive and vibrant, pulsing with colour and energy.
It truly is an amazing dream.