Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Moon Rise June

Walking the dogs on full moon night
nothing wrong
everything right
nowhere to go
no amends to make
nothing to fix
no need for improvement
moon doing her thing
this heart not missing a beat
in this ordinary moment
my Self did I meet.

Well we have been particularly active in the unschooling.
Sleeping later on the cold winter mornings, moving to the fireplace and eating steaming porridge slowly.
Articles are read of late from "After Armageddon" whilst the kids draw, paint, sculpt with whatever is in the immediate surrounds.

This continues for a few hours and those that are drawn to text books make their way to them and spend several hours "learning" - those that are not inclined either start throwing oranges at me - we throw two at a time and
see how many throws we can get in without dropping one. (What do they say about simple things pleasing simple minds) or simply move out into the village.

Our neighbour spent several hours weed eating his lawn with an incredibly noisy, industrial strength machine, which when finally switched off brought a stillness that was tangible. So Tao made a portable guinea grazer which he thought of hiring out as an environmentally friendly and delightful alternative to keeping your grass short.
He also re routed the grey water to a french drain with a banana plantation on top.
When I asked him how he feels about not going to university he says fine - I could not bring myself to study what is expected. I told him that there will be a certain class of people he will not be able to access without a degree and he looked at me with a huge question mark which twisted into a smile and said yeah, big deal.

On Sunday morning I closed the kitchen cupboards and told the kids there would be no food coming out of that room today and what could they do about it. Sage went out and with his bare hands caught a guinea fowl and prepared it for the pot. I swear he is a Koi San. Hunter supreme. He came to tell me with absolute awe what he found in this creature's belly: acorns, nettle, snail meat, and a few things I can't recall. He was so impressed with the variety of his diet and swore that this must be almost perfect food. Cian and Iona scavenged for some Moroak (wild indiginous spinach) and tulbaghia (wild garlic). Some tomatoes were found, a bit past their prime but cooked in a pot over the outside fire they blended in fine).

Read an article about choosing where you put your attention and although I did not choose anything it appears that it is going to a place of stillness as opposed to variety and strength.
I guess it could just be winter and the journey within, hibernation of the human spirit.

Having read many many books on Advaita and having an intellectual understanding that was prone to flipping and flopping, I was graced by a book called You are Nothing by Randall Friend, published by Non Duality press. (Can anyone whisper in my ear how to do links) - whereby for the first time it became why this me was an illusion. So clear, and unlike so many books which just add concepts to the picture, this one challenges them and upon that investigation - dissolves them.

As I am looking less at the world out there, I thought it would be nice to showcase the creativity coming out of this space by sharing some of the projects undertaken.
And thank you Nina for the inspiration.

Am heading off to the great city of gold for a few weeks to be with my daughter and grandchildren.
In the past it used to be regarded as a challenge, now it will be a grand adventure into the complete unknown.
Love to you all.
And then some more.

Iona' horse and blacksmith

Cian's still life of winter fruits

Banana grove french drain

Sage's incense holder made out of beeswax.

Tao's earth friendly weedeater.

Sage's sunbird

Sage harvested resin on full moon day.
He then took the thread from the banana stem.
He made a glue out of quince seed and water and rubbed it into the thread.
He then heated it over the fire.