Monday, April 27, 2009

Making God Laugh


It has been said that if you want to make God laugh, tell her your plans.

In my own life this has proved itself again and again. More often then not what I planned becomes something completely different. It is just the nature of life.

Looking at the situation today, the parents of Madeleine McCann, who were suspects in their daughters disappearance, are honororay guests on the Oprah show. Boxes of tissues are placed under the audience seats so determined is Oprah that they will be moved to tears as Kate bears her sorrow. What Oprah does not mention is that the only place these parents searched was on their laptops, and indeed the mother refused to answer the 48 questions put to her by the police. But hey, they are all people of the lie. And just because Oprah reckons Ekhart Tolle is the greatest, does not mean she is spirtually evolved, it just means she has found someone to give her shallow existence depth via a philosophy which is hard to refute.

And then of course the million and one flashpoints around the globe from the Somalia hero pirates to the newly elected president Jacob Zuma (I am optimistic). Added into that an eerily quiet sun with no activity and we have set the stage for some fist clenching. Of course Les and others have been talking for some time about a happening starting in April which will be catacylsmic. Obviously it could not be another "terrorist attack" even the sleeping sheeple are waking up to that ruse. Well what do we have- hey how about a flu outbreak.
And the mysterious suicides of the top ten microbiologists in the States within the past few years.
In the past few days eighty people have died in Mexico and people are being popped into quarantine all over the world.

Google bless their compassion, are making possible maps following the trail of this deadly virus.
So now let us say, that all of those people that have been making waves for the neocons are all known to Google - due to their searching and posting. This information becomes handy in setting them up as having the flu and incarcerating them in special facilities. And because you have once again upped the planet's fear levels thanks to Murdochs baby, the general population will not even utter a word when their human rights are violated. As long as they will be safe. It will be each man for himself.

And I think the plan that these people in charge have is very large, and basically fool proof.
Except for one thing, they did not take into account the need for God's laughter.
I dreamt last night that I was in a nightmare situation where I was swimming in a river of human limbs and everywhere there was screaming. At first I was struggling to get away from it, when suddenly laughter started in me which I could not stop and all these isolated limbs attached themselves to their respective bodies again and they in turn started laughing. And the laughter grew and grew in volume and depth, and where it had been murky, it became a brilliant light. And where there was horror there was this sheer, absolute joy.

We know that terrible things are happening, and yet we must resist despair or fear.
We must laugh
we must laugh........
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

A day of nothing

The family awoke in a very insular space.
It appeared as if the internal world had completely dissipated.
For me there was absolutely nothing beyond the confines of the property.
No politicians, no world crisis, just a very ordinary day with not much with
which to play.
We sort of met in the kitchen in a case of absence of intention.

Until someone found the paintbrushes and paints.
The condition was everyone had to share the paper.....

A few months ago, I stepped away from the hearth for a few days and returned home to four hens and a rooster.
Since then the numbers have increased somewhat.
14 adolescents and in the last four days 32 babes have hatched.

So of course all one needs to do once our inner artists had been satisfied was to step into the garden for some full on entertainment.

And still on this incredibly deep and profound day which captivates the clan so aptly we then have me spending the rest of the day on the couch under the vines (my office) nurturing an abandoned chic.

And allow me to introduce you to a creature who has been rumoured to be Obama's replacement - meet Baldrick. He just refuses to believe he is a fowl and when he sees a human flies up into their arms.

And for those calling for photos of me with buckets of manure on my head - well I don't know quite how to maneuver self portraits whilst carrying shit but here goes the results of the shit carrying. There should have been a before and after, before it was all red clay with zero ability to retain water.

And finally as a gift to you, members of the tribe - I gift you with this green.