maybe, must maybe, Libya can prevail.

Well, we were told Tripoli had fallen that Muammar Gadaffi was slinking away in the sewers and this heart froze.

No, no came the scream from the entire being.
If this madness is not brought to an end now - then it will never cease.
The insanity of corporate takeovers becomes nation take overs.
And now it is not the photocopiers that are split up between different sections, it is real limbs, it is real families, it is the total future.  And yet funnily enough it always plays out on the stock exchange.  If we note,  the American market has not plummeted to the bottom of the ocean where it belongs.

Many years ago I had a dream of being in the desert and coming upon an encampment and meeting this man. In the dream there was no conflict and he was in a rush to another area, yet I was taken by his empathy, his presence and his humour.  Why this dream arose I have no idea, but I have always looked upon him with the utmost respect.

And yet, what does one do in the face of this onslaught.
Which is total.
But which does show that this man has a lot of support to have survived what he has survived.
My prayer is that he continues to not only survive but to overcome and in turn become the conqueror.

Several things arise:

Every half an hour a candle is lit.
At the end of the day there are candles burning throughout the house.
Each one has the intention for the mammalian energy to win this war.
The energy that speaks of equality, of honouring the people in your land, of having a faith, of living with integrity and not deliberately harming others of understanding the intelligence of community.
On the other side of this is the reptilian energy which is solo - actions which are taken for the benefit of one and never more than self.
Thousands of black Libyans are currently being rounded up by the sponsored killers.
Muammar is speaking of not hiding like women but destroying it all.
Because why the hell should they leave anything for the invading forces to benefit from.
Maybe, just maybe this determination might just be  the one which event in space and time which  unhinges the axis that this warmongering has benefited from of late.
And some forces feed on the blood bled  and yet other forces celebrate each act of truly tribal organisation and dynamics and the harmony that arises from that.

It has occurred to me that we are not powerless individuals anchored in the waters of chaos and horror.  That we have the ability and the majesty to create what we desire.  Not for our individual selves, like the car and the home and the picket fence and such, but those desires that are for the greater good of all.
It is a standard meditation to breathe in the white light and release all the darkness from within oneself.
I feel it would be appropriate if we all breathe in all the horror happening in Libya right now, bring it into our own beings,  meet it there with full awareness and presence,  and release back to Libya the purest light and joy.  The absolute best intention.  A faith in divine intelligence prevailing and winning.

I don't know what else to do.
Please join me in these simple steps in taking care of our fellow cells in this vast body of humanity.
Let the light shine in this darkness.


bholanath said…
Thank you.
Beautiful and powerful.
Am doing similar pujas.
Burnie said…
Stopped to say hello. Amidst the shiite there is humanity in which you dwell.
I hope all is well with you and yours.
Anon said…
Libya is certainly in a mess. Karma?

- Aangirfan
neil said…
libya I hear you
I feel crushed and in dismay
I try to wish the world a better place
for all the people to stay
the mind of the tyrants
seems lost,it is profound
I thought all men had a sence of dignity
but some refuse to be found
why they even do it
their's nothing more they could want
most of the world is in dire poverty
not of their own fault
the wicked system that pursues this
for centurys tyrants have lived afraid
a sort of schitzaphreanic death cult
turning men to slaves


thanks su deep powerfull stuff,
I wish my poem was more healing like yours but I suppose that is how I am feeling at the moment,sort of semi-attack mode stressed,i will try and do a healing one tommorrow as that is what libya needs definately more than anything....

love and high respects to you su...neil
su said…
to bholanath, Burnie, Aangirfan and Neil,
Thank you for stopping by and reading these ineffectual rantings.
Peace and love to all.
Timster said…
Nice piece..kudos!

chickory said…
just an endless death spiral from one location to the next. Ive been reading on chris floyds blog . sending you love, su.
Burnie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Burnie said…
I have come to the same conclusions.

Your writings are hardly ineffectual. They touch us all.

What stars do you see in the southern
sky. Look to them I look to mine.

We are gifted by our life, although I curse it so.
The truth be known is we are blessed, our pain gives birth to inner light radiating out to bright the dark.

A candle is burning heating sweet incense.

Good fortune to you and yours
su said…

Same moon, same sun, different stars at different times.

I too am burning some healing fragrance, the smoke curling up in the most luxuriant dance before dissipating.

this life a blessing when mind is absent a curse when mind reigns

love to you and yours as well.
with gratitude.
su said…

You sum it up - where is the Arab unity.
Is the tie to Allah not greater than the tie to the imperialist nations?
At the moment where there could be unification there is separation.

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