This particlular expression

Last night in the sleeping dream I was walking along a tree lined road.
Magnificent old oaks in full summer splendor.
As I was about to pass a tree and a low branch I became aware of a cobra
on one of the branches.
The situation was as such - if I moved either forward or backwards I was going to
be in striking range of this creature.
So I stood perfectly still.
This elderly African priest (from my childhood) drew alongside me.
I did not warn him about the snake.
He greeted me with all the love in his heart and walked forwards only
to be struck by the Cobra.
I awoke horrified at my actions.
I went to sleep and in the course of the night I dreamt the exact same dream and
awoke with the same feeling of disbelief.

And this is the view to which I awaken to the waking dream.


The power which has been off for a day due to being in arrears on the rates and taxes is resolved after signing a pledge to make up the lack in my blood.
But it is rather anemic today so hopefully the signature will fade into nothing.
Like a chicken who suddenly has food I rush around the web consuming thoughts, ideas, despair and of course love. Each has a part. I am drawn to an article about the most spoilt girl in the UK at the age of 12. Won't even go into but should you want to purge your last few meals google it.
And then downloading photos I found this picture of Iona's 8th birthday.
As it was in the holidays only 3 of her friends were around.
She had a cut on her foot (rusty metal - no tetanus) and so the party food
had to be relatively body friendly.
But these kids have such a blast - savoring the juice, the crisps, the carrot cake and then there was no games laid on or entertainment, they simply took themselves off to the dam and explored - just like every other day.
But today more special because it was Iona's day.
It made me realise again how totally unspoilt they all are.
I sometimes wish I could be more generous with 'stuff' but on this particular day I welcomed the lifestyle and its simple pleasures and lack of consumerism.

And with this gratitude for the lifestyle, I took the dogs up through the nature reserve. As soon as we step out the door, I am witness to their total ecstasy as they leap upon each other, talking, playing, pure energy and joy.
We walk upwards towards the dam. Although it is still winter here, the sap is rising and buds are forming. But as this is fynbos land, the natural growth is having an early spring. The colours contrast - never clashing, always complimenting each other.
By the time I am halfway to the top, my heart is pounding and my face is flushed.
Total aliveness is present.
I look around to see if Nina is roaming out there as well today.
And this is the village I call home. Probably the equivalent of 12 city blocks.
No movies, no ATM's, no bowling alleys - nothing, nada - and yet see its beauty, feel its stillness.

And just before we got to the top of the dam I hear someone calling me.
Being a grumpy anti social bitch most of the time I did my best to ignore it.
Just not in the mood for chit chat.
And yet this voice was persistent and caught up to me.
As I saw who it was my gut lurched.
Oh fuck no not you was the inner dialogue.
And another thought was saying come on Su it is not going to kill you to
be open and warm.
And at that moment it could have gone either way and by grace, openess won.
Not because of me being a nice person but simply because warmness arose.
We walked and spoke for a while and as the path was narrow at that point I was ahead.
And then we came to a huge boulder that needed to be scrambled over and I was very aware of a hole in my pants so I let him go ahead.
As he got to the top of the boulder he said Oh shit.
I climbed up and there was a cobra - who had just spat at him before I arrived.
And yet he was wearing thick glasses and the fluid ran down the lenses.
The snakes should still be hibernating.
We became very bonded in that moment, in the presence of such power.

Coming home to a bowl of steaming polenta and honey, I looked at the downloaded pictures and guess who came back to life.
George. In a slightly slow northern england dialect, he appeared and with him all the laughter that he ever evoked in me came bursting forth.
How could he ever be gone.

Sage and his imaginary pet falcon.
He feels if he talks falcon to it - why would it remain a chicken.

Ramana Maharshi receives a visit.
Snakes, snakes, snakes.

So apologies for this not being a political, social commentary but hey when I think of what Life had to do for this particular expression to have these particular experiencings, I figured I would like to honour that.

To Life in all its wisdom.


nina said…
Weeping here. Your fault. So beautiful. All of it.

I was going to mention Paper Bag Dramatics. You get bags, however many so each child gets one. Fill it with nonsense, old phone receiver, can opener, toothbrush, a magazine, anything your eyes fall upon that fits in the bag with several items in each, you'll get it all back later. After the cake part, hand out bags and announce that you and all the others are going to be an audience and the children, in pairs, are going to create their own plays and use whatever is in their bags as props in their drama. Everybody gets as long as they need, within reason and you know they will have something to perform within reason. Then you sit down and let 'em go.

... then I got to George and it all fell apart, my nose stuffed up and his sweetness broke over me and I got carried away in the Cycle. It all fit together so well with the electric bill payment plan and Cobra, the pain and the joys and colors. Thank you. Ahhh, George Everlasting and beloved little Falcon Chicken.
Happy Birthday to Iona Jade.
Anonymous said…
I thought back to that picture you posted a ways back where you were sunning against a boulder--one with it, and the sun, and a sense of resting in the warmth of all that is--now, here you are putting all that into words--not so much the stories themselves, but the peace and gentle stroke of your spirits pen--simply sweet--simply Su
You are a very special woman--I would say very special person, but that wouldn't do--

There is a line from a movie that Robert Redford was in--"Jeremiah Johnson"--he goes up into the mountains after he served in a war--to become a mountain man--he knows nothing about how to survive until he comes across a real mountain man who teaches him the ways of nature, and the mountains--he heads off on his own and years later comes across his teacher who says to him "you have come far pilgrim"

I wonder if the snake was sunning himself the same day you took the photo--just above you--

Best to the Tribe--

nina said…
Is Sage's Imaginary Falcon Baldrick?
su said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
su said…
Note to Self - look out for red lines under words.

Nina and Jj,
Thanks for sharing the experiencing.
As I wrote once on here long ago someone once said - "the nose becomes the rose to smell itself".
Nina - No Baldrick is a big mean rooster who has taken a few "ladies" to the field beyond this property.
He only comes to visit when he hears me taking the compost bucket to the heap. Bad attitude Baldrick as he is affectionately known.
No this one has as yet escaped the families naming system. Okay that has just ended the potential falcon has just been named anonymous in honour of Jj.
In the lounge on a high up bookshelf sits a box.
Yesterday I was cleaning the shelf and its content (being ruthlessly unsentimental about recycling to the fire) when something made me look in the box.
There, one of the kids karate belts was rolled up and in the middle were two eggs.
How this hen discovered and accessed this is just part of the truly astonishing aspect of this Life.
Anonymous said…
"God is a serpent and when he awakens it is by the process of moving up the spine. Then the cobra-hood grants that umbrella effect over the realized one and you’ve got the man himself in some permutation or another for the specific purpose of the time and circumstances in which he finds himself. You might think of the person as a unique flute and the working of God within the instrument produces the singular sounds that are the result of God in concert with the host medium".--
From Les's newest at Origami--Interesting timing don't you think!!

brian said…
Awesome Su, I love snakes. They are like mysterious escaped spines who don't know not having limbs is a horrifying handi and footicap.
su said…
That is weird.

The thing I love about snakes is that the only thing they seek is sunlight and warmth.
Anonymous said…
Ah, to soar with the chickens--I'm flattered--
At least I have potential!!!!!!!!!!

Pangolin said…
Yah, the local rattlers love to sun themselves next to the trails in the springtime and boots are a must. Learn to hike with a good stick so you can thump your approach and they can give way. I've sat on a log only to find I had company curled in a knothole more than once.

Teach the kids that they can treat cuts and scrapes with honey covered with a bandage. (after they've had their shots that is) It's the best wound treatment out there. Google it yourself. Mosquito bites respond well to hot chile sauce also; no scratching.

Sweet writing that. Small god says the world is leaking into the dreamtime and to turn it down.
brian said…
You probably heard the story of that greek philosopher who was renowned for radically simplifying his life by ditching anything he did not need? So one day he is hanging out in the plaza and a shadow falls over him and he looks up and it is the emperor. The emperor sez "hey. I admire your lifestyle, man! Ask me for anything you want and it's yours." The philosopher looks up and Sez, "Don't stand between me and the Sun."
su said…
Yes honey is a god send. Especially with burns.
But in this house when there is some - ooops its all gone.
No way would it get put anywhere other than straight on the tongue.
So I get around it by using bee balm.
Same properties, different taste and texture.

We don't get Rattlers here but we get this serpent called a puffadder. Funnily enough he also signals his presence through sound but not a rattle a puffing noise.
He is an extremely lazy snake (please note my gender use here) and is most reluctant to get out of the pathways despite advance noise. However he will only strike if you step on him.
You can get a few inches away from him and its okay but step on him and it is bye bye.

Chile sauce on mosquito bites - thanks for that. This is the kingdom of mosquitoes. They all start of here and mostly love it so much that only a few leave and move to the rest of the planet.
Going to plant chillies now.
su said…
I can understand that sentiment.
The winter finds me in constant prayer and supplication to this ball of heat and light.
chickory said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
chickory said…
is that a baby barred rock you are holding? little dinosaurs.

the billowy sunlit view you woke up to is a treasure.

your writing is so lyrical and fluid. i love the progressions. and how it circles around from beginning to end. just like the snake feasting on its self. like all eternal things. thanks so much for writing it.
nina said…
Chickory, you expressed Su's writing perfectly, circling from beginning to end. I'd been thinking the same.
su said…
Chicory and Nina,
Blush, blush, gasp.
Pleasure arises.

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