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The Non Dual Nature of Reality

 . The Non Dual Nature of Reality. By Untangle Your Mind   Have you noticed that if you think of any two opposites this is always a common dimension underlying both of them.  For example if you think of near and far, that underlying dimension is space.  If you think of hot and cold then there is temperature.  If you think of sadness and happiness they are also on a spectrum.  You may be feeling sad but if you feel less sad and lesser and lesser you end up being happy and vice versa if you are less happy and less happy eventually you end up being sad or depressed.  So the price of joy is the vulnerability of grief, you can’t have one without the other.    But the mind is built on these beliefs in dualities and opposites which it holds onto very strongly.  Some of them are just immovable like the duality of life and death, existence and inexistence.  Something and nothing.  These opposites seem like they have no common dimension but this is not true.  In the deepest insights com

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