Making God Laugh


It has been said that if you want to make God laugh, tell her your plans.

In my own life this has proved itself again and again. More often then not what I planned becomes something completely different. It is just the nature of life.

Looking at the situation today, the parents of Madeleine McCann, who were suspects in their daughters disappearance, are honororay guests on the Oprah show. Boxes of tissues are placed under the audience seats so determined is Oprah that they will be moved to tears as Kate bears her sorrow. What Oprah does not mention is that the only place these parents searched was on their laptops, and indeed the mother refused to answer the 48 questions put to her by the police. But hey, they are all people of the lie. And just because Oprah reckons Ekhart Tolle is the greatest, does not mean she is spirtually evolved, it just means she has found someone to give her shallow existence depth via a philosophy which is hard to refute.

And then of course the million and one flashpoints around the globe from the Somalia hero pirates to the newly elected president Jacob Zuma (I am optimistic). Added into that an eerily quiet sun with no activity and we have set the stage for some fist clenching. Of course Les and others have been talking for some time about a happening starting in April which will be catacylsmic. Obviously it could not be another "terrorist attack" even the sleeping sheeple are waking up to that ruse. Well what do we have- hey how about a flu outbreak.
And the mysterious suicides of the top ten microbiologists in the States within the past few years.
In the past few days eighty people have died in Mexico and people are being popped into quarantine all over the world.

Google bless their compassion, are making possible maps following the trail of this deadly virus.
So now let us say, that all of those people that have been making waves for the neocons are all known to Google - due to their searching and posting. This information becomes handy in setting them up as having the flu and incarcerating them in special facilities. And because you have once again upped the planet's fear levels thanks to Murdochs baby, the general population will not even utter a word when their human rights are violated. As long as they will be safe. It will be each man for himself.

And I think the plan that these people in charge have is very large, and basically fool proof.
Except for one thing, they did not take into account the need for God's laughter.
I dreamt last night that I was in a nightmare situation where I was swimming in a river of human limbs and everywhere there was screaming. At first I was struggling to get away from it, when suddenly laughter started in me which I could not stop and all these isolated limbs attached themselves to their respective bodies again and they in turn started laughing. And the laughter grew and grew in volume and depth, and where it had been murky, it became a brilliant light. And where there was horror there was this sheer, absolute joy.

We know that terrible things are happening, and yet we must resist despair or fear.
We must laugh
we must laugh........
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nobody said…
You're wondering at this flu thing too? You're not the only one...

It would make a lot of sense wouldn't it?

Otherwise, this virus is nutty. A combination of human, avian, and swine virus. No one wonders how this came about. What's the likelihood of this occurring outside a lab? I'll concede that it's possible but between its natural occurrence and its manufacture in a lab where would the odds lay?

Besides, cui bono actually begs the question. It assumes that someone does benefit. And this is a hurdle when talking to people. There's an assumption that no one could benefit from a pandemic. But they can and do, sure enough.

What a cynical lens I have on my camera...
su said…
Apparently on S.A. tv news last they were stating that there is a flu vaccine available. Ha ha ha. Once again the pharmas stand to make bucks.
And nobody have you noticed no matter how hard you might try and remove the lens from your camera, it is just not going to budge.
Anonymous said…
It's a game show with a canned laugh track inserted---until we kill our metaphorical TV and let nature and all that is guide---If I had spent the last 10 years in a cave--living off of nature--how much happier I would be--
But, I'm here with all my stuff peering out the front window, wondering what pandemic or shadow is lurking---think I'll block off the driveway--let the growth just rise up in defiance--maybe they'll just drive on past--maybe not--
This may be just a test to see how many people line up and roll up their sleeves--would be more appropriate if the shot was given in the brain, or butt.

nina said…
They do make a lot of noise. If they weren't always disturbing the peace no one would pay them much attention at all.
psychegram said…
The more elaborate the plan, the more opportunities there are for something to go wrong ... the more the odds that one of the conspirators will fuck up and give the game away ... the more chances there are for some sharp-eyed non-participant to through a wooden shoe, the original sabot, into the satanic mills (and let's not forget those hero lab techs who alerted us all to the live virus in Baxter's vaccine....)

Perhaps this whole global conspiracy is just a hyperdimensional Rube Goldberg machine, set up over aeons by deluded satanists who knew not that they were acting as God's Fools, under the impression they were working towards their own domination but in the end, serving only in a Holy Practical Joke.
Anonymous said…
Maybe it was that 25 million doses were about to expire--The ultimate blue light special--and most people didn't fall for it--more and more can smell the bullshit in the air--most can't quite put their finger on it....but they know.....I see this as a test balloon to see how many people they could panic into doing something--I don't think it worked--The sad part is, now they have to ramp up the hype with something truly nasty--

Oh well, I wasn't doing much today anyways---lol

So nice to see my friends sharing thoughts and ideas again--I hate the lulls, but probably need them as much as anyone--

Mr. Jj
nobody said…
Hey Jj, you might have nailed it. That and the fact that more fear is better than less fear. There's also the idea (was it on Alex Jones?) that it's a test run for a genetic weapon. This on account of only Mexicans having died from it so far. I don't think that Mexicans are any specific target but it's possible that it was some DNA strand specific to Mexicans that got isolated first and why not test it to see if the whole thing works in principle? It's possible.

But that doesn't really explain the hype does it? Otherwise my favourite non-hype statistic I found recently is that in any given flu season the US will have over 30,000 people die from it. Sure enough, not a single soul in the media is interested in comparing this so-called swine flu to normal flu. God forbid!
Anonymous said…
I am beginning to wonder if nature it's very self is counteracting what they are throwing about---
Remember--you don't fu** with mother nature---or women in general--- :)

Jj Galt
su said…
Yes, expired flu doses, the state of entropy and not messing with mother nature.
The WHO putting out warning about this pandemic and it falls flat.
My whole life is chaotic, as much as I try to instill order it is very short lived. There is always a temporary satisfaction when the chaos appears to have been vanquished but how quickly it raises its head.
I really do think the game is changing.
For the better - if you can ride the chaos that is.

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