A day of nothing

The family awoke in a very insular space.
It appeared as if the internal world had completely dissipated.
For me there was absolutely nothing beyond the confines of the property.
No politicians, no world crisis, just a very ordinary day with not much with
which to play.
We sort of met in the kitchen in a case of absence of intention.

Until someone found the paintbrushes and paints.
The condition was everyone had to share the paper.....

A few months ago, I stepped away from the hearth for a few days and returned home to four hens and a rooster.
Since then the numbers have increased somewhat.
14 adolescents and in the last four days 32 babes have hatched.

So of course all one needs to do once our inner artists had been satisfied was to step into the garden for some full on entertainment.

And still on this incredibly deep and profound day which captivates the clan so aptly we then have me spending the rest of the day on the couch under the vines (my office) nurturing an abandoned chic.

And allow me to introduce you to a creature who has been rumoured to be Obama's replacement - meet Baldrick. He just refuses to believe he is a fowl and when he sees a human flies up into their arms.

And for those calling for photos of me with buckets of manure on my head - well I don't know quite how to maneuver self portraits whilst carrying shit but here goes the results of the shit carrying. There should have been a before and after, before it was all red clay with zero ability to retain water.

And finally as a gift to you, members of the tribe - I gift you with this green.


nina said…
Laughing in absolute glee here...

Fabulous, every word, every stroke of the brushes, every creature great and small.

Thank you.

verification: inedeb (in your debt)
nina said…
I am going to guess, in order of appearance of paintings: Cian, Iona Jade and Sage? I don't have a favorite in these works, they all speak to me. I might have to lift them. Please forgive.

Sending caresses to Baldrick also.
john said…
cheers susana

It's good to see the earth doing so well there. Is that last photo of a banana plant?
susana said…
In order: Sage, Iona Jade and Tao.
Cian was helping on all three in between making rusks. Lift them with pleasure.

It is to all intents a banana plant.
When I say that I mean it is one but it never gets to bearing bananas. Reason being they don't like wind, and hey we live in the Western Cape. Around the corner, for the first time I have planted a cluster of them that will have wall protection. Hope it works.
nina said…
They shock and please at the same time, you'd beter start filling out the forms now, I see Royal College of Art in the future...

I didn't realize there was a Tao. Ahhhh, I should have.
nobody said…
Your baby thinks it's a human? Ha ha ha. Shades of the baby lorikeet I rescued and nursed called 'sooky'. Mind you I foolishly took him to the vets at Taronga zoo and they took him off me. Swine! Something to do with some disease apparently. Mind you, the logic was arse about. If he'd had the disease they'd only euthanased him, and if he didn't have it then there's no problem. Bloody stupid. He wasn't diseased sure enough.

Anyway, after he'd spent a week nestling in my shirt and climbing in my hair, having them take him left me broken hearted for days.
Anonymous said…
My baby died in the night.
Twas only meant to be a fluffy, noisy thing for a few nights.
su said…
I don't quite know how I became anonymous above, but sure enough I did.
Anonymous said…
Su, you will never be anonymous--
enjoyed the purity of the moment described--sweet--

nobody said…
Hey Su, just out of curiosity, what kind of bananas are they?
psychegram said…
Late to the party but it's been a few days and they've been full ones ... and it sounds like I wasn't the only one to be having a profound experience on Sunday. I wonder ... perhaps I was too hasty on that matter in Seattle?

I can't get over how amazingly those pictures turned out ... utilizing the full creative potential of everyone in the family is a powerful technique ... and what a fantastic way to bond. I wish my family could be as open with another ... you're truly blessed, Su.

And my condolences for the baby. His life was short but at least it contained its lot of the sweet.
Anonymous said…
Hi Su,
gather the tribe, click up the internet, head over to kevinjohns and look at the video he posted--
choreographed magic--
just for fun!!

Anonymous said…
Jim calling Su
Jim calling Su-----------
Just checking in :)

verification word "distrac"
Susana said…
I think i have lost my mind.
Can't seem to find it anywhere.
Anonymous said…
When you think about it, that's a good thing--let your spirit take over--stop looking--you may find it :)
No mushroom clouds on the horizon...so you haven't missed anything.

Jim (Jj)

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