The road to divine grace leads to Arunachala. To get divine grace, seek Arunachala.

The Arunachala hill is so charged with spiritual energy that spiritual benefits get magnified manifold here. Spiritual activities conducted in Arunachala are thousand times more efficacious when compared to other places.

Arunachala is constantly buzzing with millions and millions of Siddhas in their subtle form. These Siddhas bestow countless spiritual blessings on the devotees engaged in spiritual pursuits in Arunachala. Hence the importance of visiting Arunachala and engaging oneself in spiritual activities there. Whether it be charitable works, service to the poor and the needy, meditation on the divine name or singing the divine name, do it in Arunachala and you'll reap untold spiritual benefits which will contribute to your rapid advancement on the spiritual path.

So we celebrate your birth twenty one years ago. 
And may the celebration be worthy of the being you are.
But let us remember that you are an ancient being, you have never not existed.   this body is twenty one years old but who you are is timeless eternity itself.  Who you are is infinite, eternal and unchanging.  Who you are is every peaceful, ever harmonious and ever present.  You are all knowing, all powerful and truly divine.
And in God dancing as Iona let us celebrate every minute of this manifestation never forgetting for an instant that you are All there is.

So the story arises that twenty two years ago I went to India after nearly dying .... 
I went to Arunachala after three glorious weeks in Mumbai.   I went there primarily because it is Ramana's ashram, and your father and I had been reading his teachings for years.  At first I wondered why I had left Mumbai where I was literally having the time of my life to venture down South ....
And a few months later I realized it was for you.  I used to think I called you from there but in retrospect I realize you were preparing me for your arrival in human form.  And the significance of you being present there is something I hope you realize.  Indeed so powerful was the force of Arunachala that when you were three years old we changed the name of our home from Ou Pastorie to your pre birth abode....

But let me share the few images that remain in my possession.  Quite a miracle that any remain.
Not in age order, just as they appear.

My life as Susan began with these two:

And your life began with these two:

And then you were Here......



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