Teach your children well

Iona drew this - she is the angel and I am the small child.

Alice meets up with the caterpillar and asks him which way she should go, he says well where do you want to be and she replied that she did not really know to which he responded in that typical fashion of someone with many many legs, that it did not matter which way she went in that case.

I have been in the salt mines of late.
I am blessed with this amazing girl child who is the most spontaneous, alive, zestful, playful being imaginable.
Once she went through a phase that lasted a few weeks where she developed a story about death. She started really experiencing pain. I mentioned to her that her pain body was taking control and explained what was happening. She understood immediately and now kicks it out before it kicks in.

So here we have radiance and here we have her mother.
Her mother who perhaps spends too much time in front of this flat screen with changing words and images.
And from these words and images, a world is created and it is a world that totally evokes the pain body into action.
And not only that but it sort of flushes this mother with a vague sense of superiority that she is aware of things that her friends in the pub on Friday night are not.
She is also unbelievably cynical and because the emotional roller coaster of keeping up with “the world” and it’s happenings are exhausting she tends to avoid taking up Iona’s offer to pick up pecan nuts, or to build a hide out.
When this mother does (by pure grace, not by intention) find herself being together and baking or such, it is such joy that the question arises, why don’t I do this more often?

And yet the magnet switches on and I am sucked into this sphere which I consider to be as real as this table, but switch it off and it does not exist, remove a cable and that whole world disappears. So how real can it be? And how is my presence here benefiting anything. I mock the Fox viewers for their blind adoration and following, I just happen to have the same blind following to the alternative source of news.
Does that make me a better human being?
I don’t think so.
Last week, or should I say when the moon was full and sleep evaded me I headed down to the lounge to stir the fire back into life. I found some pictures Iona had been drawing and then some writing that she had done. A seven year old wrote this, (translation to follow):
sum peepil say that the woild will cum to u end. Wee ar bee coming cleveru bi maykin things bit wee ont uwar ubaout the plooshin for the woild when makin thins. And wee shod start wokin together lyk bees and the umerocins ur beeg priks. To hulp the woild hyuris ulitil sayn I madup. Work togeeth for ur world s

Some people say that the world will come to an end. We are becoming cleverer by making things but we don’t worry about the pollution for the world when making things. And we should start working together like bees and the Americans are big pricks. To help the world here is a saying I made up: “Work together for your world’s health”.

Okay so I follow the Waldorf principal and we don’t take spelling seriously at this stage. But what did surprise me was this child wrote this piece on her own initiative and what concepts had I placed in her realm.
I made the older kids watch zeitgeist and write essays on it. . I also read to them a blog that Nina mentioned “After Armageddon” and they had to write essays about what they had seen and read and she obviously picked up on it.

And then it occurred to me that I had, through these actions led them to hold the belief that not only were the Americans arseholes but that they were also separate from the rest of the world and were single handedly destroying it.
As I mentioned earlier remove the power from the computer and it ceases to be a source of information.
Remove the concept of evil American and it ceases to be anything but a geographical phenomena rising from the ocean of untold beauty and potentiality.
Some of the most beautiful, expansive people I know are Americans.

Here I am teaching my children, polarity, division, separation, superiority, inferiority and fear. And as hard as I tried to compact this into my pipe I could not get it to ignite. It could just not sit with me. I mean obviously it was not a mistake, nothing is. Everything that happens happens because it is meant to happen. It could look like a travesty, a crime, whatever, but it happens because it is the play of life. Arising from emptiness and dissolving into the same.

Tomorrow I can assure you I will loose this pink fluffy acceptance I will say fuck that it’s bullshit, it is a travesty etc. etc.

So not judging the situation but at the same time mind tries to find an alternative.
How about I give up trying to teach the kids “about the world”. How would it be if I left them to directly experience whatever arises without trying to fit into my view of life. My tainted lens.
Would it be possible? Is it their destiny? Who knows.

What has happened is that I have rediscovered the joys of picking up and discovering the pecan nuts as they nestle under the fallen autumn leaves.
I have discovered the joy of putting mattresses on the lawn in the gentle winter sun and watching the clouds change character and dimension with the varying temperatures of the day.
Watching the leaves dance their way to their deaths. Noticing how some will stay alight for just that much longer.
Listening to the birds and their ever present calls to each other.
Planting broccoli, parsnips, potatoes, coriander and lettuce (blessed winter climate that one can still grow).
Tickle the kids backs.
Make up stories.
Discover how to make apple crumble with quinces.
How to make cashew nut milk.
How to ride my bicycle with no hands.
Teaching the kids to drive.
Drawing with Iona. Explaining to her that everything is perfect. That every person is completely whole and divine. That nothing needs to change.
And in this space it is so completely true….

Until I come back to this Pandora’s box.
And even that is perfect.
You can’t get away from the fact that everything is exactly as it should be.
How beautiful is that.


Anonymous said…
You need to round out the children's vocabulary and let them know that the Americans spell the word "asshole"--
Also, it's not that Americans ARE big pricks, it is that American men "HAVE" big pricks--they are also, BIG LIARS--much to the chagrin of the female Americans--who already know what we are going to say before it even forms a thought in our Neanderthal pecan sized brains----
It sounds to me like you may be teaching them how to learn, and along with that comes the "what" to learn. Through osmosis, not books, they will learn--
They will learn from you about passion, focus, truth, love, awareness, and perhaps Su, honesty which is one of your most admirable qualities--to a fault, but not your fault--as you say, how could it be any different than it is.

As I passed by your house today, I hope I brought you a smile in my smart-assed (or smart-arsed) way.

As we waved to each other across the timeless meadow, a while from now, I saw a young woman by the name of Iona standing behind you, but close by, waving as well--I won't say just like her mother yet a woman of beauty in all respects.

nobody said…
What a brilliant picture. I don't know that it's as good as my famous 'giraffe having a wee wee' (that had all the critics raving), but it's right up there.

Actually it is better than my giraffe thing...

Otherwise, mate, I know what you mean. I'm about to lose my internet connection (I'll explain over at my place) but I'm half wondering if that isn't a good thing.

I know that the phrase 'count your blessings' is tiresome, usually uttered by dickheads, but I have no kids nor anywhere to plant anything. But I have other things so it's not so bad.

Anyway the horror is endless. But so is the beauty.

nina said…
Iona Jade is already in the big leagues. She doesn't have to "make it", she already has.
Whatever it is that might be classically or legally defined "a parent's job" is another avenue of nonsense with commercials. Unveil it by living it and you get the same as you would conceived by the marketing wing for any other manufactured products, perhaps appliances or toothpaste.
Iona's work tells us we are all born with gifts. But not all are born into your SuSu-style childare and that's a pity.
Oh not for mine, she's like Iona that way. But I long noticed the problem and was ostracized for our freedoms. But for our girls themselves, it works the other way. They are free and at home wherever they are in whatever they do and go on to inspire others in ways we did not have the opportunity to do.
I love the angel drawn transparent and the child opaque. She's got so many levels of enlightenment going on there, but it is still you who is solid/sturdy.
You know my meditations are with you all and George at this time. He's not gone, just transforming, I'd talk to him if I'd been his Mummie.
Love, nina
nobody said…
Hey Su,

Would you, or more specifically your daughter, mind if I used her pic at the haiku blog? I was going to go with a Weegee photo this week but I love this drawing. God knows what people will write. Drop us a line at over there. Thanks.
su said…
Love the way you glide into my love and evoke colour and joy.
Yes the honesty is something I wish was not mine - I would rather be ....I don't know. There are so many areas in my life where I could just ride a situation but honesty demands to let that aspect that I believe is true be heard. It can be alienating.
Thanks for the smile, am wearing it on my sleeve.

Nobody, okay so where do I get to see the Giraffe pissing, because Iona also did one of a giraffe with a a waterfall cascading to the ground. Perhaps we could put them side by side, the dual giraffes. Oh and of course her picture. She would be delighted.

Nina beloved,
The kids dug a deeper hole than usual. Too often have the dogs dug up our beloved dead rodents. This hole was under the buddlia which in spring has the most heavenly scent. George used to spend a lot of time snuffling around there. They wrapped his body up in orange and red ribbons (God knows where they came from) and Sage fashioned a tombstone from a piece of river rock and on it he carved God.
Scattered some namaqualand daisy seeds around the area and thanked him for being such a powerful presence in our lives. This tiny body had this magnificent soul. He truly was a teacher.
And our daughters do have that freedom to be at home wherever they are. How blessed is that.
I did not even notice the opaque and translucent. The artists eye.

P.S. My computer screen has just switched to almost pure pink and as a result I cannot see the red underline for spelling errors. hee hee.
I am not going to replace it until it blows completely.
nina said…
A perfect bon voyage, I'm sure you will meet again.
Godspeed George. You were fortunate in your time here. You left some beautiful Karma.
Anonymous said…
Why do I have this picture in my head of George in a Viking Helmet, in a George-sized longboat, standing at the bowsprit, heading off toward Valhalla--He looks magnificent in his finery--clear eyed, confident, and not looking back for he knows where he has been, and where he is going--maybe this means something personal to you?

su said…
Interesting image.
Two nights before he died I dreamt that he died.
I was at a music concert (I have never to be one) and it was in the most amazing setting. I looked at the band through a new camera lens and right behind them was this precipice leading down into the most amazing gorge. Depth unequaled.
No-one else saw it - to them it was just a band playing in a meadow.
When I looked closer at the lens I discovered it was George, I don't know how I knew it was him because he was unrecognizable as such. But I knew it was him and later I found his body but it was obvious George was no longer there.
In the morning I told the kids with absolute certainty that he was dead and they came into the kitchen carrying him, speaking on his behalf in a cockney accent (he had a full persona) and told me my psychic powers stank.
Yes this tiny being that would be classified as an animal, in some way altered my perception.
Anonymous said…
One of those times when we are in a huge group of people or walking through a store--and it's like we are not there and neither are they but they are like cartoon characters in shadow figures passing through the mist-or maybe we are-maybe the best way to describe it is a misty dream sequence but it is more "real" than what is considered the norm--passing blurs on the highway--the disconnect is all around us yet more of a connectedness with that which is not seen but rather experienced on a level that can't be described?
Hope that makes sense to you in some way--I think it will--maybe Nina can put it into better words--I think we are all experiencing this more and more as if we have entered a portal of spirit that is allowing us to be in it more and more--an acclimation of sorts---within the within. It's probably 90% of the time for me now--I can still function in the now as far as what I need to do but there is no "reality" to it--still kinda foggy though--but maybe it's just part of a process--I don't question it--I just walk with it--

su said…
Unfortunately reality still has its firm grasp on me.
Illusory as she is.
The most obvious change to me at the moment is the dis identification from
Some amazing thought will come up and some sentry just goes umm yes - and the thought gets chopped.
And sometimes when the thought manages to break through there is just a smoothness, find myself emerging from a thinking session unaffected as per usual.
At the moment I have 15 people in the garden awaiting food.
I have so often had dreams about feeding the masses.
Well here they are : and I still don't quite know what I am doing.
In one pot I have lamb, parsnips, bouquet garnet, spinach and carrots simmering slowly.
In the baking tray I have sweet potatoes, butternut and pear roasting in a balsamic, olive oil, honey, mustard and my mistake a glass of Shiraz.
And on the stove top is some cauliflower and broccoli just softening to make a cheesy kind of thing.
Have no idea how to bring it all together but best I go and attend to it.
Will report later.
Anonymous said…
From Belgium,

Su, I have just discovered your wonderful site via Nobody and passed the address on to some of my other blogging cohorts. That apart, there were two messages which came out of your latest piece; you expressed exactly the relationship I have with my computer and secondly I agree with your reasoning that firstly and most importantly you should teach your children how to think and the rest will fall into place later.

Since I am new here, I would like to briefly say something about the pig flu article a couple of posts ago? Firstly, all those people who rolled their sleeves up for ‘the shot’ received Tamiflu which was supposedly to counteract avian flu and this latest mutation is swine flu which is not the same thing. That apart, William Engdahl has done a two part piece on the situation on the Global Research site which seems particularly well researched.

Part 1:

Part 2:
su said…
Anonymous from Belgium,
Please share your name, the Europeans have such beautiful names.

Thank you for visiting.
I responded to you in length yesterday but it vanished into the digital wasteland.

My addiction with this screen is mainly with a forum dealing with the disappearing of a child then three years old by the name of Madeleine McCann.
My family berate me and attempt to belittle me but I cannot absent myself from this forum and the brilliance and determination of posters determined to bring justice to this child.
I have tried the 12 step approach but it has up till now not worked.
What it does bring to light is this pernicious rot that underlies the entire fabric of civilization.

Am still going to look into your links at the moment when the kids are not breathing down my back.

To me this little anecdote sums the whole pharma/innoculation drive in a nutshell.
This impoverished woman in the village came to me one day with her daughter aged 11. This child was covered in impetigo which is a staph infection. She has been taking her child to the local clinic since she was born and was fastidious in obtaining all the necessary "medication" that was suggested.
This child has had the MMR vaccine 9 times. Every time they have a vaccine drive, they drive through the village announcing it and all the caring parents take their kids to be jabbed. No one at the clinic looks at the card and says you have already had this once you don't need it again, they just keep on shooting.
She has had polio 12 times and TB which does not work and which has led to the resistant strain so prevalent 7 times.
So I attempted to take it up with the clinic but hey African bureaucracy is not something you want to spend much energy on.
African culture a different thing - but it seems the corporations have hijacked our spirit and indeed our health.
Anyway, what a fucking diatribe, welcome and thank you for visiting.
Anonymous said…
As part of our wonderful day we had the chance to sit with some young folks for hours on Saturday night and talked about vaccines, wars, gardening, history, and so much else--we broke up at about 3am--a record for me in my advanced state of childhood--lol--
What amazed me was not that we were able to tell them--we had some older friends over as well 62 and 65-- but in their hunger for knowledge--just a beautiful time of sharing and laughter--our friend John(65)is a real history buff and he was so animated and alive that someone, especially late teens and early-mid twenties were listening to him and asking why they didn't learn this in school--they were kids (looks wise) that he probably would have gone back and checked to be sure his car was locked if they were in a parking lot together--I'm sure that they carried a new-found respect for older folks as well--the beauty was in the symmetry of sharing and learning--Phyllis (62) really blew their minds when she told them about a concert she attended back in the 60's when Steppenwolf was playing and the hells angels rode right into the theater---John, not a very lovey kind of guy even got hugs all the way around when they left--perhaps I noticed a little tearing up in his eye--how cool is that!!!!!!
Our older son (18) came in the door at about 1am with his girlfriend, took one look at our friend Jade (26) and yelled across the room "dude, I gotta get a hug" Jade was up off the chair before Nicholas had the whole sentence out-they had never met before--I knew there was an energy in the room, but I'm still smiling over that one--
Just wonderful!!!!

Anonymous said…
From Belgium,


My name is not very exotic I’m afraid. Although I have this From Belgium handle I am in fact a Brit born in Liverpool. I got married to a Belgian lady and for all sorts of reasons decided to settle here. My first name is Norman. From the Maddy McCann thing you know that all internet users are not as normal as we appear to be although you have my permission to ask Nobody for my e mail address and I will tell you the rest of it.

I believe that often the part is greater than the whole and in your particular case concentrating on Maddy McCann can bring to light parts of the bigger picture. I have to be a downer here and say that after this length of time I believe there is little hope of finding her again. I do expect that you have read Dave McGowan’s authoritative article on the Pedophocracy It is a mammoth five parter and you do need the time to come to terms with it. At the time Detroux was happening I was between England and Belgium but mainly in Belgium and I do remember the White March. I also remember the public outrage when judge Connorotte was dismissed from the case because he was introduced to some of the child victims in passing at some social event and the defence claimed undue influence. The public had confidence in Connerotte and felt that even if royalty were involved he would bang them up. When he was dismissed the public regarded it as a fix. Anyway if you are not familiar with it here is the link to the first part.


Yes the vaccination thing is a big problem and certainly a worry for mothers especially since the mercury scare has come to light. Being vaccinated so many times is just filling the child up with toxins instead of good stuff. This is tragic since the mother thinks she is acting in the best way for her child. I am absolutely sure you know about Thymerosal which is a basic compound added to many vaccines and it contains mercury, supposedly to stop the whole lot degrading when one bottle batches are used for mass inoculation. The claim is spurious and many think that it is nothing more than a means of population control. Doctor Boyd Haley, a world leading expert in autism has described any child injected with a vaccine containing Thymerosal as “A biological train wreck”. Here is part one of a six parter video.


Another source is David Ayoub. He is a radiologist who decided there were better pickings on the lecture circuit and chose as his subject, autism and the roll of mercury in vaccines.


It is a 90 min video. The first half is good and informative. For instance he claims that if a doctor was to vaccinate a three month old baby with say MMR and happened to drop the syringe on the floor and it broke, the contents of the syringe would be regarded as toxic waste. It is a bit of a shame because in the second half of the lecture he goes off into the la la world of black helicopters. However you can judge this for yourself.

Magic moments jj this is the difference between life and just living.
su said…
One of the guests we had on Sunday was a 96 year old WOMAN. She was so dam sharp and funny.
I had never met her before and sit on the couch under the vines with her, she looks at me through her slightly cataracted eyes and her thick lenses - she looks for a while and then she smiles and says okay - I like you.
And then we laughed and laughed and yes you guessed it we laughed some more.
Your description of the evening held me entranced and wow 3 is a late one. How beautiful your destiny is.

Thanks for coming back - I am under no illusion that Madeleine is dead. The forum I sit on has basically had that conclusion from the time the dogs came in. What we are looking at is how a couple who came to neglect their three young every night and leave them alone in the dark, were not prosecuted for neglect.
Instead Portugal has been slammed into the rafters and indeed you are correct when you speak of the
Pedophocracy. The Dutroux case was horrible. Anyway we live in a world that is both beautiful and horrific.

I have been reading so many articles on vaccines. None of my kids were vaccinated and when one wanted to try out school I went to great lengths to forge a vaccination certificate or else she would not get in. My partner and I spent hours changing signatures, changing pens, working out dates etc. When we handed it in at the office she just made a copy and handed it back to us - unseen. I wanted to say hey check out my handiwork for gods sake.
Anyway the child lasted three months there and decided she too wanted to be unschooled.

Will check out the lengths. Video is an issue for me as in this country our bandwidth is capped. I am allocated 1gig a month.
Probably not a bad thing - maybe the angel of intervention hey.

Anyway the rooster has crowed and for some reason I have committed to go on a walk through the nature reserve. So let me honour that and bid you a wonderful day.
su said…
To anyone out there,
I read on After Armageddon a blog about the magical in life and how we can view it as such or shove a scientific lens and see it as oh so uninteresting.
The writer had a hawk flying around her 9 times.

Well I had an experience but can not give it any meaning other than wow - far out.
I was in the lounge by the fireplace. Arthur (a new visiting rain spider) had appeared in the kitchen a few days before). I love spiders, especially these ones and more so when they are high up on the ceiling. So I greeted him and next thing he marathoned down the wall, past the mantle piece and across the floor up the blanket and onto my lap and then he sat poised. Sat there till Iona, bless her, picked him up in her hands and placed him back on the wall.

Two hours later I am in my office switching off and down and there is plop from the ceiling onto my desk and down onto my lap. Yes you have it another huge rain spider.
Now the thing with these spiders is that they are usually extremely shy.
Any ideas on the symbolism here.
Anonymous said…
I would say that you are in tune more with their world, the world of nature and they see you as a friend, and not an enemy--they are simply drawn to you--how sweet. Funny here too, I am picking up bugs, etc that it would just have been easier to crush, and put them out of harms way in the grass or bushes--some keep coming back in the same spots and I think wait for me to arrive and do the same thing over and over--a bug game that I get to play?
Also, have had numerous chipmunks run in front of the car, always at the same distance and from left to right--I have also noticed that the birds don't come around the back porch to the feeders until the cats have been fed--then they know they have 10 minutes to pick up dropped seeds on the deck--one cardinal keeps watch out for all the others as they feed--sounds the end of dinner for the cats, and they fly off to continue their day--

nobody said…
Hey Su,

I knew you were into Madeleine McCann but not to that extent. As I wrote in that disinfo thing, given the size and power of the pedophocracy, it's a certainty that there will be disinfo merchants there. Honestly, the well-funded and ever busy False Memory Syndrome Foundation is precisely a disinfo black op. As if these people would leave the forums alone.

And then there was me convinced that that guy I encountered at xymphora was a disinfo spook. I still am sure enough. But lately it occurred to me that when I wrote that thing that mentioned Madeleine, it copped a serve from a Madeleine fanatic who declared that I was an idiot and it was obviously the parents, he was in all likelihood 'on the job', if you know what I mean.

If I was you I'd keep an eye out for anyone who decries the concept of the pedophocracy and spends the whole time blaming the parents.

Or maybe you're across this. What have you noticed over there?
su said…
Would like to speak to you more but Nobody does not have an e mail address.
My address is on my profile page.

Regarding Madeleine - Nobody, at first I believed she had been taken.
But a few days after her disappearance her parents were jogging and playing tennis and I can link you to some photographs on her 4th birthday where they were smiling and beaming. Funny that they thought their child was in the hands of some pedophiles.
There are some people who have gone to such great research lengths and whom I have come to trust over the past two years.
I think it is clear that they were involved in whatever happening, I personally loaning her out to some high profile ped and hence the cover up all the way to Gordon Brown and Socrates.
There have been lies and obfuscation the entire way and the gagging of the British Press has been telling.
I would even hazard a guess it would be a Royal involved simply by the extent of cover.

Many threads have covered the pedophocracy and Aangirfan has had articles posted. Believe me no one will be satisfied with the parents being declared guilty, everyone who has blocked, lab results, call info etc must be held accountable.

But then you read how Dutroux walked, despite the overwhelming evidence against him and one just does not know.

Every few months we head to the forests away from this insidious and yet life giving tool and you know this kid Madeleine still dances around in the space. Why such a compulsion to know arose with this child - I have no idea.
nobody said…
Yeah, well I already said over at my place that I'm not necessarily giving the parents a free pass. But by the same token 'blame the parents' is the weapon of first resort of the pedophocracy. Every time.

Otherwise is there a baseline for how the parents of abducted children should behave? Has anyone wondered at that? Is it possible that they'd behave oddly? Likewise I'll concede that it's possible that parents like this do in fact all behave the same way, and that the McCanns are 'wrong'. But I really have no idea. And what's more I'd be reticent in declaring what is right and wrong behaviour for such people.

Otherwise, for their own sake, and for the sake of their other kids, you'd hope that the parents would laugh and smile occasionally. Wouldn't you? And yeah, someone might take a photo of it. And yeah, people might seize upon that photo and declare them villains. Keeping in mind that pedophocracy disinfo spooks would be honour bound (as it were) to do precisely that. Frankly I don't see how the McCanns can win apart from spending every waking minute sobbing. I hold no brief for them, you understand.

Just so you know - where I'm coming from is the Azaria Chamberlain case in which the entire nation was convinced that the mother Lindy Chamberlain was lying when she said a dingo took her baby. God, did they bay for her blood! Anyway it turns out that dingoes have done it before and done it since - 400 times on Fraser Island alone. In once case a dingo did precisely what Lindy said had happened and dingo 'experts' had declared was impossible. Crucially everyone was perfectly convinced that Lindy Chamberlain's behaviour was 'unnatural'. Sure enough, she went to jail for ten years until a third inquest backed up the first and said there was no evidence against her. The first had been overturned mostly on account of the 'wrongness' of her behaviour.

Besides that, have you read The Stranger by Camus? Amongst other things it's about an entire town being convinced at a fellow's guilt because he didn't cry at his mother's funeral.

As for the Madeleine abduction, the only thing I'd say with any degree of certainty is that it's as crooked as a dog's hind leg with pedophocracy involvement almost a certainty, and that following the event the pedophocracy would absolutely be looking to blame the parents. Without a shadow of a doubt.

Further, I wouldn't even declare her death a certainty. The pedophocracy has tremendous resources. It's the ruling class of Europe for God's sake. She could be anywhere. And these people are nothing if not self-assured.

The other thing I'd be quite certain of is that pretty much any Madeleine forum worth its salt will have at least one pedophocracy disinfo spook keeping himself (or herself) busy shepherding people in the right direction. Probably two so that they can tag-team each other. I'd bet money on it. And likewise I'd bet money on right-thinking people buying into it. It's precisely what happened over at xymphora's.

ciao matey
su said…
What you say has absolute validity.
And yet it unfolds as it unfolds.
Being rather naive I am probably easier than most to corral into a paddock but I do have a shit hot intuition that has kept me alive in situations where most others would not have made it.
It is from this that I decide.
And yet I concede I could be led astray.
nobody said…
No problems. I know it sounded like that was all for your benefit but it was kind of me thinking aloud, wondering at those guys from a Madeleine forum who were getting abusive at me at my place. I didn't make much of it at the time, but now I'm inclined to think that their purpose was something other than altruistic, if you know what I mean.
su said…
I sense you are bursting into aliveness right now.
And I am running alongside you.
Fear has become a distant memory and amazement arises so often.
Worshiping the winter light as it cascades through the foliage. How powerful is this essence. And what is its creation?
Anonymous said…
No need to run Su. It's all passing by us as we stand still--that which we are in sync with allows us to stay there, and travel with it at the same time, within the same no-time.
It's creation is an afterthought--it's like the stars having always been there but it took someone noticing them in all their splendor to learn to navigate by them--
We are all living essence, but life is given when we appreciate--like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder, and that which we behold, that swirls the consciousness together--for a time--in a whisper of love, life, and laughter--
Like all that is, we are not seen by those who have on the dark glasses of dread and conformity--therein lies not survival, but true life among the living--
We take each others hand when we walk alone, because we are never alone when we can reach out to all that is--
Hope this isn't too flighty--it's what came out this morning
Anonymous said…
Go to Nina's and comment on her "new" artwork section--very freeing bouncing from one Nina to another

Miss Ya,


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