I am in the well at Temenos.   We meet here weekly to chant.  
Today I sit there and this throat won't open.
The heart is heavy.
So many homeless, refugees, displaced, beings.
The immeasurable grief of brothers and sisters.

I send out a plea to the Totality Of Being to allow Transcendence.
To allow illumination.
To allow Freedom.
To allow Love.

And If there must first be a cracking - then let there be one NOW.
No more.....................Let us Remember Who We Are ...................
So be it -  Amen.  Amen.  Amen and Amen.


bholanath said…
Right there with you. Let us remember.
Tonight we did intense major drumming, ancient Afro-Cuban and
Haitian styles, calling in ancestors and all natural spirits.
In a public place, moved all who were there with us.
The occasion was Dia De Los Muertos.
su said…
Thank heavens for the ancestors and the message and rituals they left for us.
We have forgotten that all matter is related to the four directions and four elements and that the most significant days are the solstice and equinox.
So let us drum, sing, dance, love our way back into earths embrace.
With so much love to you on this beautiful day.
Anonymous said…
SU thanks for the kind words.

I stumbled onto to something that strikes a chord. It is not pretty and even the monk didn't want to talk about it.

"No wonder the old Joseph does not want to speak about it; nothing nice awaits humanity. Here is what the old monk “has been told”:

Frankly I am still waiting on your asteroid! said…
When many people gather together and chant, it magnifies the OM vibration. That is great to hear what you are doing.


The Mickster

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