The Sacred Dart

I am in the softly cooing dove the sunlight shining from far above
the gusting of the rustling wind
the composting of fallen leaves
surrendered by the towering trees
i am in the traffic on the road
and in the ragdoll newly sewed
 in the freshly fallen quince
and in the birdbath newly rinsed
i am  in the range of the teachers dart
with the possibility of seeing the Most Perfect Heart
i am in the whistle of the itinerant worker
and equally present in the stride of the eternal shirker
i am in a sacred moment aware
of the I given to all
by God’s most precious Care.
I am in love and in devotion
in soft words largely unspoken
in that eternal space within
where by Grace, despite some sin
I am held in the most tender embrace
with the fiercest of love
All in the Presence of the cooing dove.

        With hearfelt love and nuture to Bholonath. 


Timster said…
Wow. Your best verse yet. Thank YOU!
bholanath said…
How can I possibly thank you enough? So beautiful.
Coming in from the blizzard I find this. The collapsing and falling apart time now. So much more than I think I can hold.

Every day that I go into town I have to buy her flowers. I stand and cry in the flower aisle. I want to bring home flowers for her, to tell her how much I love her and how beautiful she is to me.
The hole is enormous. It swallows cities,
countries, planets, universes.
A friend tells me I have to keep expressing gratitude, feeling it, believe that if I do that, I'll make it through this. I try. She is everywhere. And still the heart aches so.
A sacred blessing from you, so appreciated.
Anon said…
Very good!

- Aangirfan

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