As I gently crack open


surrounded by other cracking psyches,  I petition intelligence to change the scene, to give some space and ease to all of us who :

who have fought the fight
who have shone with courage
who quivered with strength
who has just managed to play along with this existence and it's insanity.

no one is being spared.
we have gone from incredulous to silent, worn, in watch mode,
seemingly fallen from grace.

to all who feel unworthy due to their lack of successs, lack of riches,  lack of parenting awards, lack of anything - maywe know  the  fullness of being and its attendant peace.

to all those who just keep falling off the wheel  - those who are just lain out, hollowed and disbelieving - may we re-discover the magnificence of your being.

and may the eternal mother father God recognise our journey and how much it has taken in effort and courage, and may that loving God grant us respite.
may the loving God grant humanity  ease,  sense of well being.
 a time of anxiouslessness o of peace, of joy, of recovery, of celebration, of jubilation.

may we all experience a miracle this Christ season.
may we all just have a chance to breathe and smile again in the certainty that I am.

with much, much love to all who read this ,  you know who you are.
and if any of you know the art of prayer - please pray on my self and family.

not so very long ago when we had moved from one challenge to the next - we landed up towing a vehicle from the mountains and this is what surrounded us.


est said…
don't despair
we are the ones

that can change things
we are the only ones
su said…
I like what you say.
Someone said the same thing to me yesterday.
Can you expand?
est said…
yes su,
i can

i'm not sure if more words
would really help, though

sort of a 'many are called,
few are chosen' situation

when one speaks the truth
the creator speaks though them

when they speak lies, well, we know where that comes from
chickory said…
what a sweet prayer for the lucky who stop by. I will take to heart what you have written. trust that I am enough, and doing the best I can. I send you love sweet Su. I wish for you peace in 2015 and all the years to come. xo chicory
Anon said…
Love the photos.

- Aangirfan
su said…
Ah blessed Chicory, I do so value your company.
Zoner said…
Beautifully said, and the "clouds" are astonishing really. I don't imagine they are a common variety?

You and yours are so often in my thoughts, which when infused with Love hopefully carries the same weight as a Prayer.

I humbly second the petition as well. A real smile seems too rare a commodity these days - we certainly could all use some Grace.

Thank you so very much, Su.....


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