Rest in Peace

Pacific Ocean born 4.54 million years ago
Died officially 2014.

I am sorry
Please forgive me
I love you.

God help Earth and her creatures, we have sure fucked it up.


nina said…
Indeed we have.

There. We've taken responsibility. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to apologize for our actions. I am sorry too.

Considering the rate of global population expansion, it is a built-in guarantee, everything required for life, fails, but no one actually considers their part has any effective role in the failure. We'd rather believe every millenia or so, catastrophic change occurs naturally.
su said…
I look so closely at so many things around me.
But this is just too big.
I don't know how our Dublinmick manages to see the true extent of the damage.
The earth will shake
The seas will boil.

And we, we just reach out for understanding and love.

Zoner said…
Naw, give it another, oh, 4.54 million years or so and it will be fully renewed.........

Maybe the creatures blessed at that time with being in proximity will be less able to so dramatically alter it. Who knows. Indeed, we have soiled our nest, and in our arrogance, so, too, the nest of the balance of this visible creation.

It isn't a pleasant admission - culpability in such a monumental fuck-up. Are we ALL responsible? Naw.

We are along as witnesses, so we can recycle and know better next time. That is my belief anyway.
Experience without wisdom would be the bigger crime.
su said…
Is your email still working?
Levantine said…
Here I read: "Pacific Ocean RIP." I had no idea what's it all about, did a quick search, found about the dead Northwestern Pacific coast (and allegedly elsewhere) attributed to acidification. Is that all? Anyway, I went to check at the brain trust at Judith Curry:

"In conclusion, based on the many real-world observations and laboratory experiments described above, it is clear that recent theoretical claims of impending marine species extinctions, due to increases in the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration, have no basis in empirical reality. In fact, these unsupportable contentions are typically refuted by demonstrable facts."

This subject is evidently quite debatable.

Who am I? How did I come here? I'm from Eastern Europe. The other day I recalled your comments from three years ago vis-a-vis Libya, and thought I'd revisit this place.

Now, I sense that what I'm saying here stands out in this place, it may be not what you wish to hear. I don't give a damn. I'm spending my whole life among people where no one can say what he really thinks, unless one is sufficiently nasty; and whatever your Buddhist wisdom teaches you, it surely claims to be in accordance with plain facts.

The Pacific bad news has become a worldwide news item, how? Because someone in power cares? The carbon credit mafia has hijacked the report from British Columbia to make people anxious, even more anxious than they are, - for their CO2 propaganda purposes.

Still, there must be an underlying reason for someone to get anxious on insufficient grounds. ... It's about putting excessive focus on 'scanning the situation,' being 'in tune with the world,' absence of humility where one's intellect is concerned. The cure: giving more weight to doing and thinking.

Thoughts and cheers from me,

su said…
Ah Lev what a pleasure to have you return to this page.
You are most welcome .
I have been challenged very harshly by life lately and have really had to go within as nothing without was offering me anything other than deep anxiety.
Now it has reached the stage when the next hurdle arises instead of focussing on the hurdle I just go to my breath, give thanks to go a bit deeper into the peace and stillness which I am which lies beyond the 5 senses.

These are most challenging times and I can see why many are choosing to leave right now. But for those of us who choose to stay, we need to hone in on what lies beyond the illusion.
Wishing you well friend and please come again.

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