Ramadam Mubarak

To our  Islamic family.
At this time of potentiality,
At this moment of grace and power
May love prevail and may all prisoners held in political moves
Force fed by the enemy at the supreme time of fasting –
I am sorry
Please forgive me
I love you.

May the Grace and Power be yours in victory of Spirit imminently, before the close of the sacred time.
May all who have been subject to the vagaries and humane-less situations upheld by the Western governments may you find yourself rulers of your selves once again.

At this critical time – the fullness of my prayers is for peace and respect.

I know someone who was walking along the clay road one night and an owl swooped in front of her not once but three times.  Low down, close enough to reach out and touch.  When she looked up as it flew off the sky had changed. 
In a very subtle way.  And of course when one thing changes everything  else shifts.   
The winter sun would beckon her into its grasps. 
So beautiful to have a strongish winter sun. 
Hour upon hour  the two gazed at each other.   And amidst this adoration, this sphere of light  duplicated within.  .  This ever present light / warmth beating away.  Thought  replaced by fractal imagery and light.
The buttons that kept her engaged in the world had somehow just worn so smooth that nothing could press them, engage her, and bring her back to the world of thinking. 

A monk takes a bet that he can go into Samadhi for 10 years and the bet is that if he can he will get a really good horse.  So off he goes to his sacred space where he becomes nothing and no one. 
For all those full and new moons he just was without.  They would go and check on him through the years.
 On the appointed day a contingent of seniors went off to help him return to ‘life’.  This was done by deliberately chanting specific prayers and such.
He re-turned and one of the first things he asked was for his horse.
Can you imagine 10 years stillness and as soon as you open your eyes you return to the same state of mind as before.  That thought had not disappeared it was just resting.  So one can go into empty space and yet when returning it is the same mind that sees the world in the same way as it did before. 

Iona and I set off on an epic to be present for the birth of a 3rd grandchild.  The only way we could do this was by 24 hour long bus drives each way.  Each way was a journey where I really admired this young woman travelling with me.  Not an easy journey and yet with her company it was special and memorable in its own way.  Molly Grace arrived by grace and with grace.  And although my daughter has other children that call me granny – it was only on my return home that I actually became a grandmother.

When you have a child you immediately become a mother.  Occasionally you get a woman who births who does not become the mother – but it is rare.  You don’t have to become a mother you just are one upon the infants birth.

Two evenings before I departed from the grand children,  I had a dream where I was in the rain forest and a very small being knighted me with the branch of a vine.  I was then told to attend a ceremony homeward bound the night after I arrived home.  There had been no sleep whatsoever on the bus.  I came home, greeted animals and kids after a month’s absence, packed the ceremonial bag  and headed off on another journey.

The ceremony was in a place it had never been before.  Each ceremony I had experienced had been on a farm in the mountains.  Deep into stillness, very close to the stars.  Tonight we had driven into the city.   Cars racing by all the time.  Transience being a dominant quality.  The venue was an antique shop  just off the roadways.   There was a roaring welcoming fire outside and inside there was much stuff.  A crocodile skin stretched out on the stairs,  three huge buck heads on the wall.  Instead of our usual plastic chairs we had choices of all kinds of luxuries.  It was fascinating to see how the choices that were being made were not for the benefit of the group as they usually were but rather the desire for personal comfort.   All this stuff and its accordant history and that that attached to the energy of the objects.  I was really tired and questioned how I would do an all night ceremony.  But I was there and I over rode my basis sense.  Something said just go and sit by the fire, sing the songs out there but don’t sign up for this one.

I came very close to dying several times.    Just moving very slowly in a different direction.  There was no way I could regulate my breathe or hold myself at all.  It became apparent that there was a war happening and it was happening in me.  How could there be war anywhere but inside oneself.   Two forces, duality – warring in a way that would not allow the taking of prisoners.  I realized I was not either side but rather that which was watching/knowing the unfolding.  And because I was not vested in good or bad but rather observation there was no vested interest in any outcome.  For hours this went on – and all the time in the background there was the sweet Daime singing.    And then at a perfect moment in time,  Anna stood in front of me, raised her arms and just called me back.   This tiny woman turned on such a field of light energy that I found myself breathing and able to move again.  Slowly the animating force was resting, out of a fierce battle.   At that moment my ancestors spoke and congratulated me on being a grand mother.
I had become a grand mother.  Before I was just a granny.  Such an honour and priveledge to be an elder at a youngish age.  Most grateful for the initiation and for that which sustained me through it to be free of fear and be open and receptive to the inflow of energy.

So Life carries on in all her depths and heights.  In all her sacred times, the washing of the dishes, the insights, the reading of the news, the talking to friends, the gazing at the sun, the feeding of the family, the growing of the business.  Please have a look and give me some feedback on the project that has taken years to put together.  Well the product has been there but not this medium.

On that note it is the most beautiful winters day,  I think I am going to find a warm sunny spot and take in the rays.   Sending you all much love.   Peace.
And please leave a greeting.

 I don't know who created this image but she is a beautiful muse.


Timster said…
Su, y'know, I try to hide your rare posts from myself. "I'll read it later when I'm calmer". Every time, I fail and you thrust your calmness on me. Thank you. I failed again...
su said…
Wink, nudge.
Zoner said…
The link is not working, at least for me........
Zoner said…
I could no be happier for you. Your wisdom and deep humanity are so evident. A true treasure for ALL. Thank you wise one.
skilpad said…
Su, the link in your sidebar goes to an "about-us" page on your site which does not exist.
If anybody else has trouble, you can just go straight to the domain name at http://www.energeticherbals.com/

Thank you for a mesmerising read, as always.

Klein Karoo greetings! Enjoy the snow!
Chastity said…
This is gorgeous!
Dublinmick said…
Thanks angel

... said…
Hi Su, saw your comment over at Aangirfan's site. You and me will both be flamed for our views on the Mccann case. Like you I have followed from day one and read everything, incl. the Mccann files etc. This case is nothing to do with the pedo-scandals I am sure of it!
Zoner said…
Just dropping in to send my Love and best wishes.


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