Ah, these times we were warned of.

One of the books I rewarded my kids to read was Bill Bryson's - 'short history of nearly everything'.    The way they were rewarded was not by giving them something but by allowing them to resist a food item for a period of time decided mutually.  So let us say each child was allowed to choose one food that they absolutely refused to eat,  and they were given that freedom.   But it was only one food.  So as a small child Iona hated quite a few things but top of her list were peas and polenta.  So for one year she had polenta off her list.  With the reward system she would be able to knock peas off for 2 months as an example.   So for me it beats the standard western reward system of electronic gadgets.  If I had had the money I might well have followed that system.  This was just the one that unveiled itself to me.
Anyway what struck me most in the entire Bryson book - and there was so much that captivated me, but the most outstanding because it evoked immediate resonance was basically the idea that an ice age could come upon earth so very rapidly.   He noted that all it would take would be for the northern hemisphere to have an ongoing winter past spring and for the southern hemisphere to go into an early winter.   More than a foot of snow in Michigan,  Record snowfall hits north China,  Colorado shatters low temperature record,  and down south we have early winter snowfall in Lesotho.     I need to be beamed up about now because I don't do the cold,  I don't do absence of sun,  and I don't do suffering.

I have been unable to read anything at all on the Boston bombings.  My eyes met an image of a shredded leg and there was no resonance, there was no empathy,  there was just a feeling of you can fool me once but not twice.  And then it became clear to me that maybe the point of all these episodes is that there are so many untied, messy lies that after a while we just stop looking.  What do we do with the litany of falsehoods that we can all see and talk about.  Nothing, they remain on the web pages but they don't translate to hard core consequences.
I saw an image of Bush with his grand daughter and it evoked a feeling of incredulity.  How can someone, known to have caused the death of so many be walking around as a free and privileged man.  I could never apologise to the people of the world enough for this force's deeds and acts of horror.  But here he is posing, and Blair and Cheney, all these mass, mass murderers living lives of peace.  How is this possible?   Where is conseuence.
And I move out of equanimity because I feel so deeply for everyone wronged in this plane of existence.   Christianity came into being by turning mistakes into sins.  Honest mistakes become punishable crimes.  I can be a bus driver and through no intention purely through a disconnect in the matrix have an accident that kills many passengers and I stand trial.  I smoke a herb which balances my body, soul and mind and yet,  I can be be jailed for growing and medicating my self beyond the reaches of big pharma.  I can be forced to vaccinate my child by the state and indeed even forced to watch it die through radiation treatment.   And yet I can be a pedophile and walk free from court because my lawyers claim that due a brain tumour,  I downloaded images of violent child porn.  I can be arrested for saving my child from a feral gang using means at my disposal and yet drone operators who push the button and end the lives of hundreds are paid a salary.
It is such a bad , ridiculous script.  It could win any bad story competition.  No-0ne would buy it but it has become our reality and remains our reality unless we can move back within.

I think the frequencies right now are so jammed up by interference and that has such a profound effect on us.    And because of the craziness of the illusion I have found a way of detaching from it.    Despite the incoming winter,  I find myself unable to sleep indoors yet.   love the way that in that external womb I move into my own space.   There is no distraction,  no electrical vibration,  no sound of others,  no bumps of unconsciousness.   Just myself, my breath and the astral.   I want to hear the wind, I want to hear the rain falling,  I want to hear the random goose flying over in the middle of the night,  I want the honour of an owls visitation at night,  I want to feel the tent buffeting and I want to experience the lightening through the layers.  I want to feel the gratitude for the blankets.  I want to hear the first birds and the way they open the ceremony of the day.  I want to see the first rays of  light.  I want  the first thing that my feet touch in their nakedness is the cold bare earth.  I want to wrap my sarong around me and chatter my way inside to the comfort of hot tea and pets.  I want to light a fire and welcome the family as they meet the day and then sit on the kitchen step and worship the sun.

The bells chime
Stars explode
Brahma breathes
and i lie in my tent and pray:

father/mother god
great spirit
we have come to the days which will be tolerated no more
a new earth is in the birthing process
and in that violence, the earth will shake,
shudder and roar.

help us to  help each other
in remembering the truth of Existence
the truth of Harmony
the truth of Being.

help us feel no fear
but only trust and know joy that the walls of limitation
are crumbling
and a new way of being
awaits us all.

help us hold the light of love
here on the physical plane
and may we  all, in these times,
find our inner peace.

and thanking you mother/father god
for the honour of being present
at this transition, in this moment in time
and may all become aware of the true state of being
available right here and right now

Today is the favoured play date of the Illuminati.
Smudge your homes,  drum your drums, sing your voices,  pray your prayers.


Zoner said…
Coldest night in over 100 years here last night. 22 inches of snow 150 miles to the north, and just a couple hundred to the west, 33 fell. The most in a single dumping for this locale EVER - not for april, but in ANY single snowing. This is the latest spring any of us can recall.

At least the Sun is present today.

Zoner said…
Re: "terrorist" acts....

Do nations carry their own Karma? How can one view the victims of any act of violence and not see the irony of what is perpetrated by our own Govt as equally barbaric? I'm sorry, but I will not hold an innocent from Boston above one who lives in any far-away land. NO ONE deserves to be shredded by bombs ANYWHERE, yet when one of those chickenshit military cats holed up in Nevada pushes a button and delivers a Hellfire missile to eradicate a "terrorist" and takes out a few dozen extra lives, it is no different than what transpired this week here on our soil -NO MATTER HOW IT IS "JUSTIFIED" OR MADE "LEGAL".

So very done with this plane. I wish I could see some sort of "new" coming, but it all appears to be spinning ever quickly out-of-control. There was bliss in toiling to the point of exhaustion, therefore having no energy or time to peruse the interwebs looking at "what is going on" - not that what is found there is necessarily true anyway. Now, one week into leisure time and a few trips to old haunts, it all looks completely effing hopeless and that appears to be the plan; to instill fear, despair, and finally - resignation to the DOOOOM>

I loved the prayer/poem above. Hoping it will find the way to my center and cast out all the noise that resides there currently. Thank you.

Timster said…
That last paragraph...what can I say?
You put me there with you.
Thank you!
Anonymous said…
ah su you made me laugh.i too do not do cold, absence of sun or suffering... very sensible methinks but then, i am biased.
i think of you often, in your tent... you gladden my heart just by being and i want to thank you for that. such mindfull living is inspirational.
with Love and Respect,

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