Farmer of the Heart.

Since we last spoke – Israel bombed Gaza.
The Zionist lobby once again hijacked the western news.
Trolls and shills were out in full force.  American dollars at work.

With every fiber of our being our hearts wailed – not again.
How many more maimed and dead children must be carried to the burial grounds with the deepest sorrow entwined with potentized anger.
Something happened – and the fighting stopped.
Something happened last week and Palestine gained recognition from the UN.  Barring 9 of Israel’s bitches.

Since we last spoke the Leveson press gagging whitewash came to a conclusion that has no unilateral agreement – not even by  a member of the review team,   whom are banned  from voicing the findings.
So they would like to gag the press so that no story they don’t want outed will ever be allowed space again.
This directly after the Saville story unveils.
No arrests for the police officers who did criminal deeds.
Would you like some marmalade with your whitewash?

Weather is going crazy,  typhoon in Italy,  ark storm heading for California,  6 earthquakes over 6. yesterday and several volcanoes letting off some steam.
19 days till the 21st.
The waves of energy swirling in.

On the 17th of November, the original date that Terrance Mckenna gave for timewave zero – I was in a ceremony with 17 beings.  Israel had just attacked Gaza.  I sang my very being into peace.  I sang my very being into the cessation of violence and blood flowing into the streets.  A moving ceremony with amazing acoustics.  Upon my return home, my kitten/cat whom I found a few weeks ago followed me to my tent at night.  She meowed to come in.  She had never done that before.   In the morning I awoke to find her nursing four babies.  Not a sound, not a drop of blood, just this perfect transition from womb to earth.   Again I felt myself to be the most blessed being on this planet.

Summer has arrived and already the green has turned to brown, and the moist to dryness.  We have had some agricultural strikes with definite political motivation.  Interesting times.  Heat on all sides.  At least the vines are green.
Tomorrow again there is to be resumption  of the protests – again I call for peace, for absence of violence – that which feeds the entity of destruction we know so well.

Last week there was a storm in the Cape that had people holding onto poles.  I was in the tent feeling secure and marveling and the dimension of sound and movement the wind produces.  It occurred to me that this wind might whip up a tree or break a large branch that could fall on top of me.    This would seem a fitting end because of my absolute love  of trees.
The next morning on my net news roundup I read of a woman sleeping in a tent in her boyfriends garden during a storm. A tree uplifted and landed on top of her and she died of her injuries the next day.  Remarkable or not.  Parallel reality.

We are living all lives at once.   One appearing as all.

This morning, after the blessings of another ceremony with the sacred Amazonian medicine, Pieter and I discovered our car had been robbed and as he was on his way to see clients in the city – he had his iris microscope, camera and laptop in the car.  It was all gone.  Our means of livelihood are completely gone.    His bag with the diary also gone.  On his laptop course notes he has spent an eternity compiling as well as two books he had been working on for ages.
The hard drive back up was in the sleeve of the bag.
Gone are all the iris photographs.
There must be some potent blessing in this arrangement.
Because the energy of the ceremony was so potently divine.
Waiting for it to allow itself to be known.
Right now I just hand over to Thy will be done.

As we dance into what I hope is unbounded transformation I wish you all much love and much joy.
Such gratitude abounds.


Anonymous said…
In chords and notes
And paths through streams
Turning notions
Up lit beams
Seeds of sunlight
Essence calms
Drawn in sources
Through the palms
Of higher upward
Leading on
The sky the wind
That hums the song
That leads the way
Along the path
The farmer sews
The seeds of heart
Anonymous said…
Hey su,,if that poem is putting people off of posting a comment,,,take it down,,,,

Many respects to you,and hope things turn out well with your current polava that you are facing at the moment,,,

Brandon Jones said…
A lot of upheaval in the world and it seems like it will be increasing. A time to consider what is truly important to our being-ness.

I love how you see blessing through all the turmoil.

My loving thoughts are with you.
Cap'n Spadgett said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cap'n Spadgett said…
Ahh, you switched of your moderation.

The previous post was just for you then it turned up so I ditched it, if you are inquisitive to know stevmp at

Thank you for this post and a bummer about the theft :-(
Cap'n Spadgett said…
The photo says it all.

It brings a smile to my face.

More medicine this weekend.

Anonymous said…
Ravi asks...

su are you well? Not having seen/heard from you for these many weeks, now has my attention...
can i assist with anything?
with Love and Respect,
su said…
Captain Spaghetti,

So much to relay.
So much medicine.
Inspired me to do a new post.
God Willing : ).

Beloved Ravi,
How can words from you warm my heart so. I am well, very well. Watering the garden as much as I can. Nurturing the animals and laughing more raucously than ever before.
Anonymous said…


Thank you...
Thank you for communicating...

We are all better off be cause of you being here and communicating.

You, dear being, you warm my heart, bring a smile to my face and a tear to my eyes for the sheer joy of it.

with Love and Respect

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