Wheelbarrow Omniscience

Many many moons ago if you were to set out looking for me,  and if you knew me at all well , you would know which tree in the village had the branches upon which I could lie comfortably.
You would find me, and the presence of the dogs might just make it that much easier.
I am lying on the branch and listening to a song, that a blog friend of mine had played.
It always lead to heart coherence this particular song.
So lying in the tree,  night sky above me,  heart at peace and at the same time elated.
Nothing could be more perfect than this.

The following day I awaken to an initially cold day. 
 The electricity goes off.  It reminds me that we are in a financial crisis.  
The onset of spring and its magnificence had prompted forgetfulness.  
How profound to not have a cent to your name and be able to forget about it.
But now I am reminded there is no electricity.
Tao makes a fire outside and sets about cooking a vegetable stew.
I am grateful for this.
I set about boiling a kettle of water.
A watched pot never boils.
And because of this watching I entered eternity.
All sorts of stories arising.
The granny, who is bedridden needs her electric blanket.
The snakes need their heating pads.
Why have I not stepped off the grid already is a huge question.
What am I waiting for.
I go down on my bike to purchase electricity,  
I had managed to scrounge some funds together.
Only to get there and stand in a queue with the guys from the squattter camp, 
only to be the only one who can't buy.  
Have not paid the rates -
cannot get the units.

Ride home.
Give up, give in, surrender.
I drag a mattress onto the lawn under the Ash tree.
Position it so that my face is in the shade and my body in the sun.
And I lie there and I give myself up to the earth.
I am listening to music on an ipod and my eyes are watching the blades of grass 
twist, turn, swirl, uncurl, balance, bow, wink, smile.
Lying on the grass, in the shade, feeling nothing but acceptance.

An elderly woman in the village comes outside to me.
I stand up quickly.
I am back in the world.
I hardly know her.
She tells me she thinks I might need some help....
I say no I am fine......
She told me that God does not have eyes or legs or arms or hands
but she does and she was told I need her......
So she comes in like an angel and the next thing
the power is on - food is cooking,  and the granny's blanket is on again.

That act of kindness was probably the greatest gift I have ever received.
It touched some space within me that gave birth to such an enormous receptivity.
Tears just flowed and flowed.

Humility has been my companion for a while now.
No car, hitching to town when I need to go.
Putting down the stories and self judgement.
Diving deeper and deeper 
into the clear cut realization that all we need
all we really need is
food, water and shelter.
So basic.
So do-able.
Everything else is really not necessary at ALL

There have been a few times recently where there has been no food on the table.
And yet each time this situation arises
someone comes to the door with a pot of soup
and a loaf of bread.
How beautiful it is to receive.
How enriching it is to allow.

And now it seems that the tide is turning
and the lessons have been learnt
and there is more ease of well being .....

and the whole time in the background
are those who read here
and who journey with me
in different spaces
but in the same dimension 
and I say to you
hold on now
we are so lucky to be here now
what looks like hell unfolding
is just a story

So much magnificence.
Do you feel it?
The brilliance of the sun.
The wisdom of the wind.
The power of the grasses.
The truth of our being.
 Do you feel it?


Zoner said…
The stories are powerful. The roar of the doomers louder by the moment.

I feel it.

Whatever "it" is.

su said…

Did you survive the early snow storm?
Zoner said…
Not a flake to be seen where I am. Just howling winds redistributing the leaves and forcing the donning of long pants and sweaters.
nina said…
I agree with you on our basics. The rest falls into place with our acceptance of wonder. Rather than collide with endless scratchy surfaces. How does one explain it? You've done a magnificent job, all along, all these years.
There was a family who's children mentioned to me they had no food. Living next door, I could see the stretch and brought over all the sustainance I could spare. I would have preferred no response really to what came of it. Bitterness and anger that I could think they were in need. Accusations I blared their hunger to the neighborhood. Which you know, never happened.
So it is with great awe I see you telling this story with so much love, purity and humility, you make it art, you make it LIVITY and praise your handling of the journey and how it has encouraged Iona to reach higher and higher. You two are holy daughters of Jah teaching by example.
Love, nina
nina said…
PS your blog is looking great. The centered text is poetry, the photos and artwork exquisite.
Anonymous said…
maybe it's a trait of the little people,,
Minor spontaneous miracles arising,right when we need them most,,the odds of which must be about a zillion to one,,,,,,
these sorts of things happen to me too,,,I have no idea why,,sometimes I try to think that I do know,,but At the end of the day I don't know,,,,
It is some sort of magic for little people at a guess,,
I suppose it only happens when we really really need it to happen,,,,,,

Beautiful post Su,,its brightened up this dreary old day over here where I am

Respect Neil : )

Anonymous said…
golden pathways, shaping patterns
Inner notes in origon of all shape,,
Of ancient rhythms rippling unity
In rivers of jewels poured through a heart in universal blossoming

..peace.. : )
su said…
Ah Nina,
You always come in with reassurance and love when most needed.
Thank you blessed being.
I always feel that now more than ever what I have to say has no value, but it is all that comes out ...
So much gratitude for seeing and knowing.

I agree with Nina, when can we have a song?

And Neil,
I went on a long walk the other day over the mountains from one village to the other.
I found myself reciting poetry akin to yours.
It felt like you had found a way be be beside me.
Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Hello su, I posted the image of the Chakra Woman on my blog today with a link to your post. A beautiful post! Thanks ~ ☼ tomas

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