taking care

to find the plants to nourish and heal


Pangolin said…
I taught some homeless kids how to dress wounds with honey, a napkin and duct tape today. We have to take care of ourselves because we may be the libraries for the next generation should the net go down.

Save books on herbs, pickling, canning, and hand-making of tools. That kind of paper is worth more than it's weight in silver.
nina said…
Wooo, remarkable visuals here, luminescence, transparencies, graduations of hue and shade. There is nothing so vivid as the natural pigment from Nature, each speaking their powers. Reflections blending into each others' reflections taking in and sending out more light.

I am going to ask you for a favor please. Arrange them into your favorite display of the week, day, hour or child's choice, zoom in and send to me, big size best.

IF and only IF it is no trouble and only if you have a good time doing it.

I am already grateful. The photos you are showing today are inspirational. I live for inspiration. I guess we all do.

Praises to the I-Su
nina said…
Pangolin, this is your true calling.
nina said…
I suddenly realized, you being the photographer, we are already seeing your favorite arrangements. Especially blown up large where one is able to better examine the delicate plant life in the foreground.

This is all I need. Its perfect as it is.
And you are already doing me a favor anyway by existing in this journey and for that I am thankful, Su.
Genie said…
Love the photography:-)
Anonymous said…
sun tops and lightning
wild vibrant green
a sense of emotions
electrified stream
a high lighted candle
a leap of the air
in art of eternal
a flower thats rare
a share of the spring
a bird of the east
the centers of moments
in deep loving peace
the bees and the butterflys
heart of all sounds
the medicine maker
stirs all around

Genie said…
Hi su, where have you been?

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