the purity of cycles

I don't need to say anything more than that but it is bubbling up within.

With everything going on that we are being made aware of, today
something just tips the balance.
Something happens that makes me say - whoa - wow- gosh and shit.

A plane crashes in Russia.
44 passengers dead.
Upon reading that the first question that arose has to be
"who was on that plane?"
Sure enough three hours later we are told about the astonishing
co-incidence of there being two top nuclear engineers on board.

I have never thought of a third world war.
I thought it would just be the imperialist nations continuing to blitz
whoever they felt like with no one opposing their actions. 
And this has carried on for an agonizingly long time.
The perpetual appeasement.
The perpetual speaking out against the acts of war and yet enabling
their continuation by the lack of action taken.

Yet you cannot continue to watch the attacks by the nwo once your
own nation is attacked.  I somehow imagine that in the passages of power
honest men (oxymoron) must be paling at the information coming to light
in view of the events unpanning.

The empired states is reeling with so many disasters and yet continues to
make money on wars elsewhere.  
I who will normally manage to find some point of comfort somewhere, at this moment
in time I find none.  Not one.

And so once again I am forced to go within.
The outside has exploded.  It is just for the shrapnel to start flying.
What an astonishing time to be alive.
It is completely beyond imagination.

Whilst man is pushing buttons, and manipulating what can be manipulated -
the cycles, with the innate intelligence, unfold, unveil. release what they contain
and the next cycle begins.
No agenda other than clarity.
No purpose other than a close return to singularity.
The manifest arising from the emptiness,
the manifest dissolving again.

Brahma waking up,  and blinking his eye, contains earths history.
So dramatic and extreme and yet not even a day for Brahma.


nina said…
The news is apparently a day late here, I read who was on that plane only this morning. Or, maybe it was there and missed due to existing in a prolonged state of agonizing astonishment.

The drawing of you sleeping is so wonderful and taking it into negative is good astonishment, the kind we love to live in where human creations are inspired by love.
su said…
agonizing astonishment indeed.
still think this is in hindsight going to be one huge story.
so feared was a nuclear war, so unthought of were nuclear plant collapses.

that drawing was done by pieter at a time that i came closer to death than any other time. he spent days sitting beside me and one day just decided to draw. something he never does.
Anonymous said…
disfigured pure commotion
disrespect and ill repute
perpetually confusing
its mind left destitute
lies and collecting money
the crash of its downfall
treasures of the heart
by money cant be bought
potency of vibrance
electrifying touch
floods the inner corridors
quick of lightnings rush
blooming heavens flowers
beauty of the form
structured upon harmonys
universal chords

dublinmick said…
I thought the same and it occurred to me the crash was on the border with Finland. (EMP pulse?)
dublinmick said…
I always know when I see one that will perk SU up.

The universe answers back, bird shits in reporter's mouth!,Video.html

See other video, 2 reporters attacked by dogs, reporter loses tooth on air.
nina said…
You can see by now Greece austerity and dribbling out a few drops in the bucket from the reserves are taking center stage with a nuke plant in limbo sideshow. As I suggested previously, pay less attention to what is presented and more to what isn't.
Actually, there is nothing to know, is there.
chickory said…
i like the drawing too. the scientists on board, were the the whistleblower types? Its so dirty the whole tepco situation, the lies. does anybody believe anything the leaders of states and industries say? you sleep. and I will stay under heavy green canopy. what else can be done until they arrive at the garden gate? be well, su.

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