a weep of silence

one of us ...... one of us connected by this medium...... one of us who is much loved.......found himself stepping away from the machine and it's message and slipping
into the silence.

how very brave of him or rather what a beautiful destiny.

i find myself withdrawing from the dream increasingly.
my eyes just reaching for somewhere to rest in stillness and my ears
merging into the silence .........

so very ordinary .......  so very peaceful........ so far away from the angst that i was
caught up in of late.

even the dying relationship is encased in softness and acceptance .....
the fear based heart contractions just result in the words let go .....
not at war with anyone or anything right now - and yes that could change tomorrow.

i found this most beautiful poem that urged this posting because as usual i have nothing to say --- and yet this called for space - - - the space which you all provide.

Free and Easy

A Spontaneous Vajra Song
-By Venerable Lama Gendun Rinpoche

Happiness can not be found
through great effort and willpower,
but is already present,
in open relaxation and letting go.
Don't strain yourself,
there is nothing to do or undo.
Whatever momentarily arises
in the body-mind
has no real importance at all,
has little reality whatsoever.
Why identify with,
and become attached to it,
passing judgment upon it and ourselves?
Far better to simply
let the entire game happen on its own,
springing up and falling back like waves
without changing or manipulating anything
and notice how everything vanishes and reappears, magically,
again and again, time without end.
Only our searching for happiness
prevents us from seeing it.
It's like a vivid rainbow which you pursue
without ever catching,
or a dog chasing its own tail.
Although peace and happiness
do not exist as an actual thing or place,
it is always available
and accompanies you every instant.
Don't believe in the reality of good and bad experiences;
they are like today's ephemeral weather,
like rainbows in the sky.
Wanting to grasp the ungraspable,
you exhaust yourself in vain.
As soon as you open and relax
this tight fist of grasping,
infinite space is there -
open, inviting and comfortable.
Make use of this spaciousness,
this freedom and natural ease.
Don't search any further
looking for the great awakened elephant,
who is already resting quietly at home
in front of your own hearth.
Nothing to do or undo,
nothing to force,
nothing to want,
and nothing missing -
Emaho! Marvelous!
Everything happens by itself.


Timster said…
Great sentiment! Thanks
nina said…
I saw this too, but not thought all the way through as you have done. And had the will to say it, you are very strong and there is great depth in your heart.
I thought of you so often this week and your wish that it all go quickly as crazy scenario played out again and again, every day with its emerge-and-sees and after enough of that I saw it all takes care of itself regardless of how much angst and interior pressure we apply or the cost to our bank of endurance.
I think there is a balance to this blog business, and finding it is key to living in the moment, the inside making peace with the outside, both of them dreams, miserable and joyous. We soldier on in insignificance, in seemingly impossible compromise, no blame. To each his own...
Timster said…
I agree. Wisdom like this always frustrates me(grin)...makes me see my own folly. Keep blogging no matter how the tides cycle. You are a writer...that, if nothing else, I KNOW to be precious.
LifeinCreation said…
Hi Su, I love the poem, thank you for sharing it.

There is a balance to strive for, in knowing and looking with one's eyes wide open at what is happening in the outer realms, while being in the now/where one is in their own space they inhabit in this vast universe/at this time.

Not sure if I'm making sense, but these are things I have also been contemplating lately.

Peace to all....LiC
chickory said…
so true. the whole culture is set up to be a frenzied search for what already was. If there is one thing that stuck with me hard was when Nina talked about what Turey said about "feel no way".

If i dont feel like bloggin, i dont. and if its just a photo or a sketch, thats fine. its all fine. Nobody expects anything especially me. every moment of the day is one i try and pay attention to -even if it is heartache.

ive thought about you often, and Vlad, and all your creatures and journeys. I loved the exuberant photo you finished this post with.

peace to you, friend.
Pangolin said…
Equinox in three weeks. Welcome change coming.
su said…
'This is why all of the dreams of world rulers and those despicable thugs that do their bidding always fail in the end because when change is meant to sweep the world it comes from a place that can’t be compromised by those whose only power is that of external trappings and temporal authority'. Les Visible

beloved nina, fellow dancer and herder, the above is my understanding of the unfolding we are witnessing. It looks so much like absolute horror that I open up on a story and just say no - let go ...... and hand over. i just don't know what is happening. I think the Egyptian riots are a good thing and then i head over to aangirfan and am told otherwise. there is no way of knowing anything anymore.
and so i move into the unknowing.
yet that aspect that makes up su, eternally curious of course will continue to go and search of what is really happening and when satisfaction is no longer derived then i take to my chair my the window and watch the sun playing on the leaves.

And Timster in that tribunal you wrote of the other day on your blog - about what did you do about bringing down the downfall of the zionist psychopaths i hang my head in absolute shame. i have to trust there is some divine order in this chaos of hatred.
i have to trust that it is collapsing as i write.
and yes - that makes me complicit and guilty of charges.

i accept them and hope to carry them with as much dignity as i can.

lifeincreation : yes that eternal now. i read something the other day and it occurs to me that you would appreciate it. someone once asked a 'master' who was going through a particularly messy time how he was coping and his reply was 'i don't mind'.

i love that.
i also saw those dance videos and thought how cool it would be if you, nina and i could do a dance together on the shores on that beautiful body of water on your page.

chicory, was compiling a list of images of the beloveds that were buried in the garden last year. so many beautiful creatures, transformed back into earth. i wish i could sketch or draw, i always felt it was an infinitely superior craft to writing.

and pangolin, i am so resistant to the passing of summer. the only sign here is one leaf i saw lifting into the air early this morning and noticing the days are shortening ever so slightly. it will be downhill from now.

i normally bitch like hell about the heat - 105 degrees easily. now i just savour it. i want to soak up as much heat and light as i can. the other day before going to town i stood in the shower in my dress and then got straight into the car like that. half way to town i was already dry.
outside the library the sprinklers were turning so i stepped under them and stood for a long time. went into the shops soaking wet.
liberating to be regarded as crazy.

Zoner said…
Thank you for sharing the wise words beautiful one.

Running through sprinklers now are we?


Love to All,

LifeinCreation said…
"I don't mind". A good way to look at the rough spots. That's the attitude I'm trying to exist in while I look out the window at the seemingly continual snow we're having this winter. I do mind really, but what can be done? So you might as well not resist what is...

How absolutely excellent it would be to dance with you ladies by the lake!
Anonymous said…
sorry susy su,I want to write you the most beautiful poem ever ever in the world,well I would love to do that for everyone really,,but loads of weird weirdness going over hear,so you will have to do with what ever comes out at the moment..be over later

respects neil
Anonymous said…
atmospheric potency
harmonicly inspired
cosmicly induced
universaly conspired
concentrated patterns
of ever always free
establishing wanderings
sail across the sea
waves of always loving
multiply inside
medicine of flowers
reach on lifting life
co-ordinating everything
formulating all
recipes of universe
in lifes old ancient school

su said…
hey neil,

one can almost smell the cosmological happenings.
its all falling apart and yet its all unchanging.
it is all terrifying
and it is all beautiful beyond measure.

softly softly
breathing in and out.
Anon said…
Great poem.

- Aangirfan

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