Can we....

amidst vibrancy and alertness
we are called to the dance
of these precarious times
surrounded by the most heinous crimes

can we embrace this moment

just as it is......


john said…
Hi su

Just in case anyone doesn't recognise the stone balancing it is the work of Adrian Gray. His story was reported in the Daily Mail the other day stone man
and his website showing his remarkable work is here:

Cheers su and thanks very much for your kind offer, I will get back to you soon on that.
su said…
thanks john,

kids found the image and saved it on the desktop. loved it and did not honour its creator. so thank you for that.

veriword: tereep
Zoner said…
Yes. Absolutely.

Thank you for the lesson.

Anonymous said…
su I'd really love to write a poem for this one but I'm so tired at the moment,have to take work whilst its there as there is not much about,I havent forgotten you and this post has a wonderful atmosphere about it,I just cant reach that creative zone as I am completely exhausted..peace neil
su said…
sit a while
and watch your breath
i will sit here with you
for a while....
we can just sit quietly...
nina said…
If ever there was a person and a blog that transcends the limits of technology, this is, you are, it. Thank you Su.

And thank you John, really, I was dumbfounded for days looking at the stones.
su said…
I nominate you name creator of the century.
You have blessed me with Desmond Su su, Su-nami and Su-real.
All rather brilliant.

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