how about..........

Wishing whomever lands on this page
deep belly laughter
and the clear knowing
of the truth of our being


Zoner said…
Thank you. May I return the wish?

Well, I suppose you landed here "first", but let me take that wish into my heart and see if it can be amplified.

Or as the lazy might say, +1!

nina said…
deep belly laughter

the beautiful girl with the red hot blog ... perfect.

PS I am very taken with Iona's biblical history piece. In another time I would have said contact the RCA immediately, but now, I would not. She knows better than that. There was a story in the NYT this week about a woman in her 90's who suddenly achieved fame and fortune for her artworks. All the years she was passed over she learned it didn't matter, painting matters. Now she is rich, but she's busy painting anyway. Iona's work strikes me as timeless storytelling, like the Blacksmith day and the Motherchild. Its spontaneous. It doesn't matter where it goes later on, she's already fulfilling her gift and we are richer because of it. Thank her for me.
Destiny said…
Beautiful - wishing you the same many times over :)
nobody said…
yellow peekaboo
through an insane crimson crush
we love you too su
chickory said…
yay! i accept! and, i love the green kitchen. happy new year may it be blessed with all you said.
su said…
thanking you all.
and may we reconnect to nature in such totality that all our perversities as a species can dissipate as we move back to the fullness of simple living.

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