Moon Rise June

Walking the dogs on full moon night
nothing wrong
everything right
nowhere to go
no amends to make
nothing to fix
no need for improvement
moon doing her thing
this heart not missing a beat
in this ordinary moment
my Self did I meet.

Well we have been particularly active in the unschooling.
Sleeping later on the cold winter mornings, moving to the fireplace and eating steaming porridge slowly.
Articles are read of late from "After Armageddon" whilst the kids draw, paint, sculpt with whatever is in the immediate surrounds.

This continues for a few hours and those that are drawn to text books make their way to them and spend several hours "learning" - those that are not inclined either start throwing oranges at me - we throw two at a time and
see how many throws we can get in without dropping one. (What do they say about simple things pleasing simple minds) or simply move out into the village.

Our neighbour spent several hours weed eating his lawn with an incredibly noisy, industrial strength machine, which when finally switched off brought a stillness that was tangible. So Tao made a portable guinea grazer which he thought of hiring out as an environmentally friendly and delightful alternative to keeping your grass short.
He also re routed the grey water to a french drain with a banana plantation on top.
When I asked him how he feels about not going to university he says fine - I could not bring myself to study what is expected. I told him that there will be a certain class of people he will not be able to access without a degree and he looked at me with a huge question mark which twisted into a smile and said yeah, big deal.

On Sunday morning I closed the kitchen cupboards and told the kids there would be no food coming out of that room today and what could they do about it. Sage went out and with his bare hands caught a guinea fowl and prepared it for the pot. I swear he is a Koi San. Hunter supreme. He came to tell me with absolute awe what he found in this creature's belly: acorns, nettle, snail meat, and a few things I can't recall. He was so impressed with the variety of his diet and swore that this must be almost perfect food. Cian and Iona scavenged for some Moroak (wild indiginous spinach) and tulbaghia (wild garlic). Some tomatoes were found, a bit past their prime but cooked in a pot over the outside fire they blended in fine).

Read an article about choosing where you put your attention and although I did not choose anything it appears that it is going to a place of stillness as opposed to variety and strength.
I guess it could just be winter and the journey within, hibernation of the human spirit.

Having read many many books on Advaita and having an intellectual understanding that was prone to flipping and flopping, I was graced by a book called You are Nothing by Randall Friend, published by Non Duality press. (Can anyone whisper in my ear how to do links) - whereby for the first time it became why this me was an illusion. So clear, and unlike so many books which just add concepts to the picture, this one challenges them and upon that investigation - dissolves them.

As I am looking less at the world out there, I thought it would be nice to showcase the creativity coming out of this space by sharing some of the projects undertaken.
And thank you Nina for the inspiration.

Am heading off to the great city of gold for a few weeks to be with my daughter and grandchildren.
In the past it used to be regarded as a challenge, now it will be a grand adventure into the complete unknown.
Love to you all.
And then some more.

Iona' horse and blacksmith

Cian's still life of winter fruits

Banana grove french drain

Sage's incense holder made out of beeswax.

Tao's earth friendly weedeater.

Sage's sunbird

Sage harvested resin on full moon day.
He then took the thread from the banana stem.
He made a glue out of quince seed and water and rubbed it into the thread.
He then heated it over the fire.


john said…
Cheers Susana

Slow living and unschooling sounds good to me.

What a lovely picture of the sunbird, so colourful. Nice one Sage and thanks Susana.
Anonymous said…
A Rose by any other
Diamonds rough with heartfelt sweetness

Knowing the worth
Is in the perception

Mudpie orange juggling
Dirt diving dust bath

Howling at the moon
Slip Slidin' Away

Down memory lane
In the NOW

Thank you for sharing your campfire tribe stories--blessings to all--and to all a good night!!!!!!!

Anonymous said…
A time for quietude and reflection on the wonderful show nature has provided for you, whether there is anyone else there to see it or not. The kids are doing more than OK and everything is fine in your little domain.

nina said…
My site is overflowing with beautiful children's artworks and sustainable conveniences. I am very grateful. Thanks to all of the Susus.
Tao doesn't need any piece of paper to verify his talents. His heart is enough verification.
Anonymous said…
The Light of those who do shines brightly--what a wonderful canvas you have provided for the children--and us--


Verification word--Blest
nina said…
Have a safe and happy trip Su. Wherever you are, you create your own happiness.
Jah Guide.
Penny said…
I absolutely love that sunbird!!!!
Seriously, it just jumped right out at me, stunning!
su said…
Thank you all for visiting and sharing the unfolding.

Was struck down for a while in an apathy. I seemed to be coming invisible, everything seemed old and stale. So I wrote to a being who hosts a programme called Urban Guru Cafe -
It is amazing in that one has this accesibility to insights at all times. A true blessing which is why I wanted to share this with you.
Because he is writing it for all of us.

" The play goes on. What you truly are is not touched by anything you describe.
It may seem like it is buried deep down somewhere out of reach.

Your true essence is not buried anywhere.

It is SEEING right now.

The pattern unfolds continuously and these 'periods' of 'clouds' clear away
by themselves.
If we give them more attention than they require, it feeds them and the
story appears to be more intense.

I know intimately what you are saying. In fact there has just been a period
of such clouds happening for me. There is no 'place' where one is
distanced from LIFE.
I cannot be physically there to talk with you and ease these things. In
essence we are one. The light that shines in this being is eternal and it
is shining right there within you.
Be warm towards your being. That subtle warmth is the Fire of Life. All
the elements are balanced.
'We' appear to arise out of the elements, as bodies and spirits and the
dance of life happens.
This true essence that you are is not weary. It is the story that is
You are this infinite intelligence. The dawn is happening.
Be extremely friendly with this consciousness. Be conscious of this
consciousness - that is the only meditation one needs.

Do not dream of this. BE IT.

Every being you see is this consciousness. Let a quiet-itude in knowing
prevail in moments as they are possible. In the midst of the drama you
will remember this light of consciousness.

Don't give in to any darkness of spirit. See and Know.
The mind translates by habit and uses the past as a guide. Yet this moment
is ever fresh and has no past or future.

Know this intimately as best you can."

Beautiful hey!
Anonymous said…
I don't think we are all "one"--The "one" that is us are those who are on the same wavelength and frequency of thought/spirit--it is truly, us, and them, and so many in-between--therein perhaps lies the balance that keeps the cart from tipping over on itself--
It's not one way or the other for so many, it is the indecision and apathy that carries no weight of it's own--it just goes along for the ride without giving a thought to where the cart is headed--they never look at what is staring them in the face because then they would have to deal with it, take a stand of sorts--take some level of responsibility--
But then again, maybe the "they" have it right and by not paying any attention to it, they don't feed it--or cure it--it just remains the same.
Maybe there are no overall cures but only somewhat healthier parts of the body--but if a major organ gets a disease, us, being the finger are going down with the whole---I personally want to be the middle finger so I can waive it on my way out--
So much of the peace on earth, Kumbaya stuff rings hollow with me these days--just more false hope and promises?

Didn't mean to rain on your parade, but I have always written what comes out--and today, this is it.
I'm just tired of the cheerleaders (not you) who never get in the game but stand on the sidelines looking and sounding pretty and enlightened.

Home is where the heart is--

Sorry to be the wet blanket, but the response you received seems to be another Kumbaya moment in a real world--Just click the ruby slippers together three times and everything bad will vanish--put your quarter in the anointing machine and you'll get your wish, and a magic jesus cupee(sp?) doll--put your hand on the radio and be saved---ok, I'm almost done now---lol

It is true that our minds try to take over by making mountains out of molehills that only exist in the distance, or the distant past--the more we give them energy, the more they grow--if only in our minds--

Play that funky music white-boy......

au said…
Beloved jj,
you of all people are going to believe this.
This afternoon in a funk, with a nobody frown overtaking the smile I retreated to a room with loud music and on repeat X 3 I played that song that you mentioned.
I danced, I shook, I sweated, I alived.
And then you mention it.
Oh my self.
Anonymous said…
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

I'm learning Southern Cross--Crosby Stills Nash--on the guitar and it takes me to all of those places I once sailed--ya either get it, or ya don't--and we do!!!!!

nobody said…
Hullo Su,

Did I mention that this was marvellous? Or was I too busy writing about it at my place, ha ha?

Hats off to your kids. They're only a whisker away from having stuff that's worthy of a gallery, I reckon. As for things made from found objects, don't get me started. When I had my workshop it was my favourite pastime. Everything was made from something else. Anyway, one day I'll do it again. Ciao ciao.
Gilbert Schultz said…
"I don't THINK that we are all One".
The WHOLE is ALL inclusive - it includes that thought and all thoughts in equanimity.
It is only the 'identified consciousness' that suffers - Consciousness itself does not suffer.
Hang into the limited view if you want - but don't expect much sympathy for the 'sad story of me'. Everyone will drown you out with their story.
'We' are not all One.
ONE is ALL inclusive.
'We' is a fictional designation.
su said…
Thanks for stopping in Gilbert.
I just could never grasp we are one.
But when put in the way that it is all inclusive - well yes.
Anonymous said…
From Belgium

What are you going to do while the honky is playing the funky Music jj; take out a Pres or a Rothschild or do another Reichstag in the WB or the FED. Most realise that their options in that direction are a tad limited so they work out their frustrations in places like this. We are what we are and so mustn’t grumble even though I lost the chord sequence for Kumbaya long ago. God how I hate those honkies but they sure got rhythm.
Anonymous said…
Belgium Wrote,
"We are what we are and so mustn’t grumble even though I lost the chord sequence for Kumbaya long ago"

We are not now what we were when you wrote this--we will not be what we are as I write this, when you read it--

We evolve, dance, cry, gain, lose and see either more or less--we are wiser or missed the opportunities to gain the wisdom--we shared, or we held everything in and died a little each time we did--

There is no time for grumbling--that's an excuse for doing nothing--whatever that nothing is--
The things you speak of are all the external things that may always roll around and change names from time to time--

The only thing really changeable, is ourselves--therein lies one of the secrets--

Belgium wrote:
"Most realise that their options in that direction are a tad limited so they work out their frustrations in places like this".

Please elaborate--

Anonymous said…
From Belgium


First off, I agree grumbling never achieved anything that is why we mustn’t do it, in a way it feeds the indecision and apathy that carries no weight of its own, so it appears we are in accord on that one.

It seems to me that there are a certain number of groups that still indulge in the Kumbaya thing, those who have never left adolescence; those who have seen the face of their own particular God or those who have seen the face of the Matrix (for want of a better expression). Some do it out of joy; some are sitting on the tracks and haven’t seen the train that is heading their way, whilst others, realising what is stacked against them and also realising that trying to change the system from within doesn’t work and not having any alternative, do it so they will not be alone in their fear. Either way it does tend to cloy a little after a while.

I am old enough to remember the early 70’s when satire was the vogue of the day. William Rushton was one of those who were around at the time and he was accused of knocking things down (verbally) without suggesting anything to put in their place. He replied that it was the job of others to become aware of general dissatisfaction and do something about it. In a similar way your comment above seemed to me to be one of an observer looking at those who were viewing from the sidelines without offering your own personal view of a way forward. That was the reason behind my rather brusque comment above and I must apologise for the tenor with which it was delivered. Many now realise that the world is changing in ways that they cannot control. Appeals to elected leaders fall on deaf ears and direct action can bear terrible consequences. It has even been suggested that the somnambulant masses are being deliberately prodded with a stick to cause a reaction so that the stick holders can get their retaliation in. Forums like this and others provide an opportunity for those with their eyes open to see the enormity of what is being aligned against them, in their own name and to share ideas of personal ways forward. In a way to hold hands over cyberspace with or without the kumbaya.

Yes we are all in a state of change. Is there an overall plan, a path along which we are being imperceptibly guided and whose path is it or is there no plan at all? Change can mean modification to ones existing precepts in the light of new knowledge. We can interpret events in ways which others perceive as wisdom. Some people can experience a peripatetia moment but change of itself does not imply vacillation. I guess what I am asking is what is achieved by this change within ourselves as we become more aware?
su said…
Norman asks
I guess what I am asking is what is achieved by this change within ourselves as we become more aware?

Greater levels of peace perhaps?

And then again greater levels of anguish when the mind swats awareness with its brilliance and once again one is left in an inky black harbour, treading water, whilst the huge propeller of the ego starts up in the silence
and starts sucking the peace and awareness into its huge shredding blades.

Wow, that is rather a daunting image.
And it is exactly akin to how I am feeling right now.
A cape storm is brewing, with lashing winds and howling rains.
Already 3 major leaks have manifested in the house.
Like waterfalls seeking a home.
The firewood is down to 7 pieces.
Propane - what is that?
We are all bundled in several layers of clothing and drinking masses of lemon water, molasses and cayenne.

Tomorrow I fly off to a city - which entails a three hour drive in the storm, flying directly into it and landing in a situation where I am faced with the following:
My mother is being conned. Several years ago a younger lover swept into her life and wooed her. He painted, he placed poems on her pillow at night and he made no complaints about the age difference or the fact that she is largely immobile.
My mother, a proud woman, very beautiful, who got through life using her sexuality and beauty, but who is now aging rapidly fell completely under his spell.
Anyway he moved in with her and she largely supported him and his interests, which as far as I could see were playing solitaire on his laptop.
But he made her happy.
Until he upped and left her with a fortune of debt.
Then his friend and business partner, Franz came to my mother's rescue and rented a bedroom.
He offered her companionship and acknowledgment which is something she needs a lot of.

In gratitude he promised that they would remodel her home. A beautiful home that was functional and cozy.
So they bashed everything down only to discover that there was no money to fix it. So she had to move to a tiny rented apartment with none of her "stuff" around her.
She has been there for two years and the whole time she is financing Franz in some project or another.
He has assured her that he is expecting a lot of money and it is due through any day.
Well that has been the case for two years now. Lie after lie, delay after delay.
I hear today, not via her, she is not honest enough, that her home is being auctioned and she is about to lose everything.
At the age of 75, unable to move easily, this is going to be a huge blow.

When I have wanted to confront this weasel in the past she has implored me not to .
So do I go in and shatter the little hope she has left or do I encourage her to keep believing he is going to deliver?

Her father killed himself when she was a young woman due to financial difficulties. He did not leave a note and it was something she never recovered from.

My beloved tribe, I am heading off penniless to a situation where a friend is dying, my daughter is in the process of being evicted, and my mother is losing it all.
I feel vulnerable beyond belief.
I am willing to stay open to whatever arises in the fire of transformation and I ask any of you for a saying, a wisdom that I can hold within me during this trying time.

Love to you all
Anonymous said…
You can only do the best that you can do. Do what you can and then get back to taking care of yourself and your children---some spirals are never ending--unless you put your arms out to stop yourself from spinning--
Just get down to business as if you were giving someone else advice on what to do---
Maintain Su--


Verification word: whi-me
Anonymous said…

Su, In the early 90’s I knew how to invoke people who would have flown to SA and given your mothers friends a serious talking to. One way or another she would have gotten her money back. Either that or Frans and his colleague would have woken up one morning with bits of themselves missing. Those times are in the past and now I lead a much more sedate life. In case you are wondering, I was never into that sort of thing myself but I knew other business people who had been cheated and they used alternative collection agencies to recover what they considered to be rightfully theirs.
Wow, what a horror story, I guess to a degree it is a caveat situation; there are none so blind as those who do not want to see. On the other side there is no reason why your mother should loose her house to a charlatan. What an unenviable task you face. At this stage the scales really need to be removed from your mum’s eyes, if it has come so far there is no further point in anybody wrapping it up from anybody else. You could try telling Frans et al that it is no longer Billy Bunters postal order you are waiting for and what is owed to your mother will be forthcoming within a time of your choosing or you personally will put the debt out for collection and mother dear has nothing to say about it. That should get a reaction. Other than that I can only reiterate what Murph said recently on the Campfire – “Don’t take a knife to a gun fight and remember to get out of the room when you toss the grenade in”. Other than that I am out of trite sayings of comfort except to say that our thoughts are with you.

nina said…
Su, I would take a long look around you and cancel your flight. You have things on your own plate in your own home with your own family. Your own life depends on your own present. This is probably what William Carlos William was saying when he said everything depends on the red wheelbarrow.
The others need to and will resolve what they must in their own ways if they really want resolution.
If you go, the going will create a longing to keep going and reasons to keep going further while the Unschool will not have its guiding light, your presence, that ties it all together with love.
nina said…
When we are born we are born into a pattern which in most cases continues until we die and is continued by our offspring as it was a pattern of our family ancestors. You can break the pattern if you like, or keep it, it may be of value to you, or it may be destructive. Only you know. I want to remind you that Iona Jade has picked up on the pattern, this is why I am so enamored with her work, she's intuitive beyond the need for extraneous explanation, in her painting of you as the baby and herself as the angel. Go and have another look at it, its like a trademark for the pattern, a logo, if the pattern was a marketable product, her depiction would be on 18 wheelers round the globe.
nina said…
... You too can now own a priceless behavioral pattern lasting throughout the generations ... brought to you with tenderness by IJSU Love Energies, bearers of the torch.
Anonymous said…
Dear Belgium,
These are frustrating times--I understand.

What I am saying is that, though it may sound cold, I live in my own world--it's not that I don't care about this or that, but I have no control over it so I try not to attach emotion to it that will take away from me enjoying this moment in time as much as I can--What would be the up side of doing so other than thinking one is more "human" or "compassionate"...or to be seen by others as being caring, etc.--which would still do no good that I can see other than appointing myself to sainthood--I do care about people--just not all of them-how is that possible without becoming a self anointed martyr-what would the purpose be?
Sure, I would like to, um, clean house but where does one start and where does it end, if ever-even if one had access to the houses and had brooms to do the cleaning--those are just pipe dreams-
I don't look for trouble but don't fuck with me or my family either--or those who can't protect themselves--enough said--there will be sanctuary here for some--others will be chased off--it's a karma thing just between me, and myself--if the time comes.

If it's something that makes the news like Iran, or something that doesn't like someone dying in a car crash in the next town, there is nothing I can do, or could have done, that would have made a difference--I just choose not to live in the land of "what if"--

I don't watch TV, read newspapers, do internet news (any more), etc.--

I DO know what is going on in the world--I think I know what's coming, but I'll deal with that when it comes--I am as prepared as much as sanity allows and only time will tell what any of that means--but I'm not going to worry about it and let it drag me down or keep me looking to the horizon for mushroom clouds--what would the purpose be other than living a life that someone else has planned out for me--

We all need to stop feigning to do something about things we have no control over--it's eating us up--yes, I went through that stage too along with many others--and, again, I like where I am now--can't tell you about tomorrow--

Anonymous said…
From Belgium

jJ :-)

This is a thorny one. Essentially I agree with you but it is hard to kick old habits.
My wife watches VTM news (Vlaams TV) which I absorb by osmosis whilst I am on the computer. There might be nuke set off in some part of the world but they will still lead with a story that the Antwerp or Brussels ring was blocked for three hours or of a house fire in Ghent. I can’t decide if this is the way it should be or not. Occasionally Obama or Ivadinnerjacket will get a two minute guesting. I don’t watch the other channels news either in fact I see very little television; maybe a nature thing or a British detective series (Dalziel & Pascoe, Frost, Morse etc). Also very rarely now do I go into Google or BBC News. One time I used to soak up the alternative news sites, at least the ones I trusted. I still take part in the blogs I have contributed to for years and now I am more limited to following links instead of finding my own. A year and a half ago my wife was taken seriously ill; she is recovered now but she will never work again and I am officially retired now although I have not worked full time for a couple of years now. We spend as much time as possible going for days out and enjoying our time together as you do. I take your point about not concerning yourself with things you can do nothing about however I also feel if everybody took this view then those forces that are being aligned against the common people would have no opposition. It is in my view, the duty of everybody to take a turn in the watch tower and at least be as aware as possible of general events which are unfolding and like a good boy scout to be as prepared as possible.
Anonymous said…
When we attach emotion to what is going on around us, I think (just guessing here) that we add to it--we help power it somehow because all the emotion is negative, fearful, etc.--then through that connection we attract it to ourselves, somehow--I know, a lot of "somehow's" but I see examples of it all around me with who people attract time after time for partners, etc. There is some form of energy or wavelength like someone having "abuse me" stamped on their forehead.

The closest perhaps that I can come to it is that it is on another level--like subliminal thought--oh well, enough guessing for now.

When I have watched the local news from the nearest big cities, they lead off with one "big" story--something national/world, then go right from there to a story about an animal caught in a tree then after that, it's celebrity gossip--then, they try to scare you with the weather, or absence thereof--then sports of course--heck, I couldn't tell you who won the world series of super bowl--
The national news is even funnier
because you can switch between the channels and they are all covering the exact same non-stories at the exact same time--must have something to do with the script order they are handed--they don't even try to cover it up--just like the last regime and the new one, it's right in your face daring you to do something about it--

Texas-ass hot here today--very humid, sunny and in the mid 90's--like it was a surprise having lived here for the past 15 years--lol

I probably don't follow the news because it's not interactive like the net can be--there is also something soothing and thoughtful about the written word--heck, I prefer a bound book in my hand to a computer screen any day--something more real about it--I do like quick though--to be able to relay a thought when you think of it and wait for a response from people who challenge you-- those of honor and integrity whether we agree or disagree with each other--

nobody said…
Gee whiz Su, there but for the grace of God go I. Or my old man at any rate. There was a moment when he was living on his own, and I was still down in Sydney, and he was besotted with this woman who lived in an apartment downstairs. I met her and didn't find her too dreadful. But I'm up visiting, and there's the old man giving her a Barbra Streisand DVD box set (no really!) on account of her once mentioning she liked her. It was embarrassing.

Happily she wasn't a manipulative bullshit artist and didn't take him to the cleaners. Mind you she wasn't quite the full quid either and ran off the rails for a while there. She was broke and had to sell her apartment and the old man lent her a couple of grand (never repaid natch).

Then a few years ago, after I started living here, she called up looking for somewhere to live. It didn't come to anything since I was here and that was that. Fortunately it turned out well with her lobbing up about a month ago happy, settled, with a nice man, and all on account of joining some church. It was one of the silly ones but what are you going to do?

But it could have easily have been so much worse. Not that the old man has any assets but in his imbecilic state I reckon he'd have given her whatever he had. Actually, imagine if he'd gone guarantor for a loan? Shudder.

As it is, even without some woman massaging his ego, he's keen to do silly things with his money. He had a perfectly good car that he'd hardly ever driven (maybe 10,000km on the clock) and he gets hell bent on buying a new one. He perpetually sought my approval and I told him to leave me out of it. 'There's nothing wrong with the old car'. Whatever - $20,000 later he's got a new car. There was almost nothing left in the bank account but it's his bank account and he can empty it if he wants to.

Anyway six months after purchase (barely 500 klicks) I come the heavy and force him to give up driving and now the car sits out the front rusting in the salt air. And blow me down, he just renewed the registration and insurance last week. This shit never ends.

It's all very well, the 'second childhood' thing but five year olds don't have assets and funds to blow, and nor are they convinced they know what they're doing.

Regardless, I let him do whatever he wants. I only came the heavy on the driving because, as I said to him (after three horrific close calls, all on roundabouts), 'There's no need to wonder when you should quit driving. Just keep driving and then after you've hit someone we'll know the precise moment. Unfortunately it'll be one second too late.'

Sorry mate. I've nothing sensible or helpful to offer. I just felt like swapping stories and otherwise saying 'I get it'.
Anonymous said…
Thinking of you and yours--

nobody said…
Hullo Su,

John was asking after you and now I am too. How you doing?
Anonymous said…

Include me in that too.

su said…
Have returned to the mountain kingdom.
Older but afraid not wiser.
It is Iona's 8th birthday today and we are heading off on a day adventure.
Thank you for the thoughts.
"Seldom are members of a family born under the same roof".
nobody said…
Yay. Tell Iona that a complete stranger whom you've never met wished her a happy birthday ha ha. And happy adventuring.
Anonymous said…
I knew you would be back today--my verification word over at Nina's was "Sunsu"-----

Anonymous said…
OK, times up...get off your ass and write something....I'm running out of places to go---lol


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