Day 6.
Not knowing what to do,
I pray
But not having a god
makes it meaningless
No longer believing in a
supreme deity that honours
good over evil
or right over wrong
or even gives a fundamental fig
for basic human rights
i turn my back on the abrahamic gods
and contact the life force
animating the tree in front of me
the life force pushing air into these lungs
the life force that i am
and surrender this pain and this mess
to that which must surely understand.


nina said…
The Life Force is God minus anthromorphization. I think Visible was right on the money with his tips a while back. And when we pray, we are within that Force, communicating with the wellspring of Creation which makes possible the universal recyling system.
I don't think it takes Physics or religions to figure it out. It just takes observing Nature.
nina said…
I hate it when I spell things incorrectly...
anthropomorphization. Sorry.

Are you here or in the village? Are they talking about the wipe out? What do they think? Perhaps they are making comparisons?
Anonymous said…
I'm looking for my tree to pray to as well--there just has to be something--but where has it been over the centuries as decent people are murdered and lives ruined--are we just "hoping" that for some reason our prayers will be heard?
I'm just at a loss these past days--maybe we should be on our knees--some would say standing up--maybe we need to be standing on our heads--what makes us think that we will be heard when the screams of those in gaza go unanswered?
I have no answers, only questions that I am tired of asking.
Sorry, just felt like venting--Even if I had the direct line to the big cheese (or cheesette), what then?
I guess the only thing that does survive is nature--but we're killing that off pretty quickly too--maybe some nukes or biologicals thrown into the mix for a nice toxic soup--
What good is the "force" when it seems it never rids us of that which is killing us?
As usual, I have many more questions than answers.
nina said…
Oh yes you do have questions Jj and they are excellent questions too.
Anonymous said…
Does anyone else get the feeling that "they" know there are no consequences for their actions-metaphysically speaking-basically no one is keeping track-or score-it's a freakin' free-for-all and that their evil power--which to them of course is not evil--trumps the few of us who are for good--as we somewhat mutually see it--and don't have their heads up their butts--or in the sand?
People can talk about the next life, etc and feelings that they have had but I must say, if you look at how evil in every form has triumphed over the years and centuries, I don't see that there is payback/karma or whatever the word of the week is. Then again, redemption is always just around the corner--somehow, this generation will be different.
Perhaps we as the ones who cling to the hope of justice are just like all those who have gone before us--still hoping--with no hope in sight--but then again, I hear that jesus is coming back--the evil Germans were defeated--but then came the USA-Israel-Russia-China--Ok, I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel now---who's next--does it even matter, seems if history holds true, the names change but the pillaging continues--can't wait for the sequel--Like Michael says, until I see it myself--oh, that's right, we are all waiting for the enlightenment (not little ones, the BIG ONE)--or maybe we're not praying right, or maybe we need incense--or maybe we need a mountaintop--maybe a valley--maybe a beach-maybe a church--maybe a mosque--maybe we need to be vegetarians--it's all been tried before and we keep getting the same worldwide results---me thinks we've been snookered. Then again, maybe we haven't been trying hard enough--maybe we have been trying too hard----maybe......
Is the only release in physical death? Or do we just hope so?
Jj (Mr. Sunshine)
susana said…
Hello Mr Sunshine,
Have been feeling pretty much the same thing.
The people of Iraq must surely have abandoned their god by now.
I would have.
Over a million dead there now and yet we don't even look there anymore.
Our eyes are on Gaza now, and in 6 years, we won't be looking there anymore.
I wish I could say something that would break a big fat smile on your face, but I am afraid right now I can't - but I do know that increasingly, when I stop focusing on the outer world, that this inner realm rewards me with peace.
Not bliss, not kundalini, rather a slow peace that is hard to shake.
So you might ask, why do I not spend all my time abiding in this peaceful realm.
Answer is I feel guilty if I don't do my part in witnessing the horrors of the world.

So my friend, I have lit a candle today, a big fat orange candle, and as a butterfly flapping its wings in China can cause a storm in Brazil, me lighting this candle is going to give rise to a smile, a big fat smile.......on your facial landscape.
One that will spend much of the day stationed there.
Anonymous said…
You don't have a little Jj doll on a rotisserie over that candle do you?
Maybe just a post-holiday funk on my part--this too shall pass--
Thank you for your words--
susana said…
Coming to think of it the Christmas angel is a bit close to the flame.
There I have moved him away - feeling better yet?
Anonymous said…
A male angel...very PC of you--you little devil!!

nina said…
There was definitely a holiday funk hanging around here too. And then, on the 27th I was awoken to the news of the invasion and that was it. A good cry burst forth releasing anguish. Funk gone, replaced with anger, as it should be. I want to tear my hair out, how dare they, against all reason.
It never easy to let go all you ever thought to be good and decent, especially when we are good and decent people ourselves and then, come to find evil wins again. Did you think civilization had matured at last and discover to your horror the down time was actually the planning stages? Today I saw for the first time in 8 days a phrase used during Jenin: "blood in the streets."
Humans should be beyond this by now. It shows us how strong a hold evil has. Its been staring us in the face our entire lives and only too recently have been forced to recognize its existence, to grasp it wholeness, imagine its scope and its reach in the midst of its firey rages, like a monster from the deep living alongside us that reveals its scaley largess when its hungry. Am I wrong in suggesting maybe it bore offspring with gaping yaws? Reduced to these terms, the battle is the battle between good and evil, every day lately, somewhere someone is winning at evil and more are losing at good.
susana said…

As within as without.
Day 3 of the Gaza conflict I was cleaning a coffee jug, the lid was stuck within - in trying to pull it out the glass jar broke and sliced my left thumb open.
It pumped blood for about half an hour until I shoved masticated yarrow into the wound.
The thought occurred to me about how much blood is flowing in the streets and the sight of my blood became the universal blood.
Apparently of no value.

I went into the pub later on and mentioned what was happening but no one was really interested.
It is so far away from their existence.
I was kind of envious of them in a way.
Nursing their drinks without a care and me in a state of complete resistance.
And we all know what we resist persists.

And I am just going to throw something out here.
Does anyone think everyone knew that Yellowstone would be blowing by now.
That is why all the money was siphoned to Israel, they knew US was about to experience a catastrophe - there was no way this could be averted.
And this Gaza attack was launched at the time the rupture was predicted to happen.
Except it has not happened and the world is looking at Gaza instead of reeling from the effects of the eruption.

My personal feeling is that survival is not even necessary - something so big is coming that I certainly am not going to make it.

And there is a beauty and that is its okay for it to end.
If not now then when................
Anonymous said…
That something else has not happened to cover the genocide in gaza has me perplexed--it seems the timing is "off"--the big snow storms and power outages in the east were before (I think)--the madoff and banking scandals were before-the obama worship--auto companies bailouts--before --before-instead of covering during or after, have they "set the tone"(numb) prior to what they are doing now? This thing has morphed into underreporting almost from the get-go--but that would be the MSM doing their thing. I did break one of my cardinal rules and started looking at the msm to see how they were covering it--i think that helped bring on my funk--and the band played on.
nina said…
These "things" Jj, Su, remind me of the worthlessness of crisis management ops which are just slightly more localized charm offensives.

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